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Synopsis of the Comic Living With My Ex Husband, The Story of a Husband and Wife Who Lived Together After Divorce

This article will discuss the synopsis of the comic Living With My Ex Husband. Therefore, for those of you who are looking for information about this comic, watch it until the end.

Reading comics is one of the things that many people usually do in their spare time because this activity is very easy and cheap. Especially with the development of technology, you can find your favorite comics easily.

Along with the times, the world of comics is also getting more advanced. Now not only from Japan, comics can come from all over the world, including South Korea, China, and Indonesia.

This comic is uploaded on the Webtoon which is updated every Monday. Currently on Webtoon, this comic already has 344,080 thousand views and 36,633 subscribers. Meanwhile, in terms of rating 5.35.

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