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The Story of Xing Fu 幸福到万家 Episode 5 Recap

A notice was posted in the village, stating that no more marriage troubles would be allowed in the future. Some people supported it, but of course some people opposed it. Wang Qingzhi ran home to tell the family the good news. Wang Youde and Lin Guizhi were very surprised, and at the same time they felt very happy.

She made such a fuss and directly changed the rules of Wanjiazhuang for many years. Wang Qinglai went to pick up happiness, and she asked Qinglai to take herself to the publicity column to see it. Then she photographed the notice and sent it to Lucky, which could be regarded as an explanation for her. I hope Lucky can look forward and stop being sad and hurt by this incident.

After this incident, for the first time, Xingfu sat down with her in-laws and had a lively meal. After the notice was posted, Wan Chuanjia kept his face all day long. Wan Shan Tang knew that he was angry because of the notice, but Wan Shan Tang was justified, and this marriage was indeed a vicious affair and could no longer be kept.

Xingfu also knows that Wanshantang is a reasonable person, and she will respect him well in the future, but she still said that they don’t cause trouble and are not afraid of trouble. Wang Qinglai sighed with emotion that she was strong, no wonder her mother always praised her. The next morning, Xingfu got up to cook. Today, Wang Qingzhi was going to the city early in the morning, and by the way, he helped Xingfu bring some big cakes to Luck.

Happiness took advantage of the opportunity and asked Wang Qingzhi to help him to see if he could introduce Lucky to a job. Wang Qingzhi happened to have a friend named Guan Tao who worked in a law firm. After he returned to the city, he gave the pie luck and made an appointment with Guan Tao at the same time.

I just didn’t expect Guan Tao to refuse, on the grounds that he did not deal with the leader, and the introduction was useless. The Wang family here talked about building a health care product factory. Wang Xiuyu wanted to enter the health care product factory as an accountant, and the salary could be increased by 500. Hearing that, Lin Guizhi asked Wang Qinglai to work in the factory, but Wang Qinglai was used to facing the loess since he was a child, so he couldn’t do the work in the factory.

Guan Tao still couldn’t help in the end, and she also told happiness about it. Back in his small rented house, Lucky continued to look for a job while eating the biscuits baked by happiness. Finding a suitable job is not easy for Lucky who has just graduated, but she is not discouraged and continues to look for work everywhere. There was a law firm that did not hire lawyers, but recruited cleaners.

He Luck came, but lawyer Yu felt that she had used deceit and humiliated her. He Luck was a little angry and was about to turn around and leave. Director Han stopped her, read her resume and felt that her grades were good, so he made an exception to let her stay as his intern assistant.

Although the salary is a little low, only fifteen thousand, but this is a job that she was lucky to find with great difficulty, so she still stayed. Lucky told the good news to happiness, and happiness was really happy for her. Coincidentally, Guan Tao also worked in this law firm, and he couldn’t help being a little surprised when he saw Lucky took over from Xiao Zhao.

He didn’t help Lucky to get into the law firm before, but she was able to get in by herself. Because Wang Qinglai’s vegetables had insects on them, Lao Cai, who received the vegetables, wanted to use this as an excuse to lower the price. Wang Qing couldn’t say anything to him, but he was able to talk about happiness, and finally persuaded Lao Cai to cooperate with them to supply and sell organic vegetables to the supermarket.

It’s just that their vegetable output is low at present, and happiness has made up their minds to wrap up the land next to them and build a greenhouse to grow organic vegetables. She went home and calculated an account. The cost was about 400,000 yuan. According to the price given by Lao Cai, they could pay back the cost in about two years, so she felt that it was feasible to build a greenhouse to grow organic vegetables.

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