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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 27 Recap

The rivers and lakes are full of notices of wanted Xiaoshi, and many people have come out to find Xiaoshi in order to get the reward. On this day, Wenrou and Xiaoshi passed by a tea stall, but they unexpectedly encountered officers and soldiers. Seeing that the officers and soldiers recognized him, Xiao Shi had no choice but to flash his sword and leave.

Upon seeing this, the two heroes who originally said they wanted to join forces to capture Xiao Shi, not only did not step forward to help, but also killed the officers and soldiers with their backhands. The two heroes, one is Fang Henshao and the other is Tang Baoniu from the Tang Sect in the middle of Shu, both of them admired Xiao Shi’s ability to kill Fu Zongshu. Wen Wen and Xiao Shi said goodbye to the two and continued on their way.

When they arrived at Tianshan Town, the two stopped to rest and decorate dry food. The two were eating noodles at the noodle stand, when a group of people suddenly came to the door. Xiao Shi glanced at it and knew that the people who came were all from the court. The man was also very straightforward, saying that he only needed to arrest Xiao Shi, and as for gentleness, he could ignore it. Gentle was so angry that she slapped the table and stood up, vowing to live and die together with Xiao Shi. Xiao Shi also knew that Gentle would not abandon himself, so he was determined to fight.

Xiao Shi showed that person that gentleness was his wife, and he said he would protect her for the rest of his life, and he would do it. Xiao Shi proposed to the man that if he wanted to arrest him, he would not involve Gentleness, and if he wanted to kill him, he would not hurt his brother. The man admired Xiaoshi’s courage and determination and decided to fight him one-on-one. Gently grabbed Xiao Shi’s arm, not wanting him to take risks. Xiao Shi gently put down his gentle hand, signaling her to rest assured. The sword rose and leaves fell, and before everyone could react, Xiao Shi stabbed the man. The man was also very convinced and promised to let the two go.

Afterwards, Xiaoshi told Wenrou that in fact, the catcher had deliberately stabbed himself. When Fu Zongshu died, all the heroes in the world were happy and admired Xiao Shi’s courage. Along the way, Xiaoshi and the two have been spotted twice, so Xiaoshi decided to change his way. Just as he was talking, there was a sudden movement outside the door.

When Xiao Shi went out to check, it was the one who had just caught fast. Cha Kuai is the Jiu Xian Shenlong Qi Shaoshang, who just received Xiao Shi’s sword and is still safe and sound. Shenhou asked him to come here to show Xiaoshi the way. Qi Shaoshang suggested that Xiaoshi go north and go to a place called Baimaobao near the border, where some friends can help him cross the border.

After Fu Zongshu’s death, his two followers worked hard and remained in the prison of the Ministry of Punishment. This Bai Chou flew into the prison, and could not avoid being tortured by the two of them. Bai Choufei’s body was tied to a small bed and could not move. One, another, Bai Choufei only felt uncomfortable, almost out of breath, but he never shouted a word. Just when he was about to suffocate, the paper was removed, and Cai Jing was in sight. Seeing that Bai Choufei refused to eat, Cai Jing ordered someone to feed him a pill. After just a while, Bai Choufei suddenly felt dizzy, in a trance, like a dream.

In the fog, Bai Choufei saw the storyteller. The husband told Bai Choufei that that person had a great disaster, and even if he went back, it would not help. Bai Choufei was at a loss until he saw the silent stone hanging on the tree. Bai Choufei only felt a thunderbolt, and screamed again and again. Cai Jing planned to take this opportunity to kill Bai Choufei, but who would have expected Bai Choufei to wake up suddenly and kill the two men. This aroused Cai Jing’s interest, how to sharpen his mind.

When Mo’er saw Bai Choufei, who was not as good as death in the prison, she couldn’t help feeling distressed. Who would have thought that Lei Chun would actually slap her hard and ask her if she was not bad for six and a half points. According to Lei Chun’s instructions, Mo’er came to Jinfeng Drizzle Building to ask Su Mengzhen to inform him of Bai Choufei’s current situation. Su Mengzhen, who was already in poor health, heard the news, and she was so angry that her qi and blood ran up, and she finally fell down unbearable.

Hard work and resentment brought the pill again, forcing Bai Choufei to take it. In the illusion, Bai Choufei saw Lei Chun, and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help but evoke a smile. But when he wanted to step forward, he saw Su Mengzhen’s figure. The image of the two kissing lingered in his mind, causing him to suffer so much that he finally collapsed to the ground. In order to rescue Bai Choufei, Su Mengzhen had to ask Lei Chun out.

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