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The Story of Xing Fu 幸福到万家 Episode 1 Recap

He Xingfu, a foreigner, married into the Wang family of Wanjiazhuang, and his sister He Xingfu became her bridesmaid. For He Xingfu, who has studied abroad, the person He Xingfu married, Wang Qinglai, is really not bright, and he is too honest. And He Xingfu doesn’t have high requirements, it’s enough to find someone who is good to her and doesn’t smoke or gamble.

The auspicious time has come, and the wedding was supposed to be in the church, but the Wang family postponed the wedding because Wan Shantang, the secretary of Wanjiazhuang Village, had not come yet. Wanshantang was long overdue, and the wedding just started. Wang Youde and his wife are small surnames in Wan’s family. Without Wanshantang, there would be no Wang’s family today. Therefore, they are grateful to Wanshantang, and even asked two newcomers to give Wanshantang a big gift.

Wanshantang refused in every possible way, but still couldn’t resist, so he had to take the stage to accept the newcomer’s salute to him. At the end of the service, happiness and luck stayed in the wedding room. Wang Qinglai thoughtfully brought them some food. First, he and his younger brother Wang Qingzhi went out to toast with the guests.

The two sisters Xingfu and Luck chatted for a while. Considering that the lucky friends Xiaohua and Xiaocui were still greeting others outside, Xingfu sent their sister out to accompany them. The big man blocked He Lucky in the room and started to use his hands. Wang Qingzhi saw it and stopped him to no avail, so he had to tell Wang Qinglai. When Wang Qing came to take a look, the door was blocked and he couldn’t get in.

Happiness in the wedding room heard her sister’s cry for help, and immediately rushed out, kicked open the door of the house, pulled away everyone who was pressing on her sister, and directly lifted a stool next to it and smashed it on Wan Chuan’s head. Wan Chuanjia’s head was smashed with a big hole, and his brothers helped him out. The guests outside quickly learned that Wanshantang left in anger, and bluntly said that his son had come to make fun of them with good intentions, but such a thing happened.

After Wanshantang left, all the guests left one after another, and the scene became deserted. The Wang family tried their best to keep it, but no one paid any attention. Xingfu protects his sister, Wang Qinglai let Xingfu keep the luck in the house quietly, and everyone goes out to talk.

He Xingfu wanted to give his sister an explanation, but her mother-in-law and father-in-law accused her in turn. If Wan Chuanjia was smashed into confusion, how could He Xingfu take responsibility. Wang Xiuyu went to the village health center to inquire about Wan Chuanjia’s situation, and was slapped by Wan Chuanjia’s wife. Later, she heard that Wan Chuanjia had not woken up, and even had to be sent to the county hospital for treatment.

Xingfu found that luck was not in the house, worried that she would lose her mind, everyone went out to look for it, and found the heartbroken He Luck by the creek behind the house. He Lucky was on the phone with her boyfriend Daxun. The boyfriend on the other end of the phone obviously heard the hilarious noise here and misunderstood her. Lucky was sad and cried, and Happiness was determined to ask for an explanation for her sister.

When Wang Xiuyu came back, he told his family what he had inquired about. He Xingfu used a stool to smash the Wan Chuanjia in a hurry, but he did not expect that the Wan Chuanjia would be smashed so badly. She was planning to go to see how Wan Chuan’s family was injured. Wang Qing said that she might have been beaten to death in the past.

The second old man Wang Youde quickly went to Wanshantang to apologize, but he did not dare to lift his head, for fear that Wanshantang would stumble upon the Wang family in the future. And Wanshantang was so eager to protect his son, that aside from the hooliganism at his son’s wedding, he actually said that the Wang family had married a powerful daughter-in-law and opened the door to his son’s head. They really wanted to teach this new daughter-in-law well.

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