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Dad chases his wife, the little prince marries his mother

Novel: Dad chases his wife, the little prince marries his mother (爹爹追妻,小世子嫁娘)

Author: thorn fruit

Role: Li Youyou and Li Shufen


Once she crossed over, Li Youyou turned into a child bride-in-law of a century-old family,
or a local Jun Erlang Naihe. She took a proper abandoned wife script to change herself from being rejected by her husband. The green hat’s countless difficult fates, Li Youyou had to grit her teeth to face the difficulties, but she was a scumbag man, abused Bailian, and ripped green tea. As long as the century-old Luo family’s prison was broken, she would be a beautiful, lonely, widowed and rich woman. Seeing that success is imminent, who are the big and small who suddenly ran out?

Free trial reading of some chapters of “Father Chasing Wife, Little Prince Marrying Mother”

Chapter 6 My husband must be grateful

“These guys have also watched the lively for a long time. It’s better to be a good person and do it to the end, and be a witness to our mother and son. If my baby used fake stones to deceive the restaurant’s table of meals, all the food in the store today We recognize the loss, how much we should pay, but if that’s not the case…”

Li Youyou said, her originally warm eyes suddenly became a bit sharper.

“The shopkeeper, what should we do about this matter? You must have some plans in your heart, right?”

The shopkeeper’s heart is somewhat empty after the matter has come to an end. He is just relying on Li Youyou, a woman and a baby. I was fooled, but I didn’t expect that Li Youyou was not good at fooling around, and he was not afraid of being frightened.

“What’s the matter, your baby is holding a fake…”

“If it’s fake or not, you should return the things to us first, this empty talker has lost our things, it’s not a problem. It’s up to you to say what you want.”

Li Youyou didn’t give in an inch, and the shopkeeper was in a hurry.

“A piece of broken stone, I told you that I lost it, what do you want us to take?”

Losing money is just an excuse to force them back. It’s impossible to get something out.

What kind of psychology is in the shopkeeper’s heart, Li Youyou, who has lived half her life, has already seen through it at a glance.

She was an orphan in her last life in modern times. She was bullied in the orphanage since she was a child, and was looked down upon when she grew up. She finally got to work and climbed from a small salesman to the position of director, but she was still being bullied by herself. The scumbag boyfriend and Xiaosan jointly pushed hands and died under the wheel.

This fucking life can be regarded as making her used to seeing the hot and cold world, and she has developed a pair of fiery eyes, Jin Qing, who can understand people’s hearts and see through the world.

“Don’t say what you can’t find, this thing is always in your hands, if you insist that you lose it, then let’s go to the yamen and let the official break the case and take a look. Should I search your body, or is it convenient to search the store directly?

It really doesn’t work, I have a simple way. “

I don’t know which hero is willing to do our mother and son a favor. As long as you go into the store and find the jade pendant, the money will be his.” “

Li Youyou said, he opened the money bag in his hand and weighed it in the palm of his hand. The clattering sound directly attracted everyone’s attention.

“Little lady, don’t be in a hurry, the brothers are the most disliked of this. Lord of bullying, it doesn’t matter if you have money or money, let’s help you with this matter today. “

Under the heavy reward, I will be reckless. This is really true. At that moment, several strong young men came out and threatened to help.

When others saw it, they also expressed their willingness to contribute

. For a moment, the shopkeeper and the shop assistant really couldn’t take it anymore, so he had to go into the shop pretending to be around, and then took out the jade pendant.

“Isn’t this thrown in the corner? Here it is for you. that is. “

Although the shopkeeper showed a look of disgust, Li Youyou did not miss the greedy and vicious look in his eyes.

She calmly took the jade pendant, wiped it with a handkerchief, and then handed it to the little baby . “

Look more closely, is it this one?” The

little baby raised the jade pendant up to the light and looked at the light, before nodding to her with a sullen face: “Yes, it is this one.” . “

“That’s good. Li Youyou breathed a sigh of

relief, then looked up at the shopkeeper again: “Since the things have been returned, please come with us.” “

Where are you going?” The shopkeeper’s face was puzzled.

“Of course, he was looking for a jewelry and jade shop to do an appraisal to see if it was true or false?”

Of course the shopkeeper would not be stupid enough to go with Li Youyou to do the appraisal. Of course, he didn’t want to let the two of them go just like that. Anyway, the smashed things in the store and the dishes on that table would all cost money.

So, he opened his mouth again, trying to turn passive into active.

Li Youyou gave him a cold look and didn’t argue any more. Since she had already helped the little baby get the things back, she didn’t plan to entangle any more.

The two of them fought to the end, Li Youyou only promised to pay for one table of food, and there was no other extra money.

“If the shopkeeper wants to corrupt the money, then let’s go to the yamen to settle the case. One of the heroes present is counted as one. As long as anyone who is willing to testify for our mother and wife, my husband will be very grateful.”

Li Youyou said so, the people present Who wouldn’t want to be a witness?

“I’m unlucky to meet the two of you today.” The

shopkeeper lost his temper and waved his hand directly, just thinking about getting them to leave quickly.

Li Youyou happily took out the silver, took the little baby’s hand, turned around and bowed to the crowd, then smiled.

“For today’s matter, I’m fortunate to have you all to help me. Our mother and son are here to thank you.”

“Thank you, uncles and uncles, aunts and uncles.”

Little Wa’er looked up at Li Youyou’s calm and peaceful face, followed by Youmo. This kind of opening, the little face is full of seriousness.

Whether it is the tone of voice when speaking, or the way they look, they are both mother and son.

“Little lady, you’re welcome, Lu Jian is injustice and draws a knife to help, this is what we should do.”

“Yes, little lady, take the baby back and take a good look at it, don’t take out such precious things at will.”

Fang Cai The moment Xiaowaer deliberately raised the high jade pendant, someone had already seen the fineness of the jade, not to mention that it can really replace half of the streets of Los Angeles, it is definitely a rare gem.

After thanking everyone, Li Youyou invited the strong men who had asked for help early in the morning, and went with them to the shop at the end of the street to carry some goods.

It is said to be moving goods, but it has other plans.

After the group of people came out of the store again, the strong men carried the boxes and walked to the other side, while the rest of Li Youyou and Little Wa’er continued to wander the street idly.

“Little baby, if you’re scared, go to the silk shop in front and hide first, and I’ll deal with them.”

Li Youyou squatted down to arrange his clothes, turned his head and looked behind him, his eyes suddenly Swipe across the clear.

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