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Quick Pass: Cannon Fodder Counterattack, We Can Win

The novel is called “Quick Pass: Cannon Fodder Counterattack, We Can Win” 《快穿:炮灰逆袭,苟住我们能赢》

It is a novel by Yotsuba.

Featured content:

Fuxing died at the highlight of life, and the binding system began to conquer the stars and the sea. Dress up as countless cannon fodder to open a counter-attack system for them: Don’t belittle yourself, the host, I believe you are the best!

System: You can host, the host is the best! Fuxing: Every day’s food is a big bowl of chicken soup from the system

Highlights of some chapters of “Quick Pass: Cannon Fodder Counterattack, We Can Win”

Chapter 3 True and False Daughter (3)

Lin Yu is two months older than Lin Wanxing. In the hearts of Lin’s father and Lin’s mother, Lin Yu is the eldest daughter and Lin Wanxing is the youngest.

Mother Lin also knew that in the school, many classmates who played well with the eldest daughter rejected the younger daughter. The eldest daughter was not her own, but was raised since childhood. But now that the younger daughter is back, the eldest daughter is prone to being sensitive, suspicious and cranky.

The youngest daughter is biological and has not been around. She also wants to compensate the youngest daughter more.

So Mother Lin couldn’t find what Lin Yu said, so she had to say to Father Lin, “Let’s assign Xingxing and Xiaoyu a bodyguard. They are all girls, and safety is the most important thing.”

His wife was very thoughtful, and Father Lin immediately understood his wife’s intentions.

“Well, it must be worthy. My daughter can’t be bullied by anyone. As well as today’s matter, we must also find out.”

Lin Yu has been sitting on the sofa not far away, holding an ultra-thin computer on his lap.

Wen Yan said without raising his head, “I don’t need it. And…”

She suddenly turned off the computer, came over, and glanced at Lin Wanxing.

“It’s too much of a fuss, it’s just a fight between students, and Lin Wanxing, you should think about it, why do everyone just bully you? Think about it, is it your own problem?”

Lin Wanxing was instantly furious, what kind of victim guilt theory?

The knife didn’t fall on him, and it doesn’t hurt to stand talking, right?

Lin’s father and Lin’s mother also frowned.

Mother Lin said, “Yuyu, what do you mean by that?”

Lin Yu listened and felt that Lin’s parents and Lin’s mother were overly partial and doting on Lin Wanxing. No wonder the original owner’s memory was full of hatred.

“Haha.” Leaving a sneer, he hugged the computer and turned upstairs.

Mother Lin pressed her forehead with a headache and comforted Fuxing in a blink of an eye: “Xingxing, your sister has been spoiled by us since she was a child. There is no malice, maybe she is just not used to your presence.”

For Lin Wanxing, the biological daughter, after so many years of separation, Lin’s father and Lin’s mother inevitably have a sense of alienation, which is normal.

On the contrary, Lin Yu is more intimate, but Lin Yu is blind, and now this mercenary is a cold-hearted white-eyed wolf.

“It’s okay, I understand.”

The next day, the weekend.

When Fu Xing woke up at ten o’clock and went downstairs, everyone in the Lin family went out.

Walking into the living room, there was a man sitting on the sofa, with long and slender legs, with a clear silhouette.

Under the broken hair in front of his forehead, his eyebrows and eyes were dark, revealing an extreme silence.

Ma Zhang said, “Miss, this is the bodyguard that Mr. and Mrs. found for you. Mr. said he will let you see if you like it.”

Like it or not is not the point.

Fu Xing asked, “How’s your ability? How many can you play?”

Zhang Ma: “Uh, I don’t know that.”

Fu Xing nodded. Since Lin’s parents and Lin’s mother let her see it, it means that they have passed the eyes of Lin’s parents and Lin’s mother, and their abilities should not be bad.

When Fu Xing and Zhang Ma were talking, the man looked over.

Fu Xing’s first impression was that his face was really small.

Fuxing walked over and stretched out his palm towards him: “Hello, I’m Lin Wanxing.”

The man glanced at her hand and looked away calmly.

He didn’t reach out to shake her hand.

It seems that you despise her?

“Xingxun,” he said, his voice very cold.

As long as you are not embarrassed yourself, it is others who are embarrassed.

Fu Xing calmly retracted his hand and nodded: “The name is good.”

Sit down on the sofa across from him.

“Follow me to sign an agreement, and I will first draw up some conditions that need to be abided by for you to see.”

“Mother Zhang, bring me a pen and paper.”

Zhang’s mother quickly brought it over, Fuxing wrote a few articles and pushed them to him.

“See if you can accept it?”

First: During the tenure, everything obeyed the orders of the boss Lin Wanxing.

Second: all matters concerning Lin Wanxing must be kept secret.

Third: No matter what happens, the safety of the boss comes first.

Fourth: In case of breach of contract, one hundred times the liquidated damages will be compensated.


In fact, it is also some normal occupational requirements.

It’s just that Lin’s father and Lin’s mother thought that finding a bodyguard for her would be enough to protect her safety.

Fuxing asks for more because of what to do.

“See if you can accept it?”


“Okay, I’m not going out today, you can go back first, come and start work tomorrow.”

Looking at the back of the man leaving, Fu Xing asked the system, “Help me check this person’s information.”

“Host, please investigate by yourself.”

“Simply check the information, isn’t your system something you can do with your hands?”

“My energy is not rich, I can help you in the future, and now I ask the host to be self-reliant.”

Fuxing: “…”

In the evening, when Lin’s father and Lin’s mother came back, Lin’s mother asked Fuxing: “Xingxing, have you seen the bodyguard for you? What do you think?”

“Yes, parents will definitely not be bad.”

The daughter is sweet and sweet, and her mouth is sweet, and both Lin’s parents and Lin’s mother laughed at the praise.

“Dad, do you have any information on this bodyguard? I want to see it.”

Father Lin: “I’ll ask your Uncle Yu to give it to you tomorrow.”

Uncle Yu was Lin’s father’s assistant.


Lin Yu didn’t come back until after the family had eaten, wearing a long black tube top slim dress, black curly hair, smoky eyes and flaming red lips.

Mother Lin asked, “Yuyu, where have you been?”

“Classmates party.” Lin Yu replied casually and went upstairs.

Fu Xing knew that this was not a classmate party, and he must have attended some important banquet.

Going to school the next day, Fuxing went back to his room after dinner, sat at the computer desk, drew up a contract and printed two copies.

I woke up at half past seven the next day.

When eating breakfast, Lin Yu still did not see the figure.

Uncle Yu, Lin’s assistant, grabbed her and brought Xingxun’s information.

The information is very simple, the background is very ordinary, he is a professional bodyguard, and his ability is very outstanding.

As soon as Fuxing finished watching, Xingxun came.

Apparently he was on his way to work.

He was tall and slender, wearing a black shirt and black slacks.

His black outfit made him look colder and colder.

“Have you eaten yet?” Fu Xing motioned to the breakfast on his table, “Would you like to have some together?” Her breakfast was very rich, enough for one person.

He glanced at the rich breakfast in front of her, walked across from her rudely, pulled out the stool and sat down.

Fuxing motioned to Zhang’s mother to add another pair of bowls and chopsticks, and he grabbed the crystal dumplings in front of Fuxing with his chopsticks, and ate them one by one.

He eats quickly, it should not be good-looking, but he has the air of domineering?

Fu Xing was full, wiped his mouth and hands and pushed the contract towards him.

“Look at this after eating. If you have no opinion, sign it. I’ll change my clothes and go to school.”

Fu Xing went upstairs and went back to his room to pack himself up, then went downstairs with his bag.

When I came back, I saw Xingxun finished eating and signed with a pen

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