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First Sweet Wife: Mr. Huo, you’re wrong!

Novel: First Sweet Wife: Mr. Huo, you’re wrong! (第一甜妻:霍先生,撩错了!)

Author: Nan Qian

Main characters: Jiang Qingxin, Huo Xu

Type: Domineering President


[I accidentally picked up the legendary boss, what should I do online]

After being betrayed by the scumbag and sister, Jiang Qingxin vowed to become the little aunt of this pair of scumbags and scumbags! To this end, she stared at her ex-boyfriend’s uncle. Never thought that my uncle was young, handsome and rich, and since then she has turned into a sweet wife. Although men like to ignore her every day, she just wants to sit firmly in the position of her little aunt.

One day, Jiang Qingxin suddenly found out that he was flirting, wrong, wrong, human! A man who works hard is not the uncle of a scumbag! Jiang Qingxin went mad: “No, my mother wants to get a divorce!” Huo Xu: “…” How could there be such an irresponsible woman. Divorce, forget about it!

“First Sweet Wife: Mr. Huo, you’re wrong! 》Free to read

Chapter 1


A slap in the face fell on Jiang Qingxin’s face.

“You really let me down, your sister came back after more than 20 years of hardships outside, and you still have to rob her of a man, shameless!”

Jiang Qingxin covered her painful face and looked at her mother in disbelief: “Mom, Yunyan is my boyfriend, how can you be so unreasonable?”

She had just returned home from a business trip, only to see her long-lost sister Jiang Ruyin sitting on the sofa holding her boyfriend Lu Yunyan’s arm, and the two were close.

On the other side, the two parents sat on the sofa and talked happily.

Lu Yunyan is her childhood sweetheart boyfriend!

She couldn’t help but stepped forward to question her, but her mother slapped her without saying a word!

“Mom, don’t give up.” Jiang Ruyin said anxiously, “It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have come back…”

Lu Yunyan hurriedly supported her shoulder, “Ruyin, don’t say that, it’s my fault. I used to think of Qingxin as my little sister. That’s probably why she misunderstood her.”

Something seemed to explode in Jiang Qingxin’s mind, and it was so painful that she couldn’t breathe.

younger sister?

Treat her as a younger sister who will whisper in her ears and promise the future?

Do you often hold her as a sister and refuse to let go?

“Shut up!” She was so disgusted that she couldn’t listen anymore.

“You just shut up, how did you talk to your sister?” Mother Jiang reprimanded, “If Ruyin has suffered for 20 years, you can’t be more considerate.”

Jiang Qingxin’s shocked mouth opened slightly.

There should be a degree of empathy, and give up her love, she is not the Virgin.

At this time, Jiang’s father also got up and scolded with disgust, “Isn’t enough trouble, others don’t like you at all, we still have to discuss Ruyin’s engagement ceremony, you go away, don’t get in the way.”

Jiang Qingxin’s body trembled, and she looked at Lu Yunyan who was indifferent, and then looked at Jiang Ruyin, who was snuggling beside him.

Suddenly she felt like a joke.

These people are the people she cares about the most, but now everyone is helping Jiang Ruyin.

Tears rolled down his face.

She wiped it hard, turned around and left without looking back.

After getting on the Maserati, it went all the way.

Not knowing where to go, she stopped and called her best friend Lin Fanyue on the phone.

“Come out and have two drinks.”

Her voice was slightly choked and hoarse, and Lin Fanyue agreed immediately, “Okay, come right away.”


S1897 Bar.

When Lin Fanyue arrived in a hurry, Jiang Qingxin had already killed a whole bottle of red wine by himself.

“It’s just right, let’s drink together. I ordered a lot. You can’t go back until you finish it.”

Jiang Qingxin threw a bottle of beer over.

“What’s the matter with you?” Lin Fanyue rarely sees her like this, and is very distressed, “Where’s Lu Yunyan, don’t you care?”

Hearing this person’s name, Jiang Qingxin felt like a knife was scratching in his heart.

“He doesn’t want me anymore, he and Jiang Ruyin are getting engaged.”

Lin Fanyue was stunned, “What a bloody plot.”

Jiang Qingxin roughly recounted what happened in the evening.

Lin Fanyue couldn’t believe it. Lu Yunyan and Jiang Qingxin had no doubts, and they established a relationship in high school.

It’s just that Jiang Qingxin went abroad to study in recent years, and Lu Yunyan was busy with work, so the two have never been engaged.

But both parents were informed and blessed.

No one in the circle knows that the two will get married sooner or later.

In the end, Lu Yunyan found Jiang Ruyin, which made Jiang Qingxin a joke.

“It’s too much. The palms and backs of the hands are full of meat. Your parents have a hole in their brains.”

Jiang Qingxin squeezed the bottle tightly, “They probably thought that Jiang Ruyin had suffered too much outside. Now that she’s back, they want to give her the best.”

Lin Fanyue couldn’t believe it: “But you are their daughter too!”

Jiang Qingxin smiled bitterly:

“Haha, now that Jiang Ruyin is back, they only have Jiang Ruyin in their hearts.”

“It was they who wanted to marry me to Lu Yunyan from the novel. I took it seriously, but now they say that I am ignorant.”

“And Lu Yunyan, who promised to be together for a lifetime, but said that it will change. I hate him…”

Jiang Qingxin choked up when she talked about the back. She took several sips from the wine bottle and poured down the tears, but her mind was a little dizzy.

“Drink less, your stomach is not good, and drinking too much will make you uncomfortable.”

Lin Fanyue snatched her bottle, and in order to divert her attention, she swept the bar.

Who would have thought to see a familiar figure.

“Hey, look!”

After pushing Jiang Qingxin, she pointed at the man sitting in the corner.

It was dimly lit over there, but it was vaguely visible that the man was wearing a suit that was inappropriate for this kind of scene.

The man was leaning on the sofa with his eyes closed, with a splendid temperament. Occasionally, a rotating spotlight swept over, and at a glance, it was the perfect profile face depicted in a comic book.

Jiang Qingxin took a look and then retracted his gaze, “No matter how handsome a man is, I’m not in the mood to appreciate beauty right now.”

“I want to tell you that this man is Lu Yunyan’s uncle.”

Jiang Qingxin was stunned for a moment, “Are you sure?”

She heard Lu Yunyan mention that he has a mysterious little uncle, but his uncle has been managing the company overseas and has never seen it.

But a few days ago, I heard that his uncle came back.

“Sure, very sure. The last time I attended a reception with my brother, my brother pointed it out to me. I heard that this man is young and has great skills. Lu Zewen also depends on his face.”

Lu Zewen is Lu Yunyan’s father.

Jiang Qingxin’s eyes lit up, and an idea came to his mind in an instant.

“You said… what if I marry this little uncle?”

“Pfft…” Lin Fanyue spat out a sip of wine in shock, “Do you say it again?”

Jiang Qingxin stared at the figure of Ying Ting without blinking: “Since I can’t be the daughter-in-law of the Lu family, then I will be Lu Yunyan’s little aunt, and I will definitely be able to kill that pair of dogs!”

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