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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 12 Recap

This war has caused tragic casualties among many soldiers and soldiers, and the same is true of the people in the city. Some people were seriously injured because of this, and some people lost their relatives because of this. Under the dark clouds, layers of sadness were already present, even the Cheng brothers were shocked. The county magistrate Cheng is in his sixtieth year, and he still has to go out of the city to take risks without hesitation, and even use the whole family’s life as a bait to buy time for everyone.

Because in the turbulent times, the capable people do their part, so Cheng Shaoshang saw many people who had no desire to survive, both angry and sad, and asked them if they could really value the sacrifice of the old county magistrate, if there was no righteous action from the other party, I am afraid that I will not be able to live now, how can I give up my life and face my deceased relatives.

A few days later, the imperial decree was passed to Huaxian County. Because of his gratitude to Cheng Lao County Magistrate for his kindness and righteousness, he gave his name to future generations. Then he was awarded the second-class Guannei Hou, and Ling Budo personally presided over the funeral. The people weeping at the coffin. Looking back at the current peace, it was because they used their lives to ensure the stability. Cheng Shaoshang seemed to have grown up overnight and understood a lot of truth. Lou Yao was also getting along and gradually fell in love with each other.

After returning to the capital, Lou Yao decided to break off the marriage with He Zhaojun, and then asked his third uncle Cheng Zhidao to ask for a dowry. It has been rumored that General Cheng and Mrs. Lou have promised this marriage. Ling Budo is naturally very disappointed when he sees Lou Yao dating Cheng Shaoshang. However, Xiao Yuanyi did not agree, and even questioned Cheng Shi, without his own opinion, He Zeng took the lead.

Hearing that Cheng Shaoshang politely refused to approach the two of them on the grounds that the male and female were not close to each other, Ling Budo reiterated what he said at the county master’s mansion that day. Cheng Shaoshang realized that the other party was making fun of him, and he said hesitantly. Without a word, Ling Budo patted the horse directly, watching the horse run wild with Cheng Shaoshang on his back, he couldn’t help but smile.

In order to allow Cheng Shaoshang to help him get the map, Ling Budo directly stated the cause and effect. If someone with a heart wants to make a fuss about this matter, it may affect the Cheng family. In fact, Wan Songbai was not a traitor, but simply used it as a treasure map. Unaware of the seriousness of the situation, Cheng Shaoshang and Ling Budo reached a deal, and finally sneaked into the study disguised as Wan Eqi and rummaged through the boxes.

Mrs. Wan came in from outside the door and was keenly aware of Cheng Shaoshang, so she identified the plan as Wan Qiqi, and deliberately revealed where the map was hidden. In the evening of that day, Mrs. Wan reprimanded her son alone. Cheng Shaoshang declined Wan Eqi’s retention and was walking out holding an umbrella when suddenly he heard the screams of Wan Songbai from the study, which made the two of them shudder.

It was the beginning of the light when he returned to Cheng’s house, and before he could reunite with his siblings, Cheng Shaoshang immediately went to see his parents, skipping Ling Budo and not mentioning it, and only told them about the map of Shu. Xiao Yuanyi knew that this was a major military matter, so he advised Cheng Shi not to get angry, and warned Cheng Shaoshang to rot this matter in his stomach.

Kan Yutu completely sat on the ground and waited for an opportunity. Ling Budo thought that he would accompany the saint on the west tour in the future, lest he would encounter an ambush, and he had to make arrangements in advance. Sure enough, Prince Yong’s mansion encountered thieves that night. Although there was no loss, Ling Budo led the black armored guards to surround him and ordered a thorough investigation of the whole mansion.

Wang Ai’s face turned blue and red when she heard this, and she wanted to continue to refute, but Yuchang County Master hurriedly made a round. Cheng Shaoshang still didn’t stop. On the surface, he praised the county master for being dignified and understanding manners. In fact, he was insinuating that Wang Ai didn’t learn well by following the county master. Just when Wang Ai became angry, Cheng Shaoshang turned around and raised his hand and was about to wave it away. She was so frightened that she recalled the previous painful experience and was instantly discouraged.

At the same time, the children of the aristocratic families were throwing pots and matches, and Ling Budo took the initiative to invite Yuan Shen and others to enjoy the flowers with him. Cheng Shaoshang saw Ling Budo’s wink, so he deliberately led the girls to the window. In order to get close contact with Ling Budo, the Yuchang County Lord led everyone to the wooden bridge without noticing the warning sign at all.

Wan Songbai realized that something was wrong and was about to stop it, but it was too late. Because the bridge was overwhelmed and collapsed, the girls fell into the water one after another, and the scene was chaotic. Yuchang County Master has always been in the limelight. Today, the shame made her cry a lot. Wan Eqi was lying behind the fake stone and laughed non-stop, but Cheng Shaoshang did not participate in it, and ended happily.

After the birthday banquet was over, Mrs. Wan and Wan Songbai talked about what happened during the day. In fact, she knew that this wooden bridge had a name. It was made by the doctor of the Gongshu Ban to help the monarch of the state of Chu. Its scientific name is “Die”. “Bone Bridge”, now few people know, at first glance it is a light and firm bridge, just remove a few pieces of wood, and when someone steps on it, the whole bridge collapses in an instant.

Although Mrs. Wan appreciated Cheng Shaoshang’s revenge, she still had to write a letter to inform Cheng Shi and Xiao Yuanyi that as a parent, you should be aware of the conduct of your daughter. On the other hand, although Xiao Yuanyi is intelligent and shrewd, there is nothing wrong with everything, but there are two things about her that make Mrs. Wan feel inappropriate. One is conceited and smart, and the other is self-righteous, even if she is wrong, she refuses to admit it.

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