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Heroes 说英雄谁是英雄 Episode 9 Recap

No matter what Xiao Shi thought about it, he felt that something was wrong. Maybe today’s fire was aimed at him. This must be someone from six and a half minutes behind the scenes. And Bai Choufei’s painting booth has never sold a single painting. He wanted to cater to the common people and paint some down-to-earth paintings, but he couldn’t write.

Hearing the news of the two of them, Wenrou became anxious and fled overnight. When Lu met the storyteller in Xiliu Town, Gentle couldn’t help feeling filled with emotion. Yang Wuxie led someone to chase, and ran away gently. The storyteller recognized Yang Wuxie and sang about him. Yang Wuxie stopped to salute and thanked him.

Lei Chunlu met Wang Er’s painting shop and admired the brushwork of the painting, but he did not buy it. Before leaving, she realized that these paintings were all made by Bai Choufei. Xiao Shi played juggling on the street, one penny at a time, as long as he could hit him with a stone, he could take all the coins. Six and a half of the people in the hall bought a few dudes and asked them to take bows and arrows to gamble with Xiaoshi. Xiao Shi was unafraid and stood up to face it. At the critical moment, Bai Choufei appeared and stopped the arrow, driving those people away. Seeing that Bai Choufei was angry and left, Xiao Shi hurriedly packed up the coins and chased after him.

Bai Choufei felt that Xiao Shi was betraying his dignity, but Xiao Shi believed that he was relying on his ability to eat, and that survival was the most important thing. Bai Choufei was very disappointed. If everyone was like Xiao Shi, he would rather leave the capital. When night fell, Xiao Shi stood outside the door of the Golden Wind Drizzle Building, looking at the gate of the confinement, he thought for a long time.

He could have left the capital to have a happy life, but Bai Choufei was different, he was full of ambition, and he had waited too long. Xiao Shi thought about it for a long time, but decided to move forward. As everyone knows, six and a half people are watching his every move in the dark. As long as he knocks on the door, sharp bows and arrows will pour out. Xiao Shi raised his hand, but then he thought about it, if he really slapped the door, I’m afraid he would never get Bai Choufei’s forgiveness. So, Xiao Shi put down his hand, turned and left.

Leishan once said that if Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei really entered the Drizzle Building, they would be punished, but if they didn’t knock on the door of the Drizzle Building, they would be spared. But Lu Jiansan tried to disobey Lei Shuang’s order and still wanted to kill Xiao Shi who didn’t knock on the door. In fact, Xiao Shi had already noticed the six and a half people, and he deliberately came to a corner to wait. Lu Jian gave an order three times, and the people in the six and a half halls waved their swords at Xiao Shi.

But Xiao Shi only waved his hand, and those people fell to the ground. Even Lu Jiansan was not Xiao Shi’s opponent, and he even fainted after being beaten. Lei Mei invites Bai Choufei to drink with him, trying to persuade him to leave the capital. Bai Choufei was in a complicated mood, and left without drinking. After thinking for a long time, he decided to leave without saying goodbye. When they arrived at the city gate, Bai Choufei found that Xiao Shi had already been waiting here, and the two of them set out on the road together.

When Su Mengzhen went, there was no news for a long time, and Lei Chun was very worried. After kneeling in front of the Buddha statue for a long time, I finally got the news that Su Mengzhen was returning to Beijing. At this time, Su Mengzhen carried the official Liu Anshi’s head to meet Fu Zongshu, which was considered to have fulfilled his promise to him. Fu Zongshu cheerfully regarded the head as a cuju, and asked Su Mengzhen to pick it up for himself.

But just when Su Mengzhen picked up the head, Fu Zongshu surrounded Su Mengzhen on the grounds of assassinating the court officials. Su Mengzhen’s face was no different, and he threw the head forward. Only then did Fu Zongshu learn that the head was actually fake. Fu Zongshu’s subordinates tore off the mask on the head, that face made Fu Zongshu’s legs go weak and he knelt on the ground. Of course, Su Mengzhen knew that Fu Zongshu would not let him go, but he also had Fu Zongshu’s handle in his hands.

Su Mengzhen got a news from Master Liu as early as, that Fu Zongshu and Liufenbantang have been secretly operating some shady things in the north, and this matter is related to the people of Liao. He followed the clues of Master Liu in the border area and found the connector of their business line. The contact person admitted that he was indeed helping Liufenbantang to do some shameful deeds, but their family members were threatened, so they had to go against their conscience. Su Mengzhen promised the contact person that he would keep his younger brother safe in the capital. But just as the connector was about to explain the situation, an arrow flashed out of nowhere and shot him to death.

Xiao Shi and Bai Choufei walked to a forest, but unexpectedly met Gentle here. Gently lead them the way, so that they can meet Su Mengzhen. Su Mengzhen told the two of them that she had already said that they were from the Golden Wind and Drizzle Building, regardless of whether he or the Ministry of Punishment objected. As for kneeling down to Fu Zongshu, that is completely nonsense. Afterwards, the three of them smashed the cup and became righteous, and became three brothers with different surnames.

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