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Nkuti Gutwa plays the new ‘Doctor’ in Doctor Who

Nkuti Gutwa plays the new ‘Doctor’ in Doctor Who

The BBC reports that Sex Education rising star Nkuti Gutwa will take on the lead role in the series Doctor Who , playing the fourteenth “Doctor” after Jodie Whittaker. He was also the first non-white actor to play the lead role in the series.

“I am very honored, very excited and of course a little scared. This role and the series mean a lot to many people around the world, including myself,” said Gutwa. “I will do my best.”

Show supervisor Russell T. Davies said Gatwa’s audition left him stunned at his brilliance, courage and intelligence.

“I just stood there stunned. Thanks to my lucky star,” Davies said.

Doctor Who is a sci-fi series that tells the adventures of a Time Lord called Doctor, who is a human-looking alien who sets out to explore space via a time-traveling spacecraft known as TARDIS to heal. civilizations human help and fix the wrong history

The new season is slated to premiere next year.

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