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Su Huiqing Yu Shijin

Su Huiqing Yu Shijin
Other Name: 苏回倾喻时锦

Genre: Romance, Novels
Author: all the way to trouble flowers
Year: 2020
Status: Completed


“Su Huiqing Yu Shijin” is a romance novel written by the author Yiyi Fanhua. It is now over. The protagonists are Su Huiqing and Yu Shijin. The king of mercenaries who has changed in color, holds an ancient jade in his hand, and is proficient in self-cultivation, medical skills… everything. Accidentally reborn, she has become a joke in the upper class, the ugly scumbag in the school?

The genius mercenary king who used to intimidate the entire mercenary world said – don’t make trouble, you were still playing in the mud when my sister was playing with bombs! Incompetent waste? Are you okay with being twisted by a piece of junk? the last one? Come, let my sister tell you how to write the word “genius”!

Free Reading Highlights:

“What is this?” Yu Xiangyang froze for a while before speaking.

It’s just that his eyes haven’t moved away from this piece of paper. How can I put it, the words on this piece of paper are really too attractive.

The brushwork is exposed, and the traces of running the Teton are clearly visible, showing a sharp-edged and extremely unique style.

Su Huiqing walked to the window and opened the window, “Medicine.”

This is what she uses to soak her body to improve her muscles, bones and constitution. Right now, her physical quality is far from what she used to be. Naturally, she has to find a way to improve it. These herbs are all used by her in the past.

It’s just that there are a few more precious ones in it, and it is difficult for her to get them now. It is much easier for the Yu family to control the entire Qingshi medicinal materials and to find Yu Xiangyang to get the medicinal materials.

“Okay.” Yu Xiangyang knew that Su Huiqing might have some little secrets, so he didn’t ask more, but suppressed his excitement.

She asked herself for help, so can he trust her?

“By the way,” Yu Xiangyang looked at the piece of paper, the words on it, “what font is this?”

It’s really beautiful. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but think of Shen An’an, who was praised by all the teachers. She has won the second prize in the city for her line of scriptures. I heard that she will get extra points in the college entrance examination.

Until now, the head teacher of Class 1 has also posted Shen An’an’s words on the wall. He has seen it and it is really good, but——

It’s not as good as the word Su Huiqing!

Just why is such a beautiful word, but no one knows?

“Skinny gold body, I just scribbled it a little.” Su Huiqing answered slowly, looking at the fruit trees standing outside.

Yu Xiangyang glanced at Su Huiqing, “How did you learn this character? The language teacher in your class even said that you were stubborn in front of the whole school. If you let him know that you can write such a character, he would definitely Will be very, very kind to you.”

Su Huiqing tilted her head and put her hands on the windowsill, the breeze lifted her hair lightly, her eyes were deep, “Are words important?”

“It’s very important, look at An An, she is so popular with teachers in school, half of it is because of her good grades, and the other half is because of her good handwriting.” Yu Xiangyang felt that Su Huiqing at this time seemed to be particularly dangerous, but it was still Bravely said, “If you let people know what you wrote, you wouldn’t be at school…”

Su Huiqing withdrew his hand, leaned on the windowsill, and took out a piece of chewing gum, his eyes drooping, and his tone was very light, “Really?”

Of course yes!

Thinking like this, Yu Xiangyang couldn’t say it.

“Okay,” Su Huiqing suddenly raised his head, playing with Xueyu around his neck with his slender fingers, “I’m going to sleep.”

The corners of his mouth were still slightly hooked, a little cold and a little evil.

Yu Xiangyang saw the comprehensive game equipment in the corner of Su Huiqing’s room, and wanted to play a game with her, but after hearing her say this, he put the paper in his pocket very carefully, and then took the door and left.

After Xiangyang left, Su Huiqing locked the door and crossed his legs to the bed, holding the ancient snow jade in his right hand.

This piece of jade is very strange. As long as she closes her eyes and concentrates her thoughts, the exercises inside will automatically emerge in her mind.

This set of exercises has ten levels. Back then, she spent a lot of time adding the medicines she had researched, and cultivated to level six. After level six, her physical fitness improved.

Therefore, by herself, she dominates the International Center!

Even the three strongest giants in the International Center are extremely afraid of her.

It’s a pity… I accidentally killed myself.

Outsiders only envy the International Center, but they don’t know how terrifying the place where ghosts from all over the world gather!

Su Huiqing retracted his thoughts and closed his eyes slightly. Now he has to start training from the first level. He has experience, and the formulas of those medicines are still in his mind. Of course, re-training is much smoother than before.

the next day.

On Monday, it’s time to go to school.

Su Huiqing put on her school uniform, tied her hair high, wiped off the mist on the mirror with her fair fingers, and looked at herself in the mirror.

In the mist, a jade-colored face was reflected in the mirror, with green eyebrows, but those dark eyes exuded a touch of sharpness and evil, with a different kind of beauty.

She blinked slightly, the sharpness and evil in her eyes disappeared, and she returned to her casual and lazy look, and got into the Su family’s car to go to school.

Qingshi No. 1 Middle School, six in the morning.

A black car was parked at the door, the rear door opened.

The first thing I saw was a pair of long legs, and one pair of overly bloated trousers, lined with these long legs, was also very beautiful.

With long legs, he stepped out of the car door.

Su Huiqing took the schoolbag and put it behind him, playing with the phone with the other hand, raised his head slightly, squinted at the school gate, and said casually, “I’m really short of money.”

Yu Xiangyang, who just got off the car and trotted all the way, thought she was going to sigh and study hard: “…”

Talk to the door of Yizhong and say you are short of money? Miss Su, what do you want?

“Miss Su, keep a low profile,” Yu Xiangyang thought for a while, “Forget it, don’t keep a low profile.”

He glanced at Su Huiqing and felt that this person was so eye-catching, if she didn’t want to keep a low profile, she really couldn’t keep a low profile!

The two walked all the way to the teaching building.

The third year of high school is a separate floor, Su Huiqing is on the fifth floor, and Yu Xiangyang is on the fourth floor. Along the way, Yu Xiangyang did not deliberately lower the volume. Everyone knew that this freshly-baked beautiful girl beside him was the one who used the trash. The famous Su Huiqing!

At first, those curious and amazed eyes all turned into disdain mixed with anger!

When they reached the second floor, the two were stopped by a group of girls.

“What do I think,” Su Huiqing squinted slightly, “the eyes of these people are too wrong for me.”

Yu Xiangyang touched his nose and coughed awkwardly, “Miss Su, you probably don’t know that your current reputation in the school, Shen An’an is the beloved goddess in the school.”

Pushing their goddess downstairs without apologizing, making the goddess suffer, can these people see Su Huiqing’s eyes!

“Su Huiqing, I thought it was just a bit of a waste, but I didn’t expect you to be so vicious at such a young age!” The girl in the lead had short hair, and she looked at Su Huiqing coldly, “An An has already made you so , why don’t you let her go? You rich people are like this, you don’t take people seriously, it’s ordinary people like us who will always suffer. It’s a pity that others are afraid of your Su family, but we are not afraid! “

Su Huiqing squinted and said slowly, “You must have misunderstood something.”

“Misunderstanding?” The short-haired woman sneered and spoke fiercely, “Could it be that you pushed An’an downstairs to prevent her from participating in the joint entrance examination and to prevent her from cooperating with the Su family?”

As she said that, she waved her hand, and a group of girls gathered around in jealousy.

Su Huiqing was too lazy to explain, so he turned his head and raised his eyebrows, “Get out of the way.”

The drooping eyes are full of evil, faint, only two words.

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