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The Wife of a Powerful Minister

The Wife of a Powerful Minister (权臣贵妻)

[Rebirth + Ancient Words + Intrigue + Scumbag] Zhou Ruanyu, as the granddaughter of the imperial grandfather, is a well-known and noble daughter in the capital. After marriage, although she and her husband are not sympathetic to each other, they can be regarded as mutual respect, but they have never thought that she would end up with the whole family convicted, the close relatives died, the stillbirth, and the gloomy end, God would have mercy on her and give herself a chance to start over. Zhou Ruanyu just wanted to protect her family and find out what happened in her previous life. The truth…

Ji Nanjun, the son of a loyal and brave Hou Shu, became famous as a young man, joined the cabinet, and was deeply trusted by the emperor. He entrusted Ji Nanjun with the post of regent and assisted the young emperor. Ji Nanjun, who was in a high position, had great beauty, but he lost his wife and never married…

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The Wife of a Powerful Minister Chapter 6

Ah Shu quickly prepared the chessboard and pieces, Zhou Ruanyu moved to the window, and with a touch of spring beside the window, with the breeze blowing, he held Baizi in one hand and Heizi in the other to play against himself.

The person sitting by the window had a white jade hairpin holding his ink hair, and a few strands of broken hair swayed playfully with the breeze, sticking to his face from time to time.

Xu is the chess piece at the end, with a strand of hair subconsciously wrapped around his left finger, a black piece is attached to the index finger and middle finger of his right hand, and his elbow rests on the small table on the couch. Fair-skinned, Zhou Ruanyu frowned slightly, her face was a little annoyed, her red lips were slightly open, and her eyes were fixed on the chessboard on the small table, as if she was afraid of missing something.

When Ji Nanjun stepped into the door and saw such a scene, he felt as if he had been stabbed by something, but felt a warm current rush through his body.

A Xu, who was standing beside Zhou Ruanyu, was the first to spot Ji Nanjun standing at the door. He was about to salute, but was stopped by Ji Nanjun. Seeing this, A Xu winked and silently backed out.

Zhou Ruanyu didn’t notice it, just stared at the chess piece in front of him, very annoyed.

This chess game has troubled me for a long time. I used to play chess a lot in my previous life. I played against myself, and it was very interesting to change my mind from time to time.

In my previous life, I broke the chess game that had troubled the world for a long time soon after I got married. Today I set up a chessboard to break through the bottleneck, but I didn’t expect to encounter new difficulties. don’t feel hungry.

Just as Zhou Ruanyu was thinking about whether or not to end today, a well-jointed hand took the black piece in his hand and landed on the chessboard.

Zhou Ruanyu didn’t react for a while, looking at the position of the move, it was very ingenious. He only felt that Heizi was born out of desperation, the situation suddenly became clear, and the predicament that had troubled him for a long time was solved at once.

Zhou Ruanyu raised her head to look at Ji Nanjun, with a smile that she hadn’t noticed, her brows and eyes curved, as if she was a child who got honey, and her tone unconsciously carried some girlish cuteness.

“Husband is back, busy with business today? But tired? Why didn’t anyone tell me when I came back!” Then he got up and took off Ji Nanjun’s robe and hung it on a hanger beside him. Ji Nanjun also reached out to cooperate.

Ji Nanjun looked at Zhou Ruanyu, who was a little childish in front of him, raised his hand and brushed a few strands of hair from Zhou Ruanyu’s chest behind his back and said, “On the first day of the court, it was not a big deal, so I came back earlier. , I didn’t let anyone disturb you when you saw your wife’s dedication to playing chess.”

Now it is the fourth day of marriage, Zhou Ruanyu has always been a famous lady in front of everyone, and she seems to be a little alienated from herself. Now Zhou Ruanyu in front of her seems to have removed a layer of disguise outside, inadvertently Show your true self.

Ji Nanjun took Zhou Ruanyu’s moistened towel, wiped his hands, and said as if nothing had happened, “Listen, Madam didn’t have lunch today?”

Mentioning this, Zhou Ruanyu remembered what happened last night, two red clouds appeared on her face, and she said, “I got up late this morning, and I had breakfast a little later, and I was in my stomach at noon. I was still very full, so I didn’t pass on the meal, it just happened that my husband came back early today, and it was just right to have dinner together.”

Ji Nanjun said again, “Today, when I went to my grandmother to take leave for you, my grandmother was sympathetic and said that you can go to say goodbye on the 15th of every month in the future, and you don’t need to say goodbye the rest of the time, and the same goes for the eldest madam.”

Zhou Ruanyu looked up at the man who was almost a head taller than him, and felt a little uneasy, “Is this a little out of order, the eldest lady will be unhappy, and will it make it difficult for my husband?”

Ji Nanjun looked down at Zhou Ruanyu, who had an uneasy expression, raised his lips, and held the Rou in front of him and said, “Don’t worry, Madam, in a few days, the mansion given to you by Your Majesty will be almost repaired, and the same will be true for the Shan Independent Mansion. So it’s only the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, please be safe!”

“By the way, husband asked grandmother for leave today, how did you tell grandmother?”

Looking at Zhou Ruanyu’s shy face, she said, “I just told my grandmother that you came home yesterday and caught some cold, and you are not feeling well because you are afraid that you will not be able to go out, and you are afraid that you will be sick!”

Zhou Ruanyu was a little embarrassed, so he exposed the topic.

At the moment of You Shi, the servants passed the dinner, and the two are still having dinner in the small pavilion today…

After dinner, the two sat on the soft slump by the window, and Ji Nanjun said, “Next month is His Majesty’s birthday. His Majesty has ordered the King of Lingnan to enter the capital. It is estimated that he will be able to enter the capital in half a month.”

Yes, next month will be His Majesty’s birthday, and in half a month, my little aunt will be able to come back. It is this time when I return to Beijing, my little aunt did not know that she was pregnant. When she was visiting the queen in the palace, she was accidentally bumped by a civet cat from nowhere. , almost miscarried. Later, although the fetus was saved, it was born prematurely. As a result, his little cousin had evidence of insufficiency since childhood. He was frail and sickly since childhood, and his aunt was also injured due to childbirth.

In the past life, I didn’t find anything wrong, but now I think about everything, and the empress’s palace has always been heavily guarded. How could the young seventh prince and the civet cat suddenly appear in the empress’s palace? How can the civet cat rush straight to the pregnant little aunt? All this is aimed at the little aunt or the child in the little aunt’s womb.

Zhou Ruanyu thought about it, and there was speculation in his heart. Among His Majesty’s heirs, the second prince had been married for many years and had only one daughter. The third prince was empty and had no children and daughters.

If the little aunt gave birth to a healthy child, it would be His Majesty’s eldest grandson, and the status would naturally be different.

It’s just who wanted to murder the little aunt, and how did that person know that the little aunt was pregnant? The only people who can understand the little aunt so well are the people close to the little aunt. Eyeliner, then who this person is, you have to check carefully.

Zhou Ruanyu still pretended to be suspicious and said in her heart, “Then Princess Lingnan will go to Beijing together.”

Ji Nanjun knew that Zhou Ruanyu was thinking about this, “Yes, Your Majesty decrees that Princess Lingnan will come to Beijing to celebrate her birthday together. Presumably you and Princess Lingnan have not seen each other for a long time, so we can talk in the capital this time.”

Zhou Ruanyu smiled and said, “My aunt and I have not seen each other for a long time, and I don’t know if my aunt will be well in Lingnan.”

Early the next morning, Zhou Ruanyu leaned against the soft collapse to sort out the chaotic clues of the previous life.

“Madam, the person you asked the servant to look for a few days ago, the servant found it. When the servant went out of the house a few days ago, he met the eldest young master and the little servant Ah Shun beside him. The young master also said to help find the right person.

This morning, Ah Shun, who was beside the eldest young master, came to spread the word, saying that someone had been found, and now he is waiting outside our mansion? “

Zhou Ruanyu rubbed his forehead, “Big brother knows? Didn’t your father and mother know about it!”

“Madam Hui, neither the master nor the wife know. This person was quietly sent by the eldest young master.”

Zhou Ruanyu asked again, “This person’s background is clean, and my brother has investigated, is it available?”

“Ashun said that the woman was rescued by chance, and later sent someone to investigate.”

“This woman was originally from Shilipu on the outskirts of Beijing, her mother died early, and her father was a barefoot doctor in the countryside. Because there were no brothers in the family, she studied medicine with her father since she was a child, and helped to treat diseases and collect medicines. A few days ago, his father collected medicines. When she fell off a cliff, she was gone, so she was the only one left. This woman had a powerful aunt in her family.

Seeing that she was a woman, she seized the property of his family and sold her to Renyazi, Renyazi saw her. She was born handsome, so she wanted to sell her to the Goulan Courtyard to make a fortune, but she didn’t expect that this woman was a bit temperamental. She desperately escaped while it was raining, and happened to meet the young master and Ah Shun who were on tour. , was rescued, only to calculate the fire pit.

A Shun said that she had gone to Shilipu in the suburbs of Beijing to verify that it was true. This woman’s medical skills are also well-known in the suburbs of Beijing. She is a useful person. The eldest young master originally wanted to send him to his wife to serve him. Later, I heard that you are looking for a woman who can know medical skills, and the eldest young master brought it here. May I see you? “

Zhou Ruanyu said sternly: “What my brother sent is naturally credible, you go and bring people in!”

After a while, Asu came back, followed by a girl who was a little short in stature. Xu was wearing very plain clothes during the period of filial piety. She wore a thin hosta on her head, and there was a flower pinned to the side of her hair, which was almost invisible. White flowers unique to the mountains.

The woman stood still, lifted her skirt lightly, and knelt down to salute, “Sun Ranran, the daughter of the people, pays respects to his wife.”

Zhou Ruanyu put down the teacup in his hand, “No gift, get up, did your brother explain it to you beforehand?”

“Madam Hui, the young master has already told the girl.”

“Then are you willing to stay by my side and serve?” Zhou Ruanyu asked again.

“Mrs. Hui, the young master has saved the life of the girl, and the girl is willing to serve the lady in return for her great kindness.” After speaking, she kowtowed to Zhou Ruanyu.

Zhou Ruanyu got up and walked in front of Sun Ranran, “Okay, get up, from today onwards, you will be the first-class female envoy by my side, serving with Asu and Asu by my side, and you will be named after them. The word Ran in your name will call you Aran, okay?

Aran knelt down and kowtowed: “Thank you madam for giving me your name!”

Zhou Ruanyu helped the person up, “You don’t have to do this big gift when there are no outsiders around me, you can relax. You can ask Asu if you have anything. After speaking, he turned to Asu and said, “Axu, bring She went down to get acquainted with this courtyard! “

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