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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 17 Recap

After being escorted by Shizi Xiao, Fan Chang had fled to another courtyard in the suburbs. He thought that he would meet King Yong and cooperate with each other to achieve great things together, and he would enjoy inexhaustible prosperity and wealth in the future. Unexpectedly, the man in black wanted to keep his mouth shut, saying that only by disappearing from the world can he keep the secret.

When Fan Chang learned that the other party was ordered by Prince Xiao, he couldn’t help feeling annoyed and regretful. It was also because the black armored guards had already surrounded them, and the others had nowhere to hide. They all died under the sword. The Liang brothers were shocked that Ling Budo was so cruel tonight. I think it was because Fan Chang’s escape delayed him to escort Cheng Shaoshang home. reason.

Early the next morning, news of Xiao Yuanyi’s illness came out from the main room, and Cheng Shaoshang and Cheng Cha both waited by the bed. Originally, Cheng Shi wanted the mother and daughter to take this opportunity to get closer to each other, but Xiao Yuanyi was not one to Cheng Shaoshang, and then she praised Cheng Cha in various ways, and even blamed herself for not letting Cheng Shaoshang get married earlier than her.

Xiao Yuanyi didn’t look down on Cheng Shaoshang at all, she just felt that she was playing and playing all day, and she couldn’t compare to Cheng Cha’s carefulness. The so-called words of her parents’ life matchmaker were deeply ingrained in Cheng Cha’s heart, and she was willing to follow the family’s entire arrangement, which made Xiao Yuanyi very happy. Cheng Shaoshang felt aggrieved, and went out secretly sad because of pouring water. It happened that Wan Songbai brought his daughter to visit.

After everyone entered the inner room, Wan Eqi and Cheng Shaoshang went to the small courtyard to play, and when they heard that she was going to marry Lou Yao, she really didn’t understand why she liked this kind of powerless man. Cheng Shaoshang believed that Lou Yao was an honest person, not to mention that he also wanted to live a quiet and peaceful life.

Wan Eqi, who is different from Cheng Shaoshang, naturally still insists on the heroic complex. Cheng Shaogong followed Cheng Song and happened to hear this sentence, so she calculated for Wan Eqi that her future husband was far away. in front of you. In fact, everyone knows that Cheng Shaogong is referring to the second brother, but Wan Qiqi is pretending to be confused.

On the other hand, Xiao Yuanyi watched the children of the two families play and fight, and felt that it was necessary to invite a master to teach them, so as not to become uneducated in the end. When Yuan Shen learned that the Cheng family was going to start homeschooling, he thought of recommending himself, but on the way he saw Lou Yao’s mother and son visiting, he turned around and went back to change into more spiritual clothes.

Originally, Cheng Shaoshang was going to take Lou Yao to drink herbal tea, but suddenly he noticed the elderly woman beside him, and immediately stopped in place with a well-behaved face. At the beginning, Mrs. Lou Er was embarrassed because of He Zhaojun’s divorce. Now, seeing Cheng Shaoshang’s sensible appearance, she was naturally happy and invited Xiao Yuanyi to discuss the marriage contract between the two.

Yuan Shen suddenly came to visit to explain his intentions, and Cheng Shi, as the head of the house, was responsible for the hospitality, saying that his children were not worthy of Yuan Shen’s personal teaching. Cheng Shaoshang changed his mind and asked Lou Yao to ask him by name. After speaking, he wanted to take him to drink herbal tea. How could he know that he was blocked by Yuan Shen and bluntly said that greed for cold is the preference of people in the market, and only hot tea can be used. Self-cultivation.

Both Cheng Shi and Xiao Yuanyi realized that Yuan Shen was here for Cheng Shaoshang, but Cheng Shaoshang did not like Yuan Shen, thinking that he was sophisticated and fickle, not as honest and reliable as Lou Yao. Xiao Yuanyi sneered when he heard the words, and informed Cheng Shaoshang to go to Lou’s house with him tomorrow to return the gift, so that he could see the real situation of Lou’s house.

Ling Wuxuan informed Emperor Wen about the son of Xiao, although he had a life-long friendship with King Yong, he had to deal with it fairly. Considering that Emperor Wen still had affection for King Yong, he suggested that he be recalled to the capital to report his duties. Emperor Wen asked the whereabouts of the son of Xiao, only to find out that he had brought his bride He Zhaojun back to the fief to get married. Especially when he learned that He Zhaojun and Lou Yao had a marriage contract, Emperor Wen became more and more dissatisfied, thinking that he abducted He Zhaojun, which caused Lou Yao to steal Ling Budo’s sweetheart.

Xiao Yuanyi was invited to visit Lou’s house with her daughter, and it was convenient for Cheng Shaoshang to get to know all the female relatives. Mrs. Lou Er also looked at each other’s faces from time to time, and greeted the guests carefully throughout the whole process. Even if Lou Yao was reprimanded by Mrs. Lou, she did not dare to say anything back.

Lou Yao was already used to it, but fortunately, Mrs. Lou agreed to this marriage, and Mrs. Lou was so happy that she hurriedly brought Yu Jue to Cheng Shaoshang as a token. Xiao Yuanyi didn’t accept this gift, but she didn’t expect that Mrs. Lou deliberately provokes division, implying that Mrs. Lou’s second preferred Cheng Shaoshang rather than the eldest daughter-in-law Wang Yanji.

There was a stalemate for a while, Cheng Shaoshang quickly said that Lou Ben met Wang Yanji while traveling abroad, and he personally built a bronze mirror for the other party, which represented the meaning of inseparable white heads. This is a precious gift to envy others. Sure enough, as soon as this remark came out, the embarrassment was subtly resolved, and Mrs. Lou Er breathed a sigh of relief, and asked Wang Yanji to take Cheng Shaoshang to go shopping in the garden.

Just when Wang Yanji thanked Cheng Shaoshang for speaking out and told the truth about the situation of Lou’s second room, how could Lou Li come to trouble Cheng Shaoshang and scolded her for being uneducated in public. When the two were arguing about this, Xiao Yuanyi and Mrs. Lou appeared, and then defended Cheng Shaoshang. Mrs. Lou ordered Lou Li to go back to her room and think about it.

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