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Lady of Law 女士的法则 Episode 7 Recap

Cao Hui drove into the flower bed and called Jian Peiran, who was working nearby, for help. Jian Peiran came to help with the car repair while asking if she was injured, and thanked Cao Hui for inviting him to dinner. The two of them sitting in the old store they used to visit during their school days naturally became closer.

Jian Peiran also introduced Cao Hui about the exhibition project of the real estate opening. When Yangyang returned home, he found that his menarche was coming. Chen Ran was pleased that his daughter grew up and called her husband to celebrate this meaningful moment together, but Jian Peiran excused herself having a party and wanted to go back later.

The fake bag case was recommended by Director Tang. Xu Jie could not shirk it, but the original manufacturer was reluctant to admit that there were imitation products of this level on the market, and they were usually reluctant to verify the authenticity. Jie found Song Xiu and hoped that he would help her to deal with the fake bag case. The clerk carefully inspected the bag handed over by Xu Jie and came to the conclusion that the bag was not authentic, so they could not be responsible for the maintenance. Song Xiu’s phone in his pocket had recorded the sales clerk’s words.

When Director Huang in Chengtai Office could not find anyone, he asked Chen Ke to scan the documents. Coincidentally, these documents were related to Lianchuang Group. Liu Fang learned through investigation that the real name of the seller of Xiongyan Inoue’s personal online shopping platform is Lu Jingran. After studying in Australia, he returned to China last week, but he did not have any asset information under his name.

Song Xiu sighed that unless he was a rich second-generation, he was busy in vain. one. Sure enough, Lu Jingran was just an ordinary student who created a wealthy second-generation person on the Internet. It was just a means for him to sell goods. Song Xiu persuaded him to go back to discuss with his family and hire a lawyer. After all, it is better to settle this matter privately.

Yangyang asked Chen Ran to pay more attention to taking care of herself. Women are more prone to aging than men. If she doesn’t feel a little crisis, she should be careful that Jian Peiran, who goes to the Northeast, loves the country and not the beauty. Chen Ran obeyed her daughter’s suggestion and sprayed perfume to dress herself up, but Jian Peiran was too busy at work to notice the change in his wife, which made Chen Ran very helpless. She called and asked Xu Jie whether she would choose to face it or avoid it if the truth was cruel.

Xu Jie rationally told her that she would choose the most beneficial one. At this time, Xu Jie was inviting the same doctor named Ye Guang to drink and chat because of her best friend. She turned to ask him how he would choose, and Doctor Ye told her that she would choose the experience brought by the truth and the beautiful memories left behind.

Being able to work with the person he likes every day is something Song Xiu can’t wish for. The two went to investigate Lu Jingran’s residence but found that he lived with his grandparents, and the two old people had to pick up plastic bottles for a living.

Xu Jie and Song Xiu had no choice but to discuss with Zhao Sen again, and proposed to return the original payment and pay an additional 10,000 yuan in installments. Zhao Sen was furious on the spot and felt that his request failed to meet Xu Jie’s deception, but his girlfriend knew that it was not easy for the two to earn money after graduating from college and it was good to get the original money back.

He apologized to Xu Jie and Song Xiu for Zhao Sen’s rude girlfriend who had waited until after get off work, and said that it was her boyfriend who misunderstood his meaning and thought he was envious of his friend’s famous brand, so he spent so much money on the bag. As a result, this incident turned into a passionate collision between his girlfriend’s thinking and her boyfriend’s thinking. Seeing that Song Xiu could understand Zhao Sen’s thoughts so well, Xu Jie simply proposed that Song Xiu do Zhao Sen’s ideological work.

Chen Ran met Xu Jie in a bar. The pressure of life and work made her doubt herself. She was thinking that maybe Jian Peiran wanted to work in the Northeast for her own reasons. She was worried that her husband’s departure would have a bad impact on her marriage. , but she also knew that the opportunity was rare and she was unwilling to be a stumbling block on Jian Peiran’s road to promotion. Xu Jie took out a coin and told her by flipping heads and tails that many things actually knew the answer in her heart before making a decision.

When Chen Ran returned home, Jian Peiran watched his tired wife quickly help her take off her shoes. He took out a small gift box with a delicate brooch in it. Jian Peiran knew that Chen Ran was very sad about her father-in-law, and she didn’t dare to ask more about her emotions. Jian Peiran hugged her and laughed and said that she was too old to grow white hair, and who could dislike the other between husband and wife.

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