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A Dream of Splendor 梦华录 Episode 35 Recap

Gu Qianfan wanted to explain what happened before and why he didn’t show up for a long time, but in Zhao Pan’er’s view, Gu Qianfan had the idea of ​​repenting of the marriage, and never thought of facing him together, but chose to escape, such a coward. I am afraid that his behavior is not comparable to that of Ouyang Xu, which is really disappointing.

As soon as the words fell, Chi Pan hurried to grab Zhao Pan’er and turned to leave. Gu Qianfan stood on the bridge and looked at Zhao Pan’er’s back, but he still didn’t have the courage. Chi Pan knew that Zhao Paner was sad, so he took her to watch the lanterns and fireworks and eat Tokyo specialties.

Zhao Pan’er sat at the top, drinking and guessing with Chi Pan, winning three times in a row, and finally faded a little unhappiness. Just when Chi Pan was about to confess to Zhao Pan’er, how could he know that Zhao Pan’er directly exposed his thoughts, saying that he had grown up in Fengyuechang since he was a child, and naturally he had seen many scenes like this.

The noble person brought Suheyujin wine for the official family, but the official family thought that Liu Wan was afraid of thunder and lightning, so the noble person sent it to the Queen’s Palace. At the same time, Chi Pan expressed that his love was fruitless, but was ridiculed by Zhao Paner, and even lost the bet again. Zhao Paner bought puppets to make Chi Pan happy, and asked him about Gu Qianfan by the way, only then did he know the relationship between Gu Qianfan and Xiao Qinyan.

Chi Pan told the truth truthfully. Back then, Gu Shuniang and Xiao Qinyan got married in a foreign country without telling their family. Not long after that, Gu Shuniang took Gu Qianfan into Beijing at night, and Chi Pan lived opposite Gu’s house, and heard Old Man Gu furious. Since then, Gu Shuniang’s external identity is Gu Qianfan’s aunt. In fact, everyone in the know understands that the two are mother-son relationship, and the old man Gu also refused to recognize Xiao Qinyan, saying that the Gu family would never accept such a foolish son-in-law.

After understanding the ins and outs, Zhao Pan’er told Chi Pan not to disclose it to others, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. When Zhao Pan’er went home and saw the yellow flower outside the door, she knew that Gu Qianfan had come alone, forcing the grief to step on the yellow flower under her feet, and then entered the house.

Song Yinzhang accompanied Zhao Paner back to the room and found the window was still open, so he helped to close it, but unexpectedly touched the teacup, causing the teacup and the paper to fall to the ground. Zhao Pan’er didn’t care, so she asked Song Yinzhang to go back first, but when she was about to rest, she suddenly saw the silver note left on the ground through the bronze mirror, and then learned from Chen Lian that Gu Qianfan sold the house to raise money.

A little beggar came to the Yongan Building and blatantly snatched away the snacks that Chi Pan gave to Zhao Paner. Chi Pan was so angry that Chi Pan ordered He Si to grab the other party, and the noise caused many guests to watch. Just as Chi Pan reprimanded, Sun Sanniang saw the appearance of the little beggar and couldn’t help but froze in place. She never expected that the little beggar was actually Fu Zifang, so she rushed downstairs and took him into her arms.

There was no news from the palace for a long time, and Ouyang Xu felt very suspicious. Hearing about the future of the imperial doctor today, he immediately realized that something had happened. At this time, Lei Jing reported the investigation results to the official family, which confirmed that what Zhao Paner said was true, and felt that there was actually another mastermind in the case of the hat demon and the night banquet, who deliberately caused the court to fight.

After all, if the official family takes the picture of the banquet as truth, the Queen Liu Wan and the crown prince will be abolished, not only Xiao Qinyan will be implicated, but even the orthodox heirs will have to be selected from the clan. If the official family uses the night banquet picture as a fake, Qi Mu is guilty, and the queen will most likely be seen in the official family because of the disgrace of her name. At that time, even if the king is promoted to a prince, and the party’s Qingliu will be hit, the official family will be able to choose in the future. I am afraid that all the ministers of the auxiliary government must come from the clan.

The officials thought it was reasonable, but in fact, Lei Jing also succeeded in his plan, and the queen finally avoided the limelight and continued to sit firmly in the harem. Lei Jing went to see Xiao Qinyan alone, and expressed his goodwill to him with this banquet plan.

Because the queen has been reinstated, Qi Mu and others have lost the trust of the official family one after another, Xiao Qinyan was overjoyed, thinking that as long as there are two more visits, it is impossible for Qingliu to turn over. Gao Hu scolded Ouyang Xu for falsifying and deceiving and compiling the origin of the night banquet picture.

Originally, Gao Hu wanted to take this opportunity to break up the engagement, but Ouyang Xu continued to threaten him with a bellyband, leaving him helpless. On the way back, Ouyang Xu found that the streets and alleys were selling belly pockets with names embroidered on them, which meant that he quickly lost his deterrence to the Gao family and had to come to Gao Hui to break up the engagement, but was humiliated by Gao Hui instead.

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