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Medical Examiner Dr. Qin: The Mind Reader 法医秦明之读心者 Episode 1 Recap

Medical Examiner Dr. Qin The Mind Reader

Forensic doctor Qin Ming was often haunted by nightmares because he had been in contact with too many murder scenes. He was even awakened by a strange dream on the way to the Longfan Forensic Center. A young man in the same car was Lin Tao, who had just graduated from the police academy and was going to work in his hometown. He found that there was a man behind Qin Ming and deliberately bumped into him, so his only purpose was to steal Qin Ming’s things. , With the birth of more payment methods, the only valuable thing to carry with you is probably the mobile phone.

Seeing that Qin Ming didn’t notice anything, Lin Tao directly stepped forward to stop the thief and asked him to hand over his mobile phone. Only then did Qin Ming realize that his mobile phone was missing and the thief fled. Lin Tao asked Qin Ming to wait for him at the exit, and then chased after him. past.

The thief was the opponent of a police officer who had just graduated. He was caught by Lin Tao after not running very far, but he did not find the mobile phone on the thief, because the thief had already transferred the mobile phone to his accomplice in advance, and Lin Tao chased after him. Qin Ming saw Lin Tao chasing the thief’s accomplice in the square in front of the station.

He saw from the running posture of the man that he had been injured before. After running vigorously, the old injury would recur. As expected, the thief’s accomplice fell to the ground, and Lin Tao stepped forward. He ordered him to hand over his mobile phone, and then went back to the police station with him.

Unexpectedly, he threw the mobile phone out forcefully and took the opportunity to continue to escape, but he fell to the ground in agony without running a few steps. Qin Ming and Lin Tao stepped forward to check the situation. Qin Ming judged that it was a tension pneumothorax and must be punctured and vented immediately, otherwise there would be danger to life. Qin Ming asked Lin Tao to borrow high-quality liquor from the passengers to disinfect.

After a simple exhaust treatment, Lin Tao did not know why, and thought he was suspected of intentional homicide, so he directly pressed Qin Ming to the ground, and did not lift his suspicions about Qin Ming until the doctor arrived. Qin Ming and Lin Tao were taken back to the police station together for investigation. Lin Tao was very interested in Qin Ming’s career, and he took the initiative to send Qin Ming off because the car to Doumen Town was gone. After the suspicion was cleared, he took Lin Tao’s car. Go to Doumen Town together.

In order to increase traffic, the two outdoor anchors heard that the nearby lychee garden was haunted, so they searched on the spot at night. After being startled by another anchor, the three entered the cold storage together. Unexpectedly, they actually saw a corpse. Frightened, one person fled, and happened to meet Qin Ming and Lin Tao who had returned to Doumen Town.

After Qin Ming and Lin Tao learned about the so-called haunted incident, they immediately went to the lychee garden to find out the situation. They did not believe the rumors of ghosts. Once on the scene, the state of the female corpse made him nauseous, Qin Ming shouted to stop, fearing that he would destroy the scene due to vomiting.

The next day, An Ran, a forensic doctor at the Longfan City Forensic Medicine Center, inspected the site, but unexpectedly received a preliminary inspection report, which made her interested in the reporter. After learning that it was Qin Ming, a seconded forensic doctor, she did not wait for Director Chen. After the introduction, he threw two questions, Qin Ming answered them one by one, and An Ran secretly admired his professionalism.

As soon as Lin Tao joined the team, he got close to Team Li, calling her Aunt Jiu Biao. Team Li was not satisfied with his performance after seeing the corpse, and suggested that he consider taking up a job as a clerk, but Lin Tao firmly believed that his ability would be qualified as a criminal police officer. Position, Li team had to inspect it first.

In order to find the source of the corpse as soon as possible, Qin Ming decided to conduct an autopsy on it immediately. Team Li took Lin Tao to visit. Unexpectedly, before Qin Ming and An Ran could use the knife, they were so frightened that they made excuses and slipped away. ,

Team Li and Lin Tao found the gatekeeper of Litchi Garden and found out that the so-called haunting incident came from the gatekeeper. Qin Ming and An Ran conducted an autopsy on the female corpse. Based on the comprehensive examination results, Qin Ming suspected that she was a surrogate mother.

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