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Take a gulp from the seaweed you tasted!

Take a gulp from the seaweed you tasted! – 맛본 김에 꿀꺽!

Author: Ryuran


“Is there anything to eat in this situation?”
“sure! If you eat and die, the color will fade. Can I get you one?”

The abandoned princess Luana reincarnated in the worldview of the novel.
After all, it’s a story about death.
I wanted to eat something I wanted to eat or eat simple, but I
was mistaken for a witch because of the cheese jerky!
Losing her palate, her kingdom-occupier general Legion savors her paradise with her Luana jerky and
drags her into her empire to break the curse that has been passed down through her generations.

“Is it delicious? Yes?”
“Prepare the same thing for dinner.”

I’m happy to be able to cook to my heart’s content and eat delicious food, but… … .
Now I want to fatten the Legion.
If you eat all three meals a day and take care of dessert, you will gain weight on that body too… … !

The duke accepted her jerky from the princess. Outwardly, it was no different from any other beef jerky. However, a new world opened up after taking a bite.
The beef jerky given to me by the abandoned princess was chewier than the others. The lice dug into her dry surface and cut it off. vaginal. The meat was chewed and crushed between the teeth, and the flavor of the condensed meat spread. It was just as she said. The taste of the savory and salty meat was felt, and at the end, a sweetness remained on the tip of her tongue.
I want to eat more. A desire that had been forgotten for a while came to mind.

“At first, I didn’t really want anything. It must have just happened.”

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