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Immortal Evergreen

Immortal Evergreen (仙道长青)
Author: Lin Quan Hermit


“Xian Dao Changqing” is a fairy tale novel written by the author Lin Quan hermit. It is currently being serialized. The protagonist is Zhang Zhixuan. The story of the novel mainly tells that Zhang Zhixuan travels to the world of immortality and becomes a small family monk with good qualifications. In the world of immortal cultivation with fierce competition for resources and deceitful people, Zhang Zhixuan led a weak family and a Taoist companion who supported each other, step by step, broke through difficulties and obstacles, and finally became enlightened!

Free Reading Highlights:

Zhang Mengyuan rambled on, and then began to explain to Zhang Zhixuan the main points of gathering spirit and turning rain.

I have seen the seventh uncle Zhang Mengyuan use this spell just now, and Zhang Zhixuan has been familiar with this spell for a few days, and soon he has a clue and starts to get started.

The principle of this spell is to gather the thin aura in the heaven and earth, and then communicate with the water vapor in the air, condense the water vapor into droplets of rain, and then mix the aura into the period.

This spell is Lingzhifu’s housekeeping method, and it is improved from another water spell, Water Gathering.

When I first learned this spell, I still needed the cooperation between the Dharma platform and the array flag.

Zhang Mengyuan returned to the room unhurriedly, and took out a dharma table, four array flags, two hoes, and some sundries.

He pointed to the dharma table and said, “This dharma table is a magic weapon that I used before, and it has been put on hold for more than ten years.

You have just started to learn this spell, and you don’t have water roots in your body. It is estimated that it will be difficult to cast the spell.

Let me lend you these two instruments first. If you want them after a year, you can buy them with twenty low-grade spirit stones.

The seventh uncle doesn’t take advantage of you either. The dharma table is a second-order low-grade magic weapon, and the four array flags are all first-order high-grade magic tools. When I bought these things, I spent thirty low-grade spirit stones.

In order to become the spiritual husband of the family, Qi Bo worked hard to accumulate spiritual stones for ten years before buying these things. “

In the past 30 years, due to the decline of the Zhang family’s strength, the treatment of the monks in the clan has gradually decreased.

The cultivator in the second spiritual root training period will only issue one low-grade spiritual stone every month, and a total of twelve low-grade spiritual stones will be issued in a year.

The three-spiritual cultivator is much worse off, and the treatment is only half of that of the second-spirited cultivator, and there are only six low-grade spiritual stones a year.

The conditions of the four-spiritual cultivator are even worse, the treatment is only half of that of the three-spirited cultivator, and there are only three low-grade spiritual stones per year.

As for the Five Spiritual Root cultivators, the family will not invest much resources, and only one low-grade spirit stone will be issued every year.

“The seventh uncle seems to be a monk with four spiritual roots. When he was young, his family was not as poor as it is now, and the conditions are slightly better. It is estimated that the annual treatment should be one or two more spiritual stones.

He was over forty years old when he learned the Spirit-gathering Huayu Jue, and he had accumulated wealth for more than ten years, so he was able to buy magical instruments and learn the Spirit-Gathering Huayu Jue.

If it is a general casual cultivation, there is neither spiritual practice nor the secret of the practice method, and there will not be a few spiritual stones left at the end of the year.

Even if you want to become a Lingzhi husband with the lowest threshold in the cultivation of immortal arts, it is probably not easy. “

Zhang Zhixuan thought for a while, then stretched out his hand and touched the dharma table. He felt a coldness in his hand. After looking closely, he found that the material of the dharma table was actually high-quality white jade, and a complex rune was drawn on it.

“This is the water gathering rune, and there are spirit gathering runes on the array flag. When learning spells, your mana first runs along the water gathering rune, and then converges on the spirit gathering runes on the four array flags, and you can cast it. Gathering spirits into rain.

If you still have wealthy spirit stones in your hand, go to Fang Market to buy a first-order high-grade water attribute array.

Combining the array disk with these magic tools, you can form a second-order low-grade water array, and you will have a great chance of winning when you encounter a qi cultivator who is not familiar with the array. “Zhang Mengyuan seemed to know what Zhang Zhixuan was thinking, and continued.

Zhang Zhixuan has been practicing for more than ten years. At the beginning, his treatment was equivalent to that of a monk with three spiritual roots.

After his father was in a state of transformation, firstly, his cultivation speed was very fast, and secondly, the family also wanted to make compensation and pensions, and now his treatment was equal to that of Erlinggen cultivator.

In the past ten years, including the inheritance left by his father, he has handled hundreds of spiritual stones. Although he usually does not save money, he sometimes uses spiritual stones extravagantly.

But over the years, he has accumulated more than seventy low-grade spirit stones.

“Since it has been decided to guard the spiritual field, the spirit gathering and transforming rain must be learned, and the investment that should be made should not be saved.”

Zhang Zhixuan thought about it in his heart and said, “Qibo is not necessarily wealthy. My little nephew has a wealth of spiritual stones in his hand now, so we don’t have to wait until next year.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Zhang Zhixuan quickly returned to his room, and then took out a silk package, which contained an exquisite leather case one foot square.

Zhang Zhixuan opened the suitcase, and there were dozens of spirit stones of various attributes neatly placed inside. There was an eight-inch long green sword under the spirit stone, and there were more than a dozen paper talismans on the left, a pair of palm-sized ones. The wooden talisman is the most conspicuous.

This wooden box is Zhang Zhixuan’s most important property besides the Taoist book on his body.

Some of these properties are the inheritance of Zhang Zhixuan’s father, and the other part is all his accumulation in the past ten years.

The green small sword is a second-order middle-grade magic weapon, the green bamboo sword. The material used is the branches of the mountain gate green bamboo.

More than a dozen green bamboos in the mountain gate can not only serve as the base of the formation, but also produce some spiritual talents every year, refining three or four second-order magic swords.

The quality of these magic swords varies. The good ones can reach the second-rank high-grade, and the general ones are the second-rank middle-rank. If the cultivator of the crafting machine is inexperienced, it is likely to use the second-rank high-grade spiritual wealth to refine the second-rank low-grade magic sword.

This magic weapon was a gift from Zhang Mengling, the seventeenth uncle, on behalf of the family, after Zhang Zhixuan advanced to the middle stage of Qi training in five years.

As for the pair of wooden talismans, after he broke through the innate at the age of six, he alerted the patriarch Zhang Leqian. Zhang Legan was happy and gave the pair of wooden talismans.

This pair of wooden talismans are second-tier high-grade spiritual talismans. One wooden talisman is sealed with the magic fire and thunder technique, and the other wooden talisman is sealed with the golden sword technique.

The magic power of the wooden talisman seal is quite powerful, and it is no less than the full blow of a ninth-level qi training monk.

Even a sixth-level qi cultivator like Zhang Zhixuan would be hard-pressed to survive as long as he was hit by this spell without a particularly mysterious means of defense.

The remaining dozen or so magic talismans are commonly used items. His father also had a second-level magic weapon in those days. Unfortunately, he was killed by the enemy and has long since been lost, so it was not inherited by Zhang Zhixuan.

Zhang Zhixuan picked out a dozen low-grade earth-type spirit stones, and then reluctantly set up a few gold and fire-type spirit stones and handed them to the seventh uncle Zhang Mengyuan.

Zhang Zhixuan does not have soil spiritual roots, and it is half the effort to refine the earth attribute spirit stones, and the spirit stones of gold and fire attributes are very suitable for Zhang Zhixuan to practice.

“As an elder in the family, it is also appropriate to give these instruments to you.

But I also have to consider it for your twenty-ninth brother. His spiritual aptitude is probably not as good as my seventh uncle.

Once the seventh uncle is old, he will always leave something for him, and ask his nephew to forgive him a little, and don’t blame the seventh uncle for being stingy. Zhang Mengyuan hesitated for a moment, then happily accepted the spirit stone and said.

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