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My friend, that is racism

Rick Riordan posted an article expressing his opinion. Amid the dissatisfaction that the character Annabeth Chase in Disney Plus’ live-action series Percy Jackson & the Olympians was played by Leah Jeffries, a black actor that fans have been facing. Some thought she wasn’t a good fit because she didn’t match what the book he wrote described as a tanned, athletic figure and long, curly blonde hair.

“This post is for people who are struggling with choosing Leah Jeffries as Annabeth Chase. It’s a shame to write this post. But they have to read. First, let me make it clear that this is just what I said. It’s my only thought. It does not necessarily reflect or represent the opinion of any Disney series, crew, or the Jeffries family.”

“The response to Leah’s casting was as positive and delightful as it could have been. Leah brought energy and enthusiasm to this role that matched Annabeth’s strength. She will be a role model for young girls to see the hero they want.”

“But if you’re having trouble with this casting, then blame me, you can’t blame anyone else. Whatever you get from this post We can clearly see that bullying and harassing children online is undisputedly wrong. Although Leah is strong But as far as we’ve talked about the response and the intense pressure brought about by this role. The negative comments she received online were completely inappropriate. They need to stop now.”

“Last year, when we announced our casting We agree to abide by the Disney Company’s Non-Discrimination Policy. We are committed to casting a wide variety of actors and covering all roles. Please send us qualified actors. regardless of disability, gender, nationality, ethnicity, age, skin color, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity or other reasons forbidden by law we do that The casting process was long, intense, grand and thorough.”

“I as an author I’m looking for the best actors for them to come in and bring the characters to life. Physical appearance is secondary to me. we do that We spent a year casting and looking for the best. These three are the best. Leah Jeffries is Annabeth Chase.”

“Obviously some of you are offended or outraged when your objection is called racist online. ‘But I’m not racist,’ you say. ‘Wanting an actor that matches the description in the book is not racist at all.’”

“Let’s take a look at that saying.”

“You’re upset/disappointed/irritated/angry. Because black actors were chosen to play the characters that the book describes as white. ‘She doesn’t look like I imagined.’ You either didn’t know or missed it. Over the years Leah has worked hard for her craft, talent, determination, focus, and on-screen presence. You refuse to believe that she was chosen because of her worth. without seeing her taking on that role You judge her in advance and judged that she was only hired to fill the quota or tick the box on diversity. However, those criticisms came from both right and left politics.”

“You judge that I can’t always do what I’ve always said. that their true nature lies in their personality. You feel like I’m being compelled, brainwashed, bribed, intimidated or whatever. I felt that as a white writer I would not have had the choice of a black actor to play this white woman.”

“You refuse to believe me. The people who wrote the books and created these characters. When I say that these actors are perfect for these roles because of their talent and how they perform improvised. If you saw Leah as Annabeth She will become the way you imagine Annabeth. Let’s say you’ve given her a chance. But you refuse to believe that this might be true.”

“You are judging the suitability of this role solely by her appearance. She’s a black girl portrayed as someone in the book describes as white, my friend, that’s racism.”

“Before you immediately retort the same old ‘I’m not racist’, let’s take a look at this statement.”

“If I quote the latest great article from the Boston Globe by Dr. Kama Ennis, who wrote the covert attitude. The Massachusetts Board of Registration for Medicine in Boston states, ‘To say that people are unbiased is to say that they are not human. It’s the way we navigate the world. based on what we have been taught and our own history.’”

“Racism/racism is not something we have or don’t have. I have it, you have it, we all have it and it’s not just white people like me. but everyone has It’s something we recognize and try to fix. Or is it something we deny and say? ‘I’m not racist!’ that simply declares that you reject your prejudice and refuse to correct it.”

“Percy Jackson’s essence is difference is strength. Having so much power is what makes us different from others that it often symbolizes the greatness of each person. You shouldn’t make decisions based on whether they fit your preconceptions. For example, a child with neurological disease expelled from six schools could be Poseidon’s child. Anyone can be a hero.”

“If you still don’t understand If you still aren’t satisfied with the amazing casting of these trio. It doesn’t matter how many times you finish reading the book. You didn’t learn anything from it. Will you watch the series or not? that’s up to you But this is an adaptation that I am proud of. And it salutes the spirit of Percy Jackson and the Olympians by bringing a bedtime story I told my son twenty years ago that made him feel good about being Austistic. and make the children The whole world can see yourself as a hero at a half-blood camp.”

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