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“Please Call Me Director”: From this, it can be seen that Su Weiran doesn’t really like Ning Meng

Since Lu Jiming’s “White Moonlight” Han Yimeng returned to China, Ning Meng was left aside by Lu Jiming. Ning Meng planned a plan for the Moby fitness equipment. He didn’t need to invest, and he didn’t give any opinions. She didn’t know how to make coffee for the goddess, so she called Ning Meng in the middle of the night to teach him how to operate. Order takeout for the goddess, but she doesn’t know how to operate it. Asking Ning Meng to set it up for her. Now that Ning Meng is no longer your secretary, it’s really tiring to call her like that!

Even Ning Meng didn’t know until a week later that she moved, and it was too late. Ning Meng’s heart was hurt. She fell in love with this big-tempered and arrogant guy. She was originally angry. Now that Lu Jiming has been courting Han Yimeng, Ning Meng is even more sad. In addition, the investment in Moby’s fitness equipment has never been so good. It went well, but it was even more difficult for Ning Meng. At such a sad time, shouldn’t Lu Jiming be by her side? In the end, senior Su Weiran gave her advice, found Mr. Lin, talked in detail, found a breakthrough, and made good progress by revising the plan.

And that Zeng Zong has always been Lu Jiming and Ning Meng’s assist CP? Why did Han Yimeng favor her when she came back? He also told Ning Meng about the past of Lu Jiming and Han Yimeng, and asked Ning Meng to voluntarily give up this relationship. Even Ning Meng didn’t say that she had moved. In her heart, she thought it was for their own good. This has changed too fast!

Now the senior Su Weiran has begun to pursue Ning Meng, and abused Lu Jiming well. Who let him make Ning Meng suffer so much grievance? Lu Jiming and Han Yimeng watched a comedy movie, mainly to adjust the mood of the goddess. I didn’t expect to see Ning Meng and Su Weiran sitting in the first row, talking and laughing. I didn’t see anything in the movie, and the comedy became “Tragedy.”

Lu Jiming regrets it now. Ning Meng has become an investment manager, and many people are chasing her. Senior Su Weiran is one of them. Su Weiran heard from Ning Meng’s best friend that the CD that Ning Meng had given him had hidden secrets, and came to confess to Ning Meng in the middle of the night: “Is your friendship with me still there?”

Ning Meng was surprised and did not answer him directly. But Su Weiran persisted in pursuing her. This pursuit is also utilitarian. After having known each other for so long, he didn’t take the initiative to pursue it. Knowing that Ning Meng once liked him, he began to act. This is not pure purpose at all.

Because Su Weiran saw that Lu Jiming liked Ning Meng, and wanted to bring down Lu Jiming through Ning Meng. Su Weiran has worked hard to get to this point on his own. He has long disliked Lu Jiming, who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth. Lu Jiming saw the clue: “I think Su Weiran is unreliable. I told him not to bind the project with him, but you are bound to him.” Lu Jiming was madly jealous. In fact, he was very accurate in seeing people, but Ning Meng, who was in a “sweet” love, couldn’t listen at all.

In the end, Su Weiran framed Lu Jiming and caused his company to go bankrupt. Ning Meng also felt guilty and accompany him to make a comeback, start from scratch together, and work hard to start a business. It seems to be quick to see the scene where they work hard together, although it is hard, it is also very sweet!

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