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Lady of Law 女士的法则 Episode 6 Recap

The matter was successfully completed and Xu Jie finally returned to China. Song Xiu took the initiative to greet him at the airport. He was also a driver and a chef. It was rare for them to spend a spring night together after seeing them for a long time.

Chen Ran accompanied Yang Yang to take care of her carefully. Her daughter said that she did not want to follow her old path to become a lawyer, and she wanted to be a game anchor. When asked why she entered the industry, Chen Ran replied that she thought the law was fair, but Yang Yang asked her if her life was fair.

The school teacher met Chen Ran and talked about Yangyang’s lack of attention recently because she was worried about her parents’ relationship with her precocious puberty. Chen Ran and Yangyang said that their relationship with Jian Peiran had no problem, but Jian Peiran was going to the Northeast soon, and the father of his classmate also said that he would go to another place to earn money, but eventually set up another family, which made Yangyang very uneasy. .

Chen Rantuo’s younger brother helped to find out that Zhang Ruiqiu’s Chinese name is Zhang Qinglan, and he was also a well-known beauty reporter when he was young. Although his younger brother Chen Ke was born abroad, he is a Chinese national and is a senior at Jiangzhou University of Political Science and Law. What the younger brother failed to find out was that Chen Ke was now working in Chengtai Law Firm, and the founder Director Huang was also in contact with Mrs. Luo.

Mrs. Luo consulted about her husband and the Lianchuang Group. Director Huang proposed to ask Mingtang to hand over the relevant information as soon as possible. He would defend the entry point on the basis that all the funds that have attracted funds have reasonable investment projects and did not involve illegal fund-raising, and asked Lian Some clients of Chuang Group signed a letter of understanding to reduce their sentences.

Chen Ran, who hesitated again and again, made an appointment to meet her mother and wanted to confess everything to her, but unexpectedly, her mother had long known about Zhang Qinglan’s existence, and she was the only one who had been kept in the dark for more than 20 years. As an independent female mother, she is obviously more ideal and calm. She didn’t gloat over Chen Wenguang’s arrest, but she didn’t want to care at all. She reminded Chen Ran to take care of herself better than anything else.

The physically and mentally exhausted Chen Ran watched her husband Jian Peiran fall asleep tiredly on the seat in the corridor. She did not express her distress, but only asked if her husband would betray her. Jian Peiran didn’t know why, so she only comforted his wife that she was too tired recently, and told her to rest well and go to the ward to accompany her daughter. Chen Ran, who was worried, came to Xu Jie for a drink, and Song Xiu, who happened to be at Xu Jie’s house, had to be ordered to pick up her shoes and hide in the room.

The father, who has always respected, had such a scandal, and the husband went to the Northeast because he wanted to escape from the family affairs. Everything seemed to be gradually out of his control, which made Chen Ran feel very tired. The two women were drinking stuffy wine, and Xu Jie put friendship in the first place quite righteously.

But Li Gongming is now under increased pressure. During dinner with Dong Wan, who was flying with Lai Yin, the other party unabashedly asked about Chen Wenguang’s case, which meant that he wanted to change the office. The change of major clients is a very important matter for every law firm. Attorney Bai suggested that Director Tang and Wan Dong’s wife should get along well and strive for more.

Chengtai’s Director Huang also wanted to win over Feilaiyin, a big customer. Chen Ke heard Director Huang’s call in the bathroom and took the initiative to hand over a tissue to change his face. Joining Chengtai was only the first step in his plan.

Tian Mao came to see Chen Wenguang. The evidence that Lianchuang Group used loopholes to illegally extract the property of customers has been found. Chen Wenguang sighed and only asked about his daughter’s current situation. Tian Mao admitted that Chen Ran had not seen him in the future after returning from a business trip to Switzerland. Although Chen Wenguang had doubts, he still asked Tian Mao to help Chen Ran more.

Xu Jie received clients who came to consult at the office, and it was Zhao Sen who made her go to the police station with her because of the gangster who raped and molested his girlfriend that day. This time, Zhao Sen spent 28,000 yuan to buy a CG bag for his girlfriend on a shopping platform called Inoue Xiongyan, but the material of the bag he bought at a foreign counter with his girlfriend is very different, and it is a fake.

Xu Jie looked at the promise on the website that he would pay ten times for the fake one, and proposed that he could get ten times the compensation for him, but on the condition that he would charge 30% of the lawyer’s fee. Chen Ran’s daughter Yangyang was finally discharged from the hospital, and she and her mother drove her daughter home.

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