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Out of Court (2022) 庭外

Out of Court (2022)
Also Known As: 庭外, Blind Spot , The Last Straw , Ting Wai Mang Qu , Ting Wai Bian Hu , Luo Shui Zhe , 庭外·盲区 , 庭外辩护 , 落水者
Director: Zhang Li
Screenwriter: Zhi Wen
Genres: Mystery, Law
Country: China
Episodes: 20
Aired: Jul 14, 2022 – Aug 10, 2022
Network: Youku


  • Xia Yu as Lu Nan
  • Luo Jin as Qiao Lu
  • Zhang Ling Xin as Team Leader Wu
  • Guo Ge
  • Luan Yuan Hui
  • Ju Jin Zhan as Jiang Xiao
  • Wan Qian
  • Guo Guang Ping
  • Lian Lian
  • Li Xiu Meng
  • Qi Yi
  • Wu Wen Jing as Zhao Xincheng


“Out of Court” is a new streaming drama series that focuses on Chinese legal professionals and intriguing legal cases.

The new drama features two different series of the Blinding elephant and The last Straw that take place in different times but are still interconnected. These two stories add to the suspense of the series and as little clues are added in the final truth is revealed at the show’s end.

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