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Xiaocun Shengyi Novel Xu Daqiang Fan Yuelan

Novel: Xiaocun Shengyi Novel Xu Daqiang Fan Yuelan (小村圣医小说徐大强范月兰免费读)

Author: Complete Works of Xu Daqiang and Fan Yuelan’s Novels

Protagonist: Xu Daqiang and Fan Yuelan

Type: Xiaocun Shengyi Biqu Pavilion full text free reading


“The Holy Doctor of the Village E-Book” is also known as “The Holy Doctor of the Small Village Chapter 9”. The article mainly tells: the fool Xu Daqiang suddenly recovered, but he had to continue to pretend to be a fool until the female teacher Fan Yuelan appeared…

Book Review:

Park’s Fire of War: Dear author, reading your novels has become one of the things I have to pay attention to every day. Come on, it’s great. Interesting, the plot is interesting and delicate, more updates would be better

Free Trial Reading of “Sacred Doctor in a Small Village” Chapter 8

Xu Daqiang squinted and saw Fan Yuelan come in, and felt even more uneasy. Could it be that Fan Yuelan knew that she was peeping outside just now, so she came to settle accounts with herself?

Just when he was so nervous, Fan Yuelan walked over to Xu Daqiang’s bed and stood there for a while before hesitatingly stretched out her trembling little hand!

Xu Daqiang suddenly trembled and opened his eyes at the same time.

Fan Yuelan was startled, and hurriedly pulled her little hand back.

“Da Qiang, you, you are awake!”

Xu Daqiang smiled stupidly: “Mr. Fan, why did you arrest me there?”

Fan Yuelan blushed when she heard this.

“No, it’s nothing, it’s just…” Suddenly, Fan Yuelan had an idea and immediately said with a smile, “It’s that Teacher Fan wants to teach you how to count!”


Xu Daqiang showed surprise on his face, but he was muttering in his heart, what does this little girl want to do?

Could it be because she was not satisfied with her behavior just now?

Think about it too, just like Fan Yuelan’s husband, it only took a few minutes to finish it, and it took less than a few minutes to add up the two times. It’s really useless, and it’s no wonder that Fan Yuelan can be satisfied!

Thinking of this, he was excited for a while.

“Mr. Fan, count!” Xu Daqiang said as he sat up and reached out to grab Fan Yuelan.

“Don’t! Daqiang!” Fan Yuelan said and motioned for Xu Daqiang to lie down, “This time let’s… let’s count in a different way.”

“Ah?” Xu Daqiang was stunned for a moment, thinking that this little girl won’t let himself be caught?

In that case, who would be willing to learn counting with her!

Fan Yuelan blushed pretty and suddenly pointed to Xu Daqiang.

“This time, Teacher Fan will use it here to teach you how to count.”

Xu Daqiang was stunned, what the fuck is this routine!

He raised his head and looked at Fan Yuelan, still smirking: “What?”

“You lie down obediently, and you’ll find out later.” Fan Yuelan’s voice was low, and she seemed very shy.

After Xu Daqiang lay down obediently, Fan Yuelan’s trembling hand grabbed Xu Daqiang’s pants and took them off little by little.

Unexpectedly, Xu Daqiang was not wearing underwear!

Fan Yuelan was stunned, God, is this still human!

If you let Xu Daqiang replace your husband, you will definitely feel very cool, right?

Fan Yuelan imagined some crazy scenes in her mind, but Fan Yuelan felt her heart was pounding, and her body was like being bitten by thousands of ants.

Fan Yuelan’s body trembled involuntarily, even her breathing became much faster, and her pretty face became even redder.

Looking at Fan Yuelan who was stunned aside, Xu Daqiang said calmly and urged.

“Mr. Fan, count quickly!”

Now that he gradually understood what Fan Yuelan meant, he was even more excited.

Fan Yuelan was reminded by Xu Daqiang, and only then did she come back to her senses, and there were two blushes on her face.

She gave Xu Daqiang a charming white look, and even her voice was much softer than before, but she didn’t notice it herself.

“Fool, what’s the hurry, come right away!” Fan Yuelan’s voice was crisp.

Xu Daqiang felt his bones melted even more, and his heart was even more eager.

“Da Qiang, now I’ll teach you how to count. Teacher Fan does a few tricks, and you can say how many.”

Fan Yuelan took a deep breath and sat down on the bed.

“Take it like me, it’s one, and put it again, it’s two!”

Xu Daqiang only felt that his whole body was tense, and he almost groaned in comfort.

He originally wanted to suppress himself, but then he thought, if he deliberately suppressed, I am afraid Fan Yuelan would doubt himself!

So he simply “hiss”, his face showing a comfortable expression.

“Mr. Fan, I really like counting like this.”

“Do you like it, then Teacher Fan will teach you like this in the future!”

Fan Yuelan blushed pretty, but her eyes were full of excitement.

As the teaching began, Xu Daqiang’s face was full of relief, and he couldn’t help but make a happy voice.

“Da Qiang, how many times is this?” Fan Yuelan asked softly.

“Five times!” Xu Daqiang replied quickly.

“Not bad, how many times is this?” Fan Yuelan asked again.

Xu Daqiang replied, “Three times!”

“very good!”

Gradually, Fan Yuelan only felt that her whole body became more and more hot. This alone could not satisfy her needs. She needed a real battle!

Fan Yuelan stopped and said to Xu Daqiang with a blushing face: “Da Qiang, let’s change the way. Later, Mr. Fan… Mr. Fan rides on you, sit down and count it, okay? “

Hearing Fan Yuelan’s words, Xu Daqiang almost cried out excitedly, Fan Yuelan, she finally couldn’t bear it anymore!

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