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Wife’s choice: Kill Xiaoyu, frame Jiawei, kill Ma Xiaoou, Qi Miao’s evil is hidden in the dark

The Monsoon Theater drama “Wife’s Choice” was launched for two weeks, and it attracted countless audiences. The experience of the heroine Fang Tang is a true portrayal of the real-life mid-life crisis. She was a doctor with a successful career. She quit her job to support her husband’s career and became a full-time wife. Unexpectedly, her gentle husband had secretly cheated on her long ago, and even had a child with the mistress.

Gao Jiawei, the leading actor, is also a top performer. He hides the relationship between his wife and his lover, and deceives the feelings of two women at the same time. The audience hates him so much that they only hope Fang Tang can take revenge as soon as possible and let this scumbag go out of the house. , ruined.

Although Gao Jiawei is stupid, he is not bad. The worst character in the whole play is Qi Miao, an emotional expert.

The strong and resolute elites in the workplace are Qi Miao’s strongest help. She can avoid all risks and prepare multiple emergency plans. The death of sister Xiaoyu.

Xiaoyu has a heart-to-heart love for her boyfriend Han Chao, who has been in love with her for many years. She devoted herself to him, spent money for him, washed, cooked and cleaned for him, and even changed herself for him.

Han Chao promised Xiaoyu that he would marry her, but when she proposed to Han Chao in her wedding dress, Han Chao proposed to break up with the love that Xiaoyu could not suffocate.

Xiaoyu thought that she was not good enough. She heard that Qi Miao, a famous emotional master, had profound insights into the relationship between the sexes. She listened to her lecture and bought her book.

But Qi Miao’s point of view is that women must be gentle and virtuous, and can be happy only by responding to their lover’s needs. Xiaoyu was poisoned by Qi Miao’s views, and asked Da Yu to borrow 100,000 yuan to buy a car for Han Chao, and the two reconciled.

Han Chao is a scumbag. The more he treats him, the more serious he becomes. He even makes Xiaoyu’s best friend go to bed in the car Xiaoyu bought. Xiaoyu found out about the theory with her best friend, and Han Chao came to her angrily when he heard the news, saying that he had never loved her.

Xiaoyu’s humble love made Han Chao more confident and trampled on Xiaoyu’s feelings at will. After Xiaoyu broke up, he completely lost the courage to live and chose to jump off the building to end his life.

Although Han Chao’s scumbag behavior was the root cause of Xiaoyu’s suicide, Qi Miao’s poisonous chicken soup was the fuse. Women should be self-reliant and self-reliant, not stick to petty love and love. Xiaoyu has absolutely no need to guard the trash and not let go, but Qi Miao thinks that the quarrel between men and women is the fault of women, which is incredible.

Qi Miao and Gao Jiawei are the two most popular emotional experts. Gao Jiawei is even better in career. Competition in the workplace is destined to be only superficial friendship.

Before recording the show, Qi Miao asked her assistant to buy milk tea for each staff member. Compared with Gao Jiawei, who did not say that she made many mistakes when recording the show, everyone praised Qi Miao for her beautiful speech and work.

In order to host an emotional show by herself, Qi Miao used Gao Jiawei’s derailment to tell President Tang in advance that Gao Jiawei had problems with her private life and might strike at any time.

Mr. Tang was very disappointed with Gao Jiawei, but he still gave him a chance to let Qi Miaoyue have tea at 8 o’clock. Qi Miao told the Gao family to drink tea at 9 o’clock, but President Tang lost his patience and left. When Gao Jiawei arrived at 8.40, Qi Miao lied that Tang always left beforehand and was a good person on both sides.

The Gao family thought that Qi Miao was a caring big sister, and Qi Miao recorded evidence of his cheating for his use.

Under Qi Miao’s “framing”, Gao Jiawei was proposed to be recorded, and Qi Miao became the only great god in the emotional field.

Qi Miao knew about the lover relationship between Ma Xiaoou and Gao Jiawei from the beginning. She didn’t tell Fang Tang and took it as evidence to hold Gao Jiawei in order to give him a fatal blow.

The Gao family found out that Fang Tang was investigating his derailment, and Ma Xiaoou became pregnant unexpectedly and refused to have an abortion. He was overwhelmed and got rid of the good eldest sister to help him.

Qi Miao looked for Ma Xiaoou and said to her:

“Women often face a door. Walking in is a life, and jumping out is another life. I don’t want to say which one is the best choice. I just want to tell you that you are facing this door now. You think you have the key, but I’m sorry, it can be locked inside. Do you think Gao Jiawei will get a divorce for you? On the surface, it’s a problem of three people, but it’s actually a problem of you alone.”

Ma Xiaoou didn’t listen to her at first. After sending Qi Miao away, Ma Xiaoou suffered from persistent abdominal pain. No one listened to Gao Jiawei, so he had no choice but to call his classmate Wang Wei. It turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy, requiring the signature of the family for the operation.

Ma Xiaoou’s calls and texts to Gao’s family were lost. It turned out that Gao’s mother-in-law fell and was hospitalized. He needed to stay by his wife’s side and pretend to be a good husband. Just when Ma Xiaoou couldn’t bear it any longer, the Gao family rushed to sign in a hurry. After seeing Ma Xiaoou entering the ward, the Gao family left in a hurry.

Ma Xiaoou watched Gao Jiawei leave without caring about her who was still undergoing surgery, and felt very desperate.

After the operation, Fang Tang and Gao Jiawei came to see her together. Looking at the happy couple, Ma Xiaoou remembered Qi Miao’s words, he was nothing, and his grief was greater than the death of his heart. Ma Xiaoou felt that there was no hope for life, so he committed suicide by taking sleeping pills.

Qi Miao’s “poisonous chicken soup” killed another young girl.

He is a mature and rational emotional expert, but his marriage behind the scenes is a mess. Qi Miao was teaching girls how to deal with the relationship between the sexes, but she and her husband had nothing to say, and even slept in separate rooms.

Her bizarre views also made Hua Ji girl commit suicide by gastric lavage, but she did not repent, thinking about letting Da Yu spend the money. She killed Xiaoyu, framed Jiawei, and forced Ma Xiaoou to death. Qi Miao’s evil was hidden in the dark part of her soul.

So don’t believe the so-called experts, live yourself is the best!

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