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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 40 End Recap

Gu Qianfan insisted on letting Ouyang Xu subdue the law, and used this case to clear Zhao Paner’s rumors and stigma. The queen also needed to bring down Qi Mu through Ouyang Xu, so he did not agree to Gu Qianfan’s conditions. However, as soon as these words came out, Gu Qianfan put the dagger against the queen’s neck, hoping that the queen would give Zhao Pan’er a chance to get a fair trial for the sake of being a woman.

In order to make the queen change her mind, Gu Qianfan explained the ins and outs, including Zhao Pan’er who would rather risk the crime of deceiving the king, trying every means to convince the officials that the night banquet picture was a forgery, which helped the queen escape a catastrophe. In fact, the reason why Zhao Pan’er helped Queen He is because she also came from a happy family, and she can understand the feeling of being unable to help herself. Because of this, the queen was moved, and after some thought, she went to see the official’s house alone.

When Gao Hu heard about Zhao Pan’er’s work at Dengwen Drum Academy, he admired it in his heart, and sent someone to deliver the elixir that Taizong had given to the ancestors of the Gao family. Sure enough, Zhao Pan’er gradually regained consciousness after taking it for a while. Early the next morning, accompanied by everyone, Zhao Pan’er went to the Dengwen Drum Academy with a weak body. Unexpectedly, the court appointed another official to handle the case.

Just as Zhao Paner was about to endure the unfinished caned torture yesterday, the noble man suddenly came with an edict, publicly announcing that the official family, on the grounds of Qianqiu, ordered that from this date, any woman under the caning can be redeemed with money. Therefore, with the help of many people and music, the judge allowed Zhao Pan’er to use 30 pieces of money to redeem the 14 gauntlets.

Ouyang Xu maliciously slandered Zhao Pan’er’s reputation and repeatedly denied the marriage contract. Zhao Pan’er handed over the document with the other party’s three-generation origin and birth date written on it, thus proving that the relationship between the two was close, and only had to submit it to the court for verification. Not only that, Zhao Paner also sued Ouyang Xu for slander and fraud, and immediately took out the bills pawned on the inkstone platform, and Chi Pan and others came forward to testify.

According to the laws of the Song Dynasty, five or more ranks should be executed, but the court judge thought that Ouyang Xu still had an official position, and it was really difficult to decide, so he coughed twice. The official family sitting behind the screen suggested that the court judge give a severe punishment, and the queen also realized her mistake, but she still did not want to let Qi Mu go easily. The official said that he disregarded the opposition to make Liu Wan the queen, but he valued her ambition and ability, and made up for his lack of characteristics, so he told the queen to let it go, as long as it could withstand the discussion of the world, the queen Hearing the words was moved.

For Zhao Paner’s counterattack today, Ouyang Xu was caught off guard, but he never thought about it, if it weren’t for the language humiliation yesterday, how could Zhao Paner understand that punishment and pragmatism are two different things, and to bring Ouyang Xu to justice, he must commit a serious crime Beside yourself. How do you know that Song Yinzhang suddenly appeared with evidence, and added that Ouyang Xu knew the law and violated the law, and actually killed Uncle De and Ziming.

In the end, Ouyang Xu was speechless and protested loudly. He even wanted to attack the court judge, but he happened to hit the screen and saw the official’s family walk out with the queen. With the hard evidence in front of him, the official family ordered Ouyang Xu to be sent to the Imperial City Division for interrogation by Gu Qianfan himself. The death penalty was unavoidable.

Seeing the yamen escorting Ouyang Xu, the people surrounding the outside cheered and threw rotten vegetables at him. The official family allowed Zhao Pan’er, Sun Sanniang and Song Yinzhang to each have one wish. Sun Sanniang hoped to be married with a phoenix crown, and Song Yinzhang suggested that the Dengwen Drum Academy be exempted from the punishment of leapfrog. Not necessarily cheap.

These words reached the hearts of the empress and the nobles, and all the people present shed tears, begging the official family to spread their kindness, so that generations of musicians, craftsmen, and servants of officials and private servants will be spared the suffering of low status. Although the official family had the intention to change it, it could not be done overnight, so he promised that anyone with outstanding abilities, such as music craftsmen, slaves and maids, could enter the Imperial Academy of Serving the Province and be conferred the post of enshrinement, so that they could also be respected.

After all the dust settled, the Yongan Building was still full of guests, just to witness Song Yinzhang’s demeanor, including Chi Pan, who had already developed a love for him. Sun Sanniang also got her wish, wearing a phoenix crown given by the official family, and under the eyes of everyone’s blessing, she married Du Changfeng. Gu Qianfan and Zhao Pan’er have experienced many hardships, and they are also connected by heart.

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