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Save the dust (Yuan Zaju script)

Chinese name: 救风尘 (元杂剧剧本), Saving the Dust

Author: Guan Hanqing

The full name of “Save Fengchen” is “Zhao Paner Fengyue Save Fengchen ” . Existing editions include: ” Ancient Famous Artists’ Zaju ” in the collection of Mingmaiwang Museum , “New Continuation of Ancient Famous Masters’ Zaju” Gongji Edition, ” Yuanqu Selection ” B-collection, ” Yuanqu Grand View “, “Yuanren Zaju Complete Works” Book.

It is an outstanding realist classical comedy written by Guan Hanqing in the Yuan Dynasty . It mainly writes the story of the villain Zhou She cheating and marrying the Fengchen woman Song Yinzhang and then abusing her. Song Yinzhang’s righteous sister Zhao Paner cleverly planned to rescue her.


The prostitute Song Yinzhang originally had an appointment with An Xiu, but was confused by the rhetoric of the evil young Zhou She . After marriage, Song Yinzhang was abused and wrote to Zhao Paner for help. Because Zhou She was unwilling to let Song Yinzhang go easily, Zhao Paner used a clever strategy. She put on heavy makeup and pretended to marry Zhou She.

She brought her own wine, sheep, and Da Hongluo to find Zhou She. Zhou She couldn’t help but be overjoyed. Zhao Paner asked Zhou She to divorce Song Yinzhang first before he would marry him, but just as Song Yinzhang came to make a noise again, Zhou She wrote a divorce letter in a rage to drive Song Yinzhang away. Zhao Pan’er and Song Yinzhang left together. On the way, Zhao Pan’er exchanged the divorce book in Song Yinzhang’s hand for another copy.

Zhou She found that he was fooled, caught up with them, snatched the divorce book from Song Yinzhang’s hand and destroyed it, and even went to the government to sue Zhao Paner for abducting women. Zhao Paner sued him for forcibly taking possession of his wife, so An Xiucai came to the court to testify, and he also produced the divorce letter written by Zhou She himself. Zhao Paner’s evidence was conclusive, Zhou She could not defeat her, and was punished with a cane. Song Yinzhang and An Xiucai married.

Split story:


Song Yinzhang was determined to marry Zhou She, a child of Huatai in Zhengzhou. An Xiushi, who had an oral engagement with Song Yinzhang, heard about it and found Song Yinzhang’s eighth-pawed sister Zhao Paner, and asked her to persuade Song Yinzhang. Zhao Paner agreed, but still persuaded An Xiu. Really, “It saves time. Don’t be happy. Don’t save time. Don’t worry.” Zhao Paner persuaded Song Yinzhang not to marry Zhou She, but Song Yinzhang refused to listen.

Zhao Paner asked why she must marry Zhou She, who knows Song Yinzhang Taking Zhou She fanning her in summer and warming her bed in winter as sincere sincerity, Zhao Paner sees that the persuasion is not successful, so don’t tell her that Song Yinzhang will suffer in the future, Song Yinzhang said, “I have that damn sin. I won’t come either. I tell you.” Just as Zhou She was coming, Zhao Pan’er refused to give Zhou She a good word in person, Song Yinzhang followed Zhou She back to Zhengzhou.


Zhou She’s nature was exposed, so he came to Zhengzhou and let the sedan chair go first, just because “I’m afraid that ordinary Shiren said that Zhou She married Song Yinzhang. I was afraid that people would laugh.” When he came home, Song Yinzhang covered himself with the quilt, and Zhou She He wanted to beat her with a stick, and hit her with a mighty stick.

Song Yinzhang wrote a letter and sent it to Bianliang to ask for help from his mother and sister. Zhao Pan’er had expected Song Yinzhang to be today, hated her for not listening to her words, and felt pity for her, so she prepared to seduce Zhou She with her beauty, “If you don’t want to write a divorce letter, I will pinch him. Hug. Hug. Hug that fellow. He is numb all over.” In exchange for a letter of divorce.


Zhao Pan’er was led by Xiao Xian to Zhou She’s inn in Zhengzhou. When Zhou She saw Zhao Pan’er, she remembered her obstruction and wanted to drive her away. Zhao Pan’er explained that she had fallen in love with Zhou She at first, but Zhou She wanted to Marrying Song Yinzhang, I was jealous, so I made a special trip to marry Zhou She today. Zhou She was very happy after hearing this. Zhao Paner put forward the condition that as long as Zhou She divorced Song Yinzhang, he would marry him.

Zhou She quickly agreed, but thought again, “Let’s break up with him. The woman went. He will not marry this woman. The two ends of the dagger are off . Hugh’s face. It is easy to shake this woman.” Zhao Pan’er was relieved of the oath, Zhao Pan’er agreed, Zhao Pan’er celebrated with his own wine, sheep and Dahongluo, saying “Zhou She. What are you fighting for? What’s yours is mine. What’s mine is yours.” The coaxed Zhou She was very happy.


After Zhou She returned home, he immediately wrote a divorce letter to Song Yinzhang. Zhou She returned to the guest room and saw that Zhao Paner had left, and learned that he had been fooled. On the way, Zhao Paner exchanged the divorce book in Song Yinzhang’s hand. Zhou She chased after him and crushed Song Yinzhang’s divorce book. Zhou She said that Zhao Pan’er was also his wife.

Zhao Pan’er used wine, sheep and red to get away. Zhao Pan’er said that Zhou She destroyed the leave book. Zhou She was going to sue Zhao Pan’er. Several people went to see the official. Zhao Pan’er countered that Zhou She had taken possession of her husband’s wife, and her husband was An Xiucai, and showed Zhou She’s written divorce letter. .

Original scripted


(Chong Mo Zhou She Shang) Thirty years in the wine and meat farm. Huaxing has been illuminated for twenty years. I don’t know the price of firewood and rice all my life. Just spend less money on drinks. Own Zhengzhou people. Zhou Tongzhi’s child Zhou She is also. Since childhood, he has been on the flower platform as a child. There is a singer in this city of Bianliang .

It was Song Yinzhang. He wants to marry me. I am eager to marry him. Zheng Nai his mother refused. I’m back from business today. Today is an auspicious day . Come to visit his mother. Second, let’s talk about this marriage. Go around. (bottom) ( Bu Er and Waidan go up) The flower has a re-opening day. People are no longer young.

The old Bianliang people. My surname is Li. The husband’s surname is Song. Early death is over. Only this girl. The name is Song Yinzhang. My child unraveled the white words . Top really continued hemp. Know nothing. Not at all. There are Zhengzhou Zhoushe and the child for company. Yika is about to marry. Yika is about to get married. It’s just an old lie. fear of suffering for a long time. (Wai Dan) You you. It’s okay. I am determined to marry him.

(Bu) with you. what ever. (Up to Zhou She) My own Zhou She. Come to this gate. Just ask for it. (Do see the section) (Wai Dan) Zhou She. You are here too. (Zhou) I came all the way to ask about the marriage. How is the mother. (Waidan) Mother promised marriage. (Zhou) I’m going to see my mother. (doing see section) Mother. I went straight to ask about this marriage. (Bu) It is a good day today. I promise you. Then stop bullying my child. (Zhou) I don’t dare to bully my eldest sister. Mother. Invite all your sisters and brothers. I packed up and got the rules. (below) (bu) eldest sister. You are at home.

I’m going to invite that ordinary old sister to go. (below) (waidan) mother went. See who comes. (Anxiu actually) Qu Zi casts a river of hatred through the ages. Yan HuiLe Dao was poor all his life. The student’s surname is An. Famous. Luoyang people. His whole life is about flower wine. Here at Bianliang. There is a singer Song Yinzhang. Companionship with juniors. He was going to marry me. Now she is married to Zhou She. He has a sister who is Babaijiao. It’s Zhao Xuer. I now ask him to persuade him. Come early too. Is Miss Zhao at home? (On Zhengdan) The concubine is also Zhao Xuer. Just waiting for some pointers to life. Just heard someone call the door.

I’ll open the door and try it out. (See Section) Who am I. It was her brother-in-law. you go there. (An) I’m here to bother you. At that time, my aunt Yinzhang wanted to marry me. Now she wants to marry Zhou She. I ask you to persuade him. (Zhengdan) Back then, you were not allowed to come to this marriage. Now marry someone else. Marriage is not easy.

[Xianlu touches his lips] The prostitute chases after him. Seeking money for a lifetime. Immediate collection. How to do a hundred verticals and a thousand follow . Knowing the importance of the romantic son-in-law.

[Hunjianglong] I think this marriage is a match. Less than a moment of hard work. How pleasant. How do you know each other. Afraid that it would be inconvenient to put on a scooter on my feet, it would be too early. After a long time, I clapped my hands on my chest and regretted it was too late. Find a future. Find a little. It is as hard to find as the Black Sea . People don’t ask. Heaven for what.

[Oil gourd] The book of marriage depends on me and you. Who can’t wait to pick a smart one. He picked it up and down every time. To marry an honest man. I am also afraid that it will be difficult for the whole world to match. To marry a smart and handsome. Afraid of abandoning each other halfway. Zhamo hides in the place where the dog drowned. Zhamo piled into the bullshit. Suddenly he ate a slap on the ground. At that time, he opened his eyes and blamed him.

[World Music] I think this is the first to marry a normal female companion. The collapsed Rong Yi was as thin as a ghost. It’s hard to tell if it’s hard to tell the leisurely atmosphere. I looked at the lady looking for the future. I have been sentenced for a few days. I have never had a boy in my life.

brother-in-law. I can also marry a guest. There is a metaphor. (An) Yu will compare. (dawn)

[That? Order] An old lady waiting for makeup. Learn three obediences and four virtues. Zheng Nai is a bandit prostitute. All half-hearted . The end is that is the end of the three ends. Although I am dead? Standing in Liu Mo. Inside Flower Street. But that one is cheap.

[Magpie stepping on a branch] I said it was selling deficiency of the spleen. He can be mad. One by one corrupts human ethics. Do not distinguish between the wise and the foolish. Come out one by one. But come two or three times. Don’t ask the guy for money. he said. This disciple knocked. To say that my girl is more and more fascinated every time she loses her mind.

【Parasitic Grass】Everyone loves to be a prostitute. Someone loves to be a second wife. The doers get some vain fame and fortune. Buy fake to see some lamb profits. Seeing a married person is a case of Pangzhou. He is the south head who did the north head opening. Eastbound does not see westbound.

brother-in-law. You take a seat. I will persuade him. Advised to save time. You are happy. Advise not to save time. Don’t worry. (Ann) I don’t have to sit. I’ll go home and wait for the letter. Madam, be careful. (below) (once see Waidanyun) Luya is a sub-specialist. He sat down. Your favor goes there. (Wai Dan) I don’t want to go. I am going to be married. (Dan) is coming to protect your relatives.

(Wai Dan) Who do you insure. (Dan) Security scholar. (Waidan angry cloud) I married An Xiucai. A pair is good for playing lotus flowers. (Dan) Who are you going to marry. (Waidan) I marry Zhou She. (Dan) You are married now. Maybe it’s still early in (waidan) what’s early or late. Miss today. Miss tomorrow. A bag of pus came out. I married a wife of Zhang Lang . Li Lang’s wife. Make a woman’s name. I’m a ghost too. (dawn)

[Drumming in the village] You should also think twice. Then think again. You are young now. I and you slowly don’t find a marriage partner. You can be cheap. Guarding the Bronze Douer family fortune. Then your evil sister sincerely persuades her sister. I am afraid that I will not be able to bear the anger of a man.

The son of the husband. A husband who cannot be a child can be a husband. (Wai Dan) You say I will listen to us. (dawn)

[Yuanhe Ling] The husband who is the husband is the child. He never understood. As a child, he will have a deficiency of the spleen in his shadow. The husband is so honest. (Wai Dan) Zhou She wore a rack of clothes that week. But also lovable. (Dan) Although that fellow is wearing a few pieces of beetle skin. Human relations know very well.

girl too. Why do you want to marry him. (Wai Dan) knows that he values ​​your sister. So marry him. (Dan) How does he know how important you are. (Waidan) all year round. I have a good night’s sleep in summer. He fanned for your sister. Warm the blanket for your sister in winter. Rest with your sister. But your sister’s favor goes there. Your sister is wearing that suit. Wear that headgear. Take the lead for your sister. Fix the hairpin ring. Just because he cares about your sister like him. So I’m going to marry him. (Dan) You originally married him for this.

[Shang Ma Jiao] I heard what I said. That’s what you were for. I couldn’t help but smile. You say that the fan is fanning you to sleep in the summer months. In the winter months, it is simmered over a charcoal fire. Dry clothes.

[You Four Doors] The spoon was picked with tendons and skins when eating. Go out to pick up your collar and tie your jacket. Wear the plug face to the whole comb. OK? It’s just a deficiency of the spleen. The girl becomes more and more fascinated every time she loses her mind.

[Sheng Hulu] Don’t even think about this disciple asking for food. marry into his house. More than half of the phase abandoned. Don’t dare to ban him. Kick with fists. Beat you crying.

[What] The ship arrived at the heart of the river late to fill the leak in the season . Worry about who to blame. Think ahead. No regrets. I also advise you not to. Ready to rescue you some day, a hopestone.

You will suffer after a long time. Hugh come and tell me. (waidan) I have that damn sin. I’m not here to plead with you either. (Zhou She Shang) Small every. Make this gift look good. (Dan) Dare to come is Zhou Lang . The fellow did not speak. He said nothing. Let him eat me a few mouthfuls. (Zhou) Does Auntie Bi dare to be Zhao Xuer? (Dan) of course. (Zhou) Invite my aunt to eat some tea and rice. (Dan) You invite me.

The family is also hungry. Peel off the bottom of the pot. Autumn moon in the dark. Never seen this kind of food. (Zhou) Yang and his aunt protect the family. (Dan) Who do you want me to protect? (Zhou) Bao Song Yin Zhang. (Dan) You ask me to protect Song Yinzhang. Those kids protect him.

The needle points to the oil surface. Embroidery shop. Cut big and small. Have children and eldest daughters. (Zhou) This mother-in-law has a good mouth. I am done. Do not ask you. (Dan) I’ll go. (Make a door) (An rushed forward. Yun) Auntie. How about the persuasive citation. (Dan) is no good. (An) Wait a minute. I went to the court to ask for an official to be raised. (Dan) You go away. I am of use to you. (Ann) According to my aunt. I’ll go to the inn to settle down. (Down) (Dan)

[Earning evil] This girl is a fox charmer. Tangled Langjun Tian devil. Then there are probably legs in his pants. Spit up red blood. It is regarded as hematoxylin water. Huo Cai that waits for leisure food in the ear. That’s the easiest. Gouging out the eyes is disgusting. Except for being close. Rejoice with him. Save him. Hey. You twin sons. Arrange for the Golden Crown Xia. A lady also. come in hand. Home but. Feng Kui was married for 3000 pieces of tea. (Down)

(Zhou) quit his mother. Take the eldest sister to the car. Let’s go back to Zhengzhou. (same as Waidan)


(On the Zhou She) It is also the Zhou She in my own house. I have been riding for a lifetime. The donkey lost a foot on its back. I want to marry this woman. Grind half tongue. Today is an auspicious day. The woman got into the sedan chair and went ahead. I rode a horse. Leaving Bianjing . Come to Zhengzhou. Let his sedan chair go first. I was afraid that the average Sheren would say that Zhou She married Song Yinzhang. Afraid of jokes. Then I saw the sedan swaying. I hit the boy who was carrying the sedan chair forward. You are such an insult. Raise the whip and hit. asked him. You go as you go.

How about Akira. The boy said. Don’t do my business. You don’t know what to do in there. I lifted the car curtain with a whip to take a look. Then I saw him fighting naked inside. come home. I said you set a bed and I covered it. I go to the room. I saw the quilt as high as a bed. I will call. The woman is there. Then listened to the quilt agreed. Zhou She. I’m under the quilt. I said. what to do under the quilt. he said. I put on a quilt. Put me in it. I picked up the stick. Just about to hit. he said. Zhou She. Hit me no problem. Xio beat the grandmother Wang next door. I said.

Well also. Put your neighbors in the quilt. I lost a strap on my hood. adorned with him. he said. I sewed. I said. there. he said. I’m in a firm place. Look up at my clothes. None. But went there. Take a look in the mirror. Tie the root band around your shoulders. What matters is your life. Wu that woman. I have kills in my hands. There is no buy or sell off. I also go for a drink. Come back and hit you slowly. (below) (upper Waidan) I don’t believe in the words of good people.

There must be panic. At first, the Zhao family sister persuaded me not to believe it. Come in the door. Hit me with a fifty kill stick . There’s a king hustler next door to me. He now goes to Bianliang to do business. I will write a book shortly. My mother and Zhao’s sister came to rescue me. If you are late. I don’t have that living person either. Heaven also. I was only killed by you. (Down)

(Bu Er weeps) Full of confidants. All in silence . Song Yinzhang’s mother is also. There is my girl who married Zhou She. Yesterday Wang Huolang sent a letter. written on it. from to his house. Entered the door and hit the fifty kill power stick. Now beat and scold. Urgently, my sister from the Yang Zhao family came to save me. I hold the book. Go and tell the sister of the Zhao family. How to save him. Introduce chapter child. Then you will kill me. (Down)

(Dan Shang) So is his own Zhao Xuer. When will this meal be ready? I am also looking for a future. The news at these times is also very good.

Business mobilization gathers virtuous guests] Let’s take heart and wait for marriage. Caused that earlier. Listen to the Tao, whoever pays the debt will buy the break. Every time he waited for Jampa to rob a deep house compound. Waiting to destroy the dance pavilion. One by one, the maddened swimming fish seemed to have slipped through the net. All of them looked like turtledoves that had fallen. There is no way to plant a willow in the imperial garden. How can a good family tolerate such prostitutes. He was a little sincere in the beginning. There is no reason to be old.

[Happy Joy] That one does not follow the path of achievement. That one is not for an instant. That one didn’t wait to give up. Every time he did a water float. Forged a never-ending feud with his grandfather and mother. Just like the sun and the moon, Chenmaoyou. In the middle of the boy’s machine. He made that kind of virtuousness. All kindness. All ticked so far.

See who comes. (Bu Er goes) You can come early. I ask for it. (Do see section. Cloud) Big sister. Anxiety kills me too. (Dan) you you. Why are you crying. (Bu) Good to teach the eldest sister to know. The chapter does not listen to your persuasion. Married Zhou She. Go in the door and hit the fifty kill power stick. Now fight to the death. Died soon after. elder sister. How to live is good. (Dan) cited chapters to eat and fight.

[Jin Juxiang] I think he secretly made a business that day. Vengeance today. I thought of your words at first. Answer today. Then you say that when you go, it is like going to autumn. Like this Yan Lu Ying Yu. Cheong Hao is easy to love and plan ahead.

[Vinegar Gourd] You have been lined up for a long time. Look forward to working hand in hand with you. As soon as you know the taste, you can take a break. Several times the house was cleaned up and left my hand. Zhao Xuer. What you’ve done can’t be helped. I am ashamed to see white horses and black cattle being slaughtered in this garden.

You said it was like this. who married you. (Bu) Miss. Zhou She swore to come. (dawn)

【Vinegar Gourd】Which one doesn’t speak? Shen Keke died. That untruthful Pi Pi pulled the short stack. Then you, a fairy godmother, be honest. The child of the girl who loves the whole world. you you. Otherwise, Zhou She is lying. The one who did not hide the numbness said mantras in various ways. It’s like the autumn wind has passed the ear.

(Bu) Sister. How to rescue Yinzhang child. (Dan) you you. I have two quilts of silver. The two of them came to buy off. (B) He said it. Some were killed. There is no buy or sell off. (Once looking for Cisco. Doing and Bu whispering Branch Cloud) is not the case. (Bu) But the middle is not the middle. (Dan) It’s okay. Bring the book to me. (Budi Shuke. Dan Nianyun) Yin Zhang worships his sister and grandma. since farewell. True to its word. I didn’t believe in good people. If there is panic. Come in at his door. Hit me with fifty kills. Now beat and scold. You came early. Gotta see me. It’s too late. Can’t meet me. Just worship here. girl too. Who taught you to wait.

[Vinegar Gourd] I think I had worries and shared worries at the beginning. There is a worry in one place. He said that the remnant of life will die sooner or later in the barren hills. Made a tour of the streets and alleys and village affairs wine. You said it was a hundred years later. girl too. You don’t come. This is also Mrs. That’s also Mrs. A bag of pus came out. It’s better to marry a Zhang Lang’s wife. Li Lang’s wife. Make a woman’s name. Being a ghost is also romantic.

The person who sent the book has never gone. (Bu) Haven’t been there yet. (Dan) I write a book. Send and quote. (doing writing)

[Backyard Flower] I will repair this intimate book myself. Teach him to leak the secret. The legend and the reckless and arrogant girl. Worship the evil head that hurts all over your body. Just write it. get there. I asked to comb my hair again. Wear some splendor. That fellow can’t stop at home every day. Relentless stick throw. Blood all over. Chasing home is like a violent prisoner. A twisted identity. Paste Cuidian on the forehead. Around the pearl and the mouth of the phoenix. I don’t look ugly when I dress up.

[Shuang Yan’er] With this pink face, I rescue your female ox. Give up one and do two endlessly . Spell Yuta curse also wave curse. It’s not that I say big mouth. How to get out of my smoke moon hand.

you you. do not worry. (Bu) Sister. Go there and be careful. Anxiety kills me too. (dawn)

[Langlilaisha] You don’t need to worry in your heart. Can you please? #93; worry. I am looking for the autumn without harming the flowers and leaves. The man who loves the girl’s heart. Seeing it is like a donkey sharing a dog. Show off his exquisiteness . I get there. Three words or two . Will write a leave of absence. All is well . If you don’t want to write a leave letter. I pinched him. Take a twist. Hug. Hug. With that fellow through the body crisp. All over the numb. Spread a piece of sugar on the nose. Licking with that fellow but unable to lick. Can’t eat. Earned that fellow wrote a divorce letter. Quoting the chapter will leave the book to come. Flooded away. I’m out the door here. Not a storm. I took a break from that man. (Down)


(The second child in the same store of Zhou She goes up) Everything has been decided. Floating and busy. Shop 2. You run an inn. I don’t want your money to support the family there. There are those who are waiting for good Kezi to come to your inn. You will come and call me. (Little 2) I know. Find you there for a while. (Zhou) Come to the powder room to find me. (Little 2) Not in the powder room. (Zhou) came to find in the casino. (Little Er) Not in the casino. (Zhou) came to find in the cell. (bottom) (top Xiaoxian picks the cage) nail boots and umbrellas for work. Steal the cold and send warmth to make a living.

It’s a little leisure at home. A business that you can’t do in your life. Just call some people with the singer’s sister. It was me who sent and received letters on both ends. There is a big sister Zhao Xuer here. I went to Zhengzhou to pack two boxes of clothes and luggage. All packed up. Please get on the horse. (Dan Shang) Xiaoxian. I can be so impulsive when I dress up like this. (Small idle) (Dan) What are you doing? (Xiao Xian) Xiudao impulsive fellow. At this moment, even Xiao Xian collapsed. (dawn)

[Zheng Gong Duan is right] is full of sorrow for him. Feeling bored. It’s a no-brainer. The mother-in-law’s house was full of sex. Without thinking. I can also force into the ecstasy .

[Rolling Embroidery] I’m blowing my air a little here. Enter a surname. Why don’t you teach that guy to throw shit. It is even more so that there is no such gentleman in the world. Think easy. Intent dedication. How many times to stay at home or not to ask. The first time I came, I was pitiful to see the ownerless mother. The second is that I used to be a pity guest. The third one is my own greed and intoxication. get there. Also ask for some spirit.

I came to Zhengzhou early. Xiaoxian picked up the horseman. Let’s take a break under Liu Yin. (Xiao Xian) I know. (Dan) small leisure. Gossip about gossip. This is a good family and good manners. Evil family law. (Xiao Xian) Sister. You tell me to listen. (dawn)

[If Xiucai] The ruler of the county is the ruler of the county. A prostitute is a prostitute. Afraid not to twist his body and suddenly enter his door. How to stop him from making the number of branches. Secretly forbearance.

【Rolling Embroidery】The good people will lightly even the powder puff. There, it was like a hand grabbing the powder. The good people spread the grate and comb slowly. There it seemed to untie the chest strap. There was a deep scar on the chin. Good people know far and near. Look at the direction. Those nice folks. It’s like a door there. It’s like locking a Hu Sun in the empty room. There are all kinds of false old Joes. There are all kinds of bullshit talk. Can’t stop the dust.

(Xiao Xian) There is an inn here. Sis, stay here. (Dan) Call the store owner. (The shop’s second sees the section) (Dan), the second brother. You clean a clean room. Drop your luggage. You and I, please come to Zhou She. Said I’ve been waiting here for a long time. (Little 2) I know. (doing business) Little brother is there. (Zhou She Shang) The second shopkeeper. something. (Little Er) There is a nice woman in the store who invites you. (Zhou) Come and go. (Doing to see the subject) It is also a good subject. (Dan) Zhou She is here.

【Rolling embroidery】My girl has seen and heard. May be blessed. The exalted husband, Jun Shang, added Jun. The age is just youth. (Zhou) I saw you there before. I am in the fire. You are playing a kite. I’m not with your brown sleeves. (Dan) small do not know. (Xiao Xian) It’s not him and Brown Tsumugi. (Zhou) got up early in the morning and dispersed in Hangzhou.

Arrive in Shaanxi. Drink in the fire. I don’t have a meal with my eldest sister. (Dan) Little has never seen each other. You are so new. Intuit forgot to faint. Make your eyes more blunt . There are two sentences left in the words. Zhe also met by the Wuling River. Pretend not to recognize people today. I break my dreams for you.

(Zhou) I remembered. Do you dare to be Zhao Xuer? (Dan) of course. (Zhou) Of course you, you, your ears. You were the one who broke the family back then. Store closed. Then play this small leisure. (Xiao Xian) Don’t you want to hit me. My sister will be wearing splendid clothes. One bedroom and one bedroom to marry you. You are hitting me. (Dan) Zhou She. you sit. you listen to me. When you are in Nanjing. People say Zhoushe’s name. My ears and nose are full of words. I have never seen you. I saw you. I don’t eat or drink . You are married to Song Yinzhang. I am going to marry you. You are keeping me safe.

[If Xiucai] I used to rely on Dahe Zhuangzhuang to preside over the marriage. It must be my fiery nature that broke my family in my hometown. Foreign ministers like you are in the village. You are getting married today. Let’s stop talking.

I kindly put the vehicle in a saddle-horse room to destroy it. You beat and scold me. Xiaoxian stopped the car. Come home. (Zhou) I knew my sister was coming to marry me. How dare you hit your uncle. (Dan) You really don’t know. You don’t know. You leave the store. Just sit with me. (Week) Hugh said a day or two. Just a year or two. Your son will also sit and go. (Wai Dan goes up) Zhou She.

Don’t go home for two or two days. I found the front door of this store. I try it out. It turned out that Zhao Xuer and Zhou She were sitting. Wu Na’s old disciple is not ashamed. Just got here. Zhou She. do not worry. Waiting for you to come home. I take a knife. You take a knife. I’ll pass you a knife and cut it. (below) (week) I’ll grab a raw meal with you. Not you you are here. I will kill you. (dawn)

[Take off his shirt] I don’t even want to be forgiven. I didn’t dare to hear it. Put firewood under the rib and endure it. If you can’t bear it, beat him up.

[Xiaoliangzhou] It’s not like a couple in one night have a hundred nights of grace. You can stop your anger. Make some villages behind the scenes in your village. Thinking to me. That same uncle killed the unicorn.

[What] Then I saw that I was holding the ruthless stick wickedly. The fiery person is not like your gentleman. You have a thick stick. If or kill him. But what happened. (Zhou) A husband who kills his wife should not pay for his life. (Dan) That said. Who dares to marry you. (singing back) I pretended to hide. Fake children spray. It is difficult to have a home with this fellow. girl. You try Fengyue to save Fengchen.

Zhou She. Hello. You are sitting here. Order your daughter-in-law to scold me for this one. Leisurely. Stop the car. Come back. (Zhou) Okay, please take a seat. I didn’t know he was coming. If I knew he was coming. I’ll be damned. (Dan) You really never made him come.

This girl is not virtuous. Hit a stick quickly. Song Yinzhang you gave up. I will marry you. (Zhou) I let him go when I got home. (Back to the cloud) And wait. I was afraid of that woman. Break a letter with him. The woman went away. He will not marry this woman. The two ends of the unfinished pole were taken off . Hugh capacity. It was easy to shake this woman seriously. (Xiang Danyun) You you. Your child’s belly is the knowledge of a donkey and a horse. I’m going to leave my daughter-in-law today. you you. You put the meat hanger down. I won’t marry you.

Do a pointed shoulder off both ends. you you. You promise to avoid the next oath. (Dan) Zhou She. You really taught me to gamble. If you divorce your wife. I will not marry you. I rode the horse in the hall to kill. Light grass discount? Children’s bones. You forced me to bet on such a heavy curse. (Zhou) will bring wine. (Dan) off to buy wine. I have ten bottles of wine in my car. (Week) to buy sheep. (Dan) Hugh buys sheep. I have a cooked sheep in my car. (Week) buy red to go. (Dan) Hugh buy red. I have a pair of big red Luos in my box. Zhou She. Fight what. Yours is mine. Mine is yours.

[Sha tail] Then this tight end is tight in the end. It’s just a kiss. With my flower body. ? About the same age. For this film also looks like a future. Down to accompany 100,000 family fate. Ten meters and nine health. What about two wives and three wives? suffered a lot of hardships. I’m holding on to my head. It’s not worth being a prince for a lifetime.

[End] You are poor and you are willing to be divided and poor. You are rich and funny, I am full and warm and prostitute, which is controversial. You have a heart-to-heart look. Leave your insider out. Teaching money is not worth half a cent. Bring future people to accompany you for a few bucks. Family business and furniture treat your six relatives. The fat horse treats you with light fur . I’m here to accompany the family and you for marriage. If I still marry you. I do not point to the oil surface better than Song Yinzhang needle. Embroidery shop. Cut big and small. I have corrected the divorce letter you wrote. (same below)


(Wai Dan goes up) Zhou She dares to come here. (See Section at Zhou She) (Wai Dan) Zhou She. What kind of tea do you eat. (Zhou Nuyun) Good. Bring pen and paper. Write a leave letter with you. you go. (Waidan took over from Shuke Yun) What’s wrong with me. You leave me. (Chou) You are still here. you go. (Wai Dan) You really have to leave me too. (Going out) (cloud) I came out of this door. Zhou She also. You are crazy too. Zhao Xuer’s sister. You are so strong. I will be writing this book. Until you go to the store. I want my sister to go too. (below) (week) I went to the shop to marry that woman. (Down)

(The second shopkeeper goes up) I won’t see Brother Zhou coming sooner or later. (Zhou She Shang) The second shopkeeper. The woman who had just become was there. (Little Er) You just went out. He also got on his horse. (Zhou) is on his way. will be Malay . I rush him. (Little 2) The horse has a horse. (Week)? Mule. (Little 2) Mule thinks about dung. (week)? Donkey. (Little 2) The donkey has a leaking hoof. (Zhou) I rushed him on foot. (below) (Little Er) I will rush him too. (Down)

(Dan and Bu Erwaidan go up) (Bu Yun) If it’s not my sister. How can you tick off this door. (Dan) go. Walk. Walk.

[Double-tuned new water decree] Xiao Yin Yin on the chopping board seems to be writing a letter of resignation. Then I leave the old man where. Showing off that he can love a girl. Powerful. How could it be forbidden for him to say 9,000 sentences about the victory gourd?

Citing chapter. You are going to marry again. I will leave this letter with Zhou. Write that off. I will try us. Marry again. Just ask me. (Zhou She catches up with Ke) Go there. Song Yinzhang. You are my wife . (Waidan) Zhou She. You broke up with me. drive me out. (Week) Five fingers are stamped on the book of break. The four fingers there are the leave book. (Waidan exhibition to see the department) (Zhou Duoke) (Waidan not with the department) (Zhou Crusher) (Waidan) sister.

Zhou She bit me too. (Once in the rescue department) (Zhou) You are also my wife. (Dan) How am I your wife. (Zhou) You ate my wine. (Dan) I have ten bottles of good wine in my car. how is yours. (Zhou) You can accept my sheep. (Dan) I own a cooked sheep. how is yours. (Zhou) You are determined by my red. (Dan) I have my own big red Luo. how is yours.

[Joe Brand] Wine and sheep carts. Da Hong Luo will go. You’re rambunctious and useless . To take people in vain.

(Zhou) You promised to marry me.

[Qingdongyuan] I must be selling emptiness . With that said, he swore to live. I’m afraid you don’t believe me. Walk all over the flower street to invite prostitutes. Dao died and the whole family swore. Speaking of innumerable. There is no retribution. If according to the mantra. Dead to destroy the portal.

Introducing the chapter girl. You go with him. (Waidan is afraid of Keyun) Sister. To follow him is to die. (dawn)

【Loose Plum Wind】It has no weight for you. Just vague. The (week) break book has been ruined. Why don’t you stay with me. (Wai Dan is afraid of subjects) (Dan) sister Xiuhuang is not afraid. Crushing is the leave book. I am copying a book title with you. I saw you in front of me. (Zhou Duohuan Shuke) (Dan) even nine students can’t be dragged out.

(Zhou pulls Erdan cloud) Ming has Wang law. I’m going to sue you. (The same below) (Lonely line on top) The reputation of Dehua Jiuzhong heard. Good night’s house is not closed. After the rain someone ploughs the green fields. Yueming No Dog Barking Flower Village. Li Gongbi, a minor official in Zhengzhou, was also. Rising morning today. See who comes. Zhang Qian drank the box. (Zhang) I understand. (Zhou She and Erdan Bu Er enter) (Zhou Yun) Wronged. (Solitary) What’s the matter. (Zhou) Your Excellency is pitiful. Fuck my daughter-in-law. (Solitary) Who cares about your daughter-in-law. (Zhou) It was designed by Zhao Xuer to mix with my daughter-in-law Song Yinzhang. (Solitary) What did the woman say. (dawn)

[Yan Er Luo] This fellow has a vicious heart. This guy is rich. OK? Really empty stomach. Don’t do some real work.

[Victory Order] Song Yinzhang has a husband. He took his wife’s house by force. Promiscuous mood. Fierce and stubborn. No disciples. Do it all over the place. See the leave book. Wangen Guanming to learn.

grown ups. Song Yinzhang has a husband. He was taken by Zhou She as his wife. Yesterday, I had a break with the book again. (Solitary) Who is her husband. (Dan) is An Xiucai. (Lonely) Zhou She. He has a husband. How can you survive being your wife. I know all about this. If you don’t look at your father’s face. Send you to have a sin. You and your group listen to me. Zhou She rode sixty.

It is a matter of unity with the people. Song Yinzhang still returned to An Xiucai as his wife. Zhao Xu’er waited for the Ning family to live. Just because the old goddess loves bribes and greed for money. Zhao Xuer elaborated on the root cause. Staying at home for weeks is uneasy. An Xiucai and his wife reunited. (dawn)

[Ending] Tell Enguan in detail one by one. Separate the greedy husband and the resentful woman. The batter pot will stop talking about life and death. Don’t look for Yingyan’s companion in Fengyue’s place.

The title reads the power of Guanyin. Still on myself.

The correct name is deficient and hides the pretty. Fengyue saves Fengchen.

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