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Defying the Storm 凭栏一片风云起 Episode 3 Recap

While Zhang Qi was being interviewed by reporters, Meng Haitang fell into a coma on the spot due to heat stroke. When she woke up, she realized that Zhang Qi was carrying her to the hospital. The news was also published on the front page of the newspaper that day. Mrs. Meng wanted to take this opportunity to hold the marriage between the two, but how could she know that the father and daughter objected in unison, and Meng Wuran was so angry that she made her daughter reflect on it.

Zhang Qimeng went back to the classroom many years ago. The teacher Zeng Mu was not as sluggish as he is now, and he was in high spirits at the desk. He was going to introduce Zhang Qi to Cambridge University in the United Kingdom for further study. Unexpectedly, a bad news came at this time. Zeng Nianqiao went to Helen City to pick up his mother, but he was bombarded by Japanese enemy planes, and his grandfather, grandmother and even mother all died under the rubble.

It is also because of this incident that Zeng Poshan, who survived the death, resented his father deeply, and was angry that he was weak and weak, and he was just an unarmed teacher. Since that day, the relationship between father and son has been completely rigid, which also impressed Zhang Qi deeply, and it is still difficult to let go.

Although the test flight of Fuxing was successful, there were still big problems in recruiting. Besides, Meng Wuran had not given an accurate answer, so Zhang Qi decided to go to Zeng Mu again. It’s just that after experiencing the pain of losing his wife, Zeng Mu’s conversation about pilots changed, and he even broke off contacts with Zeng Nianqiao and Zhang Qi.

Ling Wenyue and his wife found a seal in Jin Zhilie’s study. They always felt a little strange, and they found a book “Pigeon Breeding Method” near the seal. Compared with other professional academic books, this book seems to be in line with Different, and found creases in the book, can’t help but be puzzled.

Ling Wenyue suddenly remembered that Jin Zhilie had talked about the characteristics of pigeons before, no matter how far the other party flies from home, they can always find their way home. Through this clue, the couple came to the rooftop to observe the pigeons raised by Jin Zhilie. Sure enough, they found another seal in the food jar. After the merger, it was the name.

Back at home, Ling Wenyue and his wife checked the seal and found that there were suspected scratches under the word “Dan”. Kang Lanshan and her husband’s thoughts coincided, and they both pointed to “Xingshuixi”, which is also the three scratches on Wudingjia.

The meaning of the star rate to the west represents the westward movement of the stars. As for Wudingjia, it is not only used for divination, but even recorded a large meteor shower during the Yin, Shang and Wuding Dynasty. Therefore, only Ling Wenyue couple and Jin Zhilie know the secret of Xingshuixi. It can be seen that Jin Zhilie wanted to tell them to go to “Dan Yu” to find Wu Dingjia, and Dan represents the rising sun, and Yu is very likely to be Pigeon.

The Meng family siblings, Ling Qianying, and Zeng Poshan gathered together to chat, both the gentleness of the man and the girl Huaichun of the daughter’s family. They played “pulling veterans” around the table, and the loser had to answer questions directly. After a few rounds, Meng Haitang responded to everyone’s questions, imagining the appearance of her future husband, but her mind was full of Zhang Qi, which made her answer indifferently.

Just as he was talking, Meng Haitang noticed Zhang Qi who was passing by, and he came here to visit Zeng Mu. As in the past, Zeng Mu saw that Zhang Qi’s reaction was very fierce, and he criticized him harshly. The students who had high hopes finally chose to give up Cambridge University and switched to study in the Air Force, which really puzzled him.

However, Zeng Mu was hard-mouthed and soft-hearted after all, and his tone softened slightly after he scolded him. Zhang Qi took the opportunity to implore Zeng Mu for help, hoping that he could support his targeted enrollment, but Zeng Mu directly kicked Zhang Qi out of the door. It happened that Meng Haitang heard the voice coming, Zhang Qi hurriedly blocked the door, so that he was injured, Zeng Mu couldn’t bear it, so he asked Meng Haitang to bandage him, and Zhang Qi talked about patriotic aspirations, which gradually moved Zeng Mu.

It turned out that Zhang Qi promised Zeng Mu to shoot the night scene of Xishan Mountain, so he chose Guanyun Pavilion in the back mountain of Fuhua University. Meng Haitang was willing to go with him, so he called a few friends and younger brother to come to Guanyun Pavilion first. Everyone else was watching the scenery, only Meng Haitang looked around, but Zhang Qi had not appeared for a long time.

Ling Qianying disappeared and her whereabouts were unknown. Meng Haitang rolled down the hillside to find her. Fortunately, Zhang Qi arrived at the first time, and it was considered a near miss. Afterwards, everyone introduced each other in Guanyun Pavilion. Zeng Poshan announced that he was going to quit his post to join the army and apply for the Jianqiao Central Aviation School to realize his dream of being a pilot.

Seeing that his good buddies are so ambitious, Meng Haichen also wants to join the army, thinking that there are heroes in troubled times, and he just wants to be a hero. At the same time, a pigeon flew over suddenly. Meng Haitang identified it as Jin Zhilie’s pigeon through the pigeon ring, but he didn’t take it seriously, and instead attracted Zhang Qi’s attention.

Looking at the great rivers and mountains, drinking fine wine and wine, Meng Haitang took the opportunity to propose a wine order, but in the end, it became a promise to the country, willing to die for the country, and all the people present were deeply shocked and moved. In the end, everyone took the heaven and the earth as the proof, followed the example of the six gentlemen during the Wuxu period, and formed an alliance to become the seven gentlemen leaning on the fence. In the future, no matter where the world is, don’t forget today’s oath of “don’t be a handicap in China”.

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