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Ordinary Greatness 警察荣誉 Episode 3 Recap

Xia Jie suddenly received a call from her mother. Her mother was crying on the phone. She couldn’t get in touch with Xia Jie. Go home quickly, force her to leave the Balihe police station, and call the director. Xia Jie desperately stops her and promises to go home immediately.

Cheng Hao drove home from get off work and couldn’t help thinking of the past ten years ago. He and Xia Junxiong arrested the murderer together. Xia Junxiong charged forward. Cheng Hao watched Xia Jianjun get stabbed by the criminal and finally died heroically. I clearly remember the heart-wrenching cries of Xia Junxiong’s wife and daughter.

Li Dawei came home very late, and his mother Xu Cuiping welcomed him with songs and dances, praised him for his handsomeness, encouraged him to work hard at the police station, and prepared a sumptuous meal, which Li Dawei enjoyed. Xia Jie hurried home, her mother was lying on the bed and washed her face in tears, complaining that Xia Jie should not risk going down the well to save people, suspecting Cheng Hao harassing her, Xia Jie repeatedly explained that her mother would not listen at all and would not allow Xia Jie to be Cheng Hao’s apprentice, It was also revealed that Xia Junxiong died in the line of duty.

In those days, if Cheng Hao was a little smarter, Xia Junxiong would not have an accident. Xia Jie persuaded his mother well, but she just couldn’t let it go. Xia Jie persuaded her mother to get up and be with her. Have a meal.

The police station is far away from Xia Jie’s house, and the dormitory is tense. Xia Jie and her mother discussed renting a house near the police station, but her mother refused to agree and asked the director to transfer her to work at a police station near her home. Xia Jie had to give up. . Li Dawei devoured it. His mother was both happy and distressed. He wanted to rent him a big house near his work unit. Li Dawei didn’t want to burden his mother, but he couldn’t beat her.

At the morning meeting the next day, Wang Shou made a brief summary of the problems of the two villages in the Sunshine Community. Full of praise, he called on the new trainee police officers to learn from her, and repeatedly reminded Xia Jie not to take risks next time.

Li Dawei offered to go to the most dangerous place. Finally, Wang Shouyi announced that Xia Jie followed Cheng Hao in charge of public security, Xia Jianjun was Poplar’s master, Zhao Jiwei followed Zhang Zhijie to do community work, and Li Dawei was Chen Xincheng’s apprentice.

Chen Xincheng strongly protested, determined not to be Li Dawei’s master, Wang Shouyi didn’t listen at all, and hurriedly announced the dismissal of the meeting. Chen Xincheng was waiting for Wang Shouyi at the door of the office. Wang Shouyi saw blood and pointed out his pain points. When Chen Xincheng worked hard to handle the case, he suffered a lot of grievances. Since then, he has become very passive, and Wang Shou has repeatedly promised not to Arranged the task of charging Chen Xincheng, and asked him to teach Li Dawei well, Chen Xincheng reluctantly agreed after considering it again and again.

Li Dawei followed Chen Xincheng every step of the way, trying to please him in every possible way, but Chen Xincheng didn’t buy it at all and forcibly pushed him aside. The alarm phone of Balihe Police Station kept ringing, and at the climax, Cheng Hao and Chen Xincheng went to the police separately with their apprentices. With a bloody charge ahead, Chen Xincheng reminded him not to be impulsive. Yang Shu was slow to respond and couldn’t keep up with the rhythm of the climax. Zhao Jiwei followed Zhang Zhijie to continue to look at the monitor. He envied Li Dawei and them.

The police officers were too busy to return to the station. Li Dawei, Yang Shu and Xia Jie were resting in the duty room, and casually chatted about their respective masters. Zhao Jiwei had mixed feelings when he heard their conversation. Zhang Zhijie gave Zhao Jiwei a notebook, asked him to write down the police records in detail, and asked him to prepare a notebook for meeting minutes. Zhao Jiwei felt that it was unnecessary. Zhang Zhijie took Zhao Jiwei to visit the community. They helped the residents to solve problems in every detail. The children asked them to deliver the wild cats, and Zhang Zhijie agreed.

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