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Synopsis of the Viral Sewu Dino SimpleMan Twitter Thread, The Creepy Story of a Magic War Between Two Families for 1000 Days

This article will discuss about one of the viral horror Twitter threads, namely Sewu Dino. Sewu Dino went viral because many netizens said that this story was scarier than KKN in Dancer Village. If you are already curious, take a look at the article that we will convey until the end.

So far, a story related to spirits or mystical creatures is indeed able to attract everyone’s attention because it can cause curiosity as well as pleasure from fear.

Some horror stories are often uploaded through the Twitter social media page in the form of threads. This thread then went viral and caused many responses from its readers. One of the accounts that often uploads this horror thread is Simple Man.

Did you know that Simple Man is an account that uploaded KKN in the Dancer Village which exploded in the cinema. Sewu Dino is also said to be filmed by the same production house that carries out Community Service Program in Dancer Village.

Simple Man claims that this is a story that was experienced by someone he knows and is so scary, the name and location of the incident has been disguised. But do you know the full story? Let’s see the discussion below!

Full Story Synopsis of Thread Sewu Dino

Sewu Dino tells the story of a village woman named Sri who migrates to become a household assistant. Even during the process of becoming a household member, Sri felt something odd because her employer was looking for household members who were born on Friday Kliwon. Even so, Sri doesn’t think much about it because all she has in mind right now is to find a job and earn money.

Long story short, he was accepted and earned a fairly large salary. Unfortunately at home, Sri’s father apparently had a bad feeling and forbade his son to go to the city for work. However, Sri is still determined to take the job, considering that she is not alone and is accompanied by two other women, Erna and Dini.

Sri’s strange feeling is getting stronger when she and her two friends are assigned to a secluded house in the middle of the forest. In that house, there was one young woman who was unconscious and had a terrible appearance. Mbah Tarmin, the old man who took them to the house, explained that the woman’s name was Della Atmojo who was sick because of the practice of witchcraft.

In one of the rooms, Sri and the other, surprised not playing, because right on the bed, there was a coffin, a coffin, in it, there was a girl who was probably still in high school, still young, he closed his eyes, in his body, he saw foul pus and black bruise lines. Apparently it was Della. Neither Sri, Dini nor Erna could hide their surprise when they heard that.

From here a lot of unreasonable events occur one after another. The climax was that one of the maids had to die. So what’s the next story? Check out the story straight from the SimpleMan Twitter thread below.

Thus the updated information that we can convey in this article regarding the complete synopsis of the story and the link to read the Sewu Dino SimpleMan Twitter Thread which is viral in Indonesia. Hope this information can answer your question. Don’t forget to leave your opinion in the comments column.

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