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A Dream of Splendor: Petal kiss, let the drama fans eat sugar to the point of fear of tooth decay, do you think it’s worth waiting for 4 days?

A Dream of Splendor 梦华录

After waiting for four days, “Meng Hualu” has finally been updated. Tonight, I believe that many fans of the drama are worth it. The plot and plot are definitely the sweetness of the CP of “Gu Panshenghui”, and the sweetness is beyond the table. What plot, what plot makes the audience feel so tired and crooked to envy and sour? Many male and female audiences have fantasy.

In the first update, after his father Xiao Qinyan returned to the capital, he invited Gu Qianfan to meet him in the middle of the night. He wanted to express his good intentions to plan a career for him in the future, but he didn’t appreciate it, and instead told him that he was one of the clear streamers, but he would not attack him.

At the same time, he informed his father that he was about to marry Zhao Paner, who had left the country and returned to Liang, and said a set of words that showed that Zhao Paner was important to him, and at the same time warned Xiao Qinyan not to destroy their relationship. In this episode, the sweetness is definitely full sugar milk tea and the feeling of adding three more spoons of sugar. The audience must be happy

Is it finished? It’s not over. The screenwriter arranged for Gu Qianfan to take Zhao Pan’er by boat to sweep his mother’s tomb during the “break”, which is equivalent to bringing the future daughter-in-law to see her mother-in-law and advancing the marriage plot.

Is it finished? It’s not over yet. The screenwriter also arranged for the “best matchmaker” Chen Lian to be “instructed” by Gu Qianfan to wait for the boats of Gu Zhao and Zhao to pass by on the Caihe Bridge and rain petals.

This made Zhao Pan’er look overjoyed and elated.

Gu Pan and the two stood in the rain of petals, with their talented and beautiful appearance, they really envied others and the audience of fans outside the screen.

Is it finished? It’s not over yet. The screenwriter has arranged the highlight of today, sugar blind our “petal kiss” under the bridge, oh oh oh, I really can’t stand the sweetness of this CP.

This night, in less than 90 minutes of two episodes, telling the truth is too sweet, so sweet that I don’t even know how to write to describe this sweet effect.

This “petal rain”, “petal kiss”, is said to be the most impressive scene for actor Chen Xiao. It was filmed on the third day of the start and took a whole day. This plot design really brought the romantic proposal of modern dramas into ancient puppet dramas in the context of the Song Dynasty.

Although in these two episodes, the plot of Song Yinzhanghui’s wrong and secret love for Gu Qianfan has been clearly explained, which lays the groundwork for Song to break up and leave after learning about Gu Pan’s relationship, and also makes the audience sweat for “Gu Pan Shenghui” CP begins to experience setbacks. . Of course, this is a small matter for now, let’s immerse ourselves in the sugar bowl first.

The sweetness should come down tomorrow, the salinity will start, and the bitterness will slowly come out. Gu Qianfan was about to prepare for a life-threatening situation where he almost died in order to save his father. It was not far from Zhao Paner’s accidental knowledge that the culprit of her father’s crime was actually her future father-in-law.

Let’s follow the update of “Menghualu” together, discuss together, drink sugar together, and watch the prosperity of the Song Dynasty together.

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