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Love Like the Galaxy: Part 1 星汉灿烂 Episode 1 Recap

The sound of drums on the frontier suddenly dropped, and Longxi was victorious. Major General Ling Budo returned to Beijing in triumph. He dismounted from the horse in front of the city gate and listened to the decree. The Yuewei can also enter the forbidden service and give a sword to the palace.

After Chief Cao finished reading the imperial decree, he stepped forward to help Ling Budo up, and asked him to change into the imperial car uniform and enter the palace to face the saint. However, Ling Budo did not act according to his words. He put on his car uniform and turned his horse’s head. He bluntly said that there were still important cases that needed to be dealt with in a timely manner.

After saying this, Ling Budo and his lieutenants left, and went straight to the countryside. If you look from the top of the hill, there is a simple and simple village sitting alone right below. I never saw Uncle Dong, but Li Guanfu blocked the door and clamored to let Cheng Shaoye eat before going on the road. Although he respectfully called him the fourth lady, his contempt was too obvious in his eyes.

At that time, the head of the family, Cheng Shi and his wife Xiao Yuanyi, fought on the battlefield all the year round, leaving a daughter at home to be taken care of by the old lady Cheng. How could she know that Mrs. Cheng didn’t like her daughter-in-law in her heart, and even her granddaughter complained, and then complained about her in every way. Even when her fever persisted, she was left to Zhuangzi to fend for itself.

Now that Cheng Shi’s return to Beijing is imminent, Mrs. Cheng is helpless, so she can only send Li Guanfu to take it back in person. Looking at Li Guanfu’s strong face, fiery and fierce, and full of style, but also because she was impatiently waiting, her voice became more and more sharp, and the direct tutor servants Lianfang and Fu Deng couldn’t stand it any longer.

Cheng Shaoshang turned a deaf ear for the time being, and sat in the room devouring the food. Lian Fang thought about the head of the family returning to the house, presumably the situation of the fourth lady would get better. But Cheng Shaoshang is not so optimistic. After all, over the years, the parents’ care has only come from a dozen letters, and the future situation is uncertain.

At the same time, Ling Budo was still looking down from a high place, quietly watching the scene in front of him. It is rumored that the fourth wife of the Cheng family is sickly and weak, but from the state of Li Guanfu’s exasperated state, the rumors are really not to be believed. Xiaoshi Li Guanfu couldn’t wait, and was about to slam into the door to break in, but Cheng Shaoshang immediately opened the door and let it fall into the grass and ashes.

Seeing this, the others laughed secretly, making Li Guanfu lose face, and angrily scolded Cheng Shaoshang for disrespecting the elders. Thinking of the current situation, Li Guanfu couldn’t help but shut her mouth. Cheng Shaoshang took the lotus room and got into the carriage. During this period, she noticed the footprints of the man beside the carriage and the strange smell that filled the carriage.

The footprints extended to the haystack outside the door, and Cheng Shaoshang didn’t make a sound, until Ling Budo suddenly appeared and asked to check the carriage, and then he took the initiative to reveal the clue to the other party. Ling Budo looked at the slender jade fingers and pointed at the haystack, so he asked his subordinates to light the torches. Sure enough, the fire spread more and more intensely.

In the main hall of the Cheng Mansion, the aunt Ge Shi was restless, fearing that something big would happen today. She also knew that she had treated the fourth lady harshly in recent years. If Cheng Shi knew about this, she might blame herself. As soon as the words fell, the maid came to inform the master that he was outside the mansion, and Mrs. Cheng got up to greet him, but the smile on her face disappeared immediately when she saw Xiao Yuanyi in uniform.

Cheng Shi appeared at the back of the team, originally to buy Xiao Yuanyi’s favorite candied fruit. Seeing that the husband and wife were still in love with each other, Mrs. Cheng felt uncomfortable and muttered that her son married a daughter-in-law and forgot his mother. While the mother and son of the Cheng family were greeting each other, Xiao Yuanyi also asked about her daughter’s situation. Cheng Shi noticed that Cheng Shaoshang did not come out to greet him, so he felt very strange.

Just as Mrs. Cheng was racking her brains to respond, there was a flurry of footsteps outside, plus a series of screams one after another, Li Guanfu did not notice Ge Shi’s wink, and hurriedly complained to Mrs. Cheng, scolding Cheng Shao. A businessman has a mother and no mother.

Immediately, Xiao Yuanyi’s face was extremely bad, especially seeing Cheng Shaoshang wearing coarse clothes and linen, looking weak and haggard, he instantly understood the miserable situation of his daughter. Mrs. Cheng preempted the attack on the spot, it was not easy to cry on the spot, and she was still misunderstood by pulling the fourth lady hard. Xiao Yuanyi’s righteous sister Qing Li saw the clue, and directly she and Ge Shi had never treated Cheng Shaoshang sincerely.

Seeing that his parents were about to listen to Mrs. Cheng’s side words, Cheng Shaoshang pretended to faint and successfully attracted everyone’s attention. After the chaos, Cheng Shaoshang was already in bed, and he pricked up his ears to pay attention to the situation in the room. Old lady Cheng looked disdainful, and next to him sat Ge Shi and three or five slaves, only Xiao Yuanyi could see the cunning in her daughter’s eyes.

Because of this incident, Cheng Cheng expressed dissatisfaction with his mother’s behavior. After Mrs. Cheng and Ge Shi left, Xiao Yuanyi asked the kitchen to prepare meals. Cheng Shaoshang asked Xiao Yuanyi if he knew what he liked, and when Xiao Yuanyi was a little stunned, he turned over and stopped talking. Instead, Xiao Yuanyi realized that he knew very little about his daughter.

Ling Budo took the initiative to visit Cheng Shi, and truthfully told Uncle Dong that he had embezzled military salaries, and that he was filling his own pockets. Cheng Shi was an upright person, but he didn’t expect his family to be corrupted, not to mention Ling Budo’s explanation that no matter how great Uncle Dong’s military exploits were, if he did anything to corrupt the country, he would be investigated and dealt with strictly.

Before leaving, Ling Budo noticed that Cheng Shaoshang was hiding on the second floor and peeked, so he deliberately praised the Cheng family and his wife for being loyal and brave, not afraid of elders in order to defend justice, and her temperament was by no means an ordinary woman. Cheng Shaoshang had another meaning when he heard it, thinking that he was insinuating.

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