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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 40 End Recap

Just as Bai Fengxi and others were surrounded by layers, they were ready to fight to the death with them. Fortunately, Hei Fengxi led his army to come to support in time. Arrow killed. Bai Fengxi was devastated and erected a grave for him by himself, knowing that there was no time in the battlefield, and he would be involved in it and eventually lose his life.

But the people of Sri Lanka have passed away, and the living still need to cheer up, so Bai Fengxi decided to change the name of Luoying Mountain to Yingshan after calming down, and asked everyone to remember today, if they encounter such a hopeless situation in the future, they should Retreat if you can, and protect yourself as much as possible.

It is known that Dongshu’s army is less than three miles away from here, and Heifeng Baixi led everyone to fight, vowing to avenge the sacrificed soldiers. Bai Fengxi and Dong Shufang fought head-to-head, and after a few rounds, decisively killed him under the sword. However, the artillery attack was too fierce. Seeing that the soldiers sacrificed tragically, Bai Fengxi ignored Hei Fengxi’s obstruction and insisted on flying away, blocking the cannon hole with a long sword in time.

Then the barrel exploded, and Bai Fengxi was affected and seriously injured. When she fell into Hei Fengxi’s arms, she was dying. Hei Fengxi ordered his subordinates to go to the imperial capital, and he must stop Yu Wuyuan’s conspiracy. If the dynasty was in trouble, he could help him, and he took Bai Fengxi to find the old man Tianji.

The army arrived outside the imperial capital, and the dynasty found that the people in the city were quite familiar. After thinking about it, it was actually Yu Wuyuan’s entourage. Only then did they realize that Yu Wuyuan was actually the mastermind behind the scenes. How do you know that Yu Mianyuan’s malicious intentions actually took the people in the city as a hostage, resulting in the dynasty’s delay in ordering the siege of the city.

On the other hand, Hei Fengxi decided to use Xue Lao Tian Shan’s life-changing technique in order to save his loved ones. As a result, he had only ten years left in his life and could not accompany Bai Fengxi to the end of his life. But even so, Hei Fengxi still has no regrets, because he knows that if he loses Bai Fengxi, even if he lives with Tian Tongshou, he will be a walking corpse. Only when he meets her can he understand the true meaning of living.

When Bai Fengxi woke up, she found that she was in a secluded residence, and she went outside the house after a trace, and found that Hei Fengxi was full of white hair, which made her very sad. In the early years, I heard about the secret techniques of Xue Lao Tianshan, but I never thought that Hei Fengxi would be willing to sacrifice his lifespan. Bai Fengxi cried and blamed him for being stupid. But now, they can only accept everything in front of them. Together, enjoy the four seasons.

News came from Hidden Springs Waterside Pavilion that the dynasty had failed to attack the city three times. Just as Hei Fengxi was thinking about how to stop Yu Wuyuan’s conspiracy, the old man Tianji suddenly came over and told the secret about the ancestors of the Yu family.

Everyone knows that the Six Kings and Emperor Weilie established Dadong, but few know that Yu Yantian, the ancestor of the Yu family, is actually their teacher. If there is no such person, I am afraid that Dadong will not exist. Originally, Emperor Weilie promised to share the world with the Yu family, but at the beginning of the founding of the country, he was afraid of the opponent’s ability, and finally smashed the Yu family.

Perhaps it was because of the fate of the heavens that Yu Yantian’s youngest son escaped by chance, and finally left a bloodline for the Yu family. Although Bai Fengxi understands that Emperor Weilie is not benevolent for the king and does such disrespectful things, Dadong is really retribution for such a situation, but Yu Wuyuan should no longer take the sword on the world, causing chaos in the world for his own selfish desires .

The old man Tianji said that Heifeng Baixi had already inherited the Lan Yin Biyue of Taiyin, which was a great blessing, but the middle-aged Taiyin lost his wife and could not cultivate Lan Yinbiyue to the highest level, so he desperately hoped that Heifeng Baixi could join forces , as long as the mind is connected, it can reach the peak state.

Now that the father and son of Ren’s family led people to break through the imperial capital, Qiu Jiushuang and Xuekong also led the Tianqi Cavalry to join the Yongzhou coalition. long time. In the face of their rebukes from the dynasty, Yu Wuyuan not only had no regrets, but even uttered wild words, wanting to take the world into his pocket.

It is precisely because Jade has no chance of cultivating superior skills, and is completely able to defeat three with one, and the dynasty is also at a disadvantage, and it is difficult to compete with it. Heifeng and Baixi thought of Lan Yin Biyue, so they cooperated with each other, and finally ended Yu’s life. When Jingyan saw Heifeng, Baixi, Huangchao and other three, he knew that the overall situation was settled. He took the initiative to abdicate to let the sages, and personally handed the abdication edict to Heifengxi.

When all the dust settled, the dynasty willingly surrendered to Hei Fengxi, willing to make him the lord of the world, and Hei Fengxi knew that the dynasty was a wise monarch who thought about the people, so he simply took out the abdication edict, hoping that he could really fulfill his previous promise. Let the world live in peace. Seeing Heifeng and Baixi walking out of the palace hand in hand, the dynasty was filled with emotion and determined to govern the country well, so as to live up to the trust of the two of them.

Bai Fengxi cherished the rest of the time, and announced in public that Bai Fengxi was no longer the Queen of Qingzhou, but a chivalrous woman who swept away King Yong Feng Lanxi. As for Hei Fengxi, he also ordered everyone to obey Feng Qiwu and General Xu’s arrangement, and immediately flew away with Bai Fengxi until he disappeared into the forest.

Since then, the entire army of Yongqing and Qingzhou has been ordered to support the King of Ji and bring peace to the world. In April of the same year, the dynasty was enthroned as the emperor, the country titled the emperor, the era titled Xize, and Feng Huachun was the queen. Far away in a foreign land, in a small dwelling in a secluded valley, Heifeng and Baixi have become an enviable couple. They wash their hands and make soup every day.

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