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Lady of Law 女士的法则 Episode 10 Recap

Tang Jing got angry on the spot because Chen Ran was unwilling to let go and flew to the Yin shoe factory, so Li Gongming had to be a peacemaker and let Chen Ran go back first. At this time, lawyer Bai Ning was making arrangements for Xiao He and another girl who joined the company, but she only took away the girl Xiao He. The position arrangement is not yet clear.

Chen Ran watched the situation in Li Gongming’s office, Xu Jie knew the situation and it might be difficult for them to accept the matter of Feilaiyin this time. In the face of Chengtai lawyer’s aggressive request for Chen Ran to hand over Lianchuang’s materials, Xu Jie helped Chen Ran back with a few words.

Then on Yangyang’s way home, his daughter reminded Chen Ran again to talk to Jian Peiran more and pay attention to his movements. The mother also called Chen Ran to ask about Xu Jie’s situation. It turned out that Xu Jie was inquiring about Qian Qiuqing’s accounts and running water from the side.

Xu Jie was so quietly investigating her mother’s situation that Chen Ran felt uncomfortable, and Li Gongming offered to go with Tang Jing, Bai Ning and Song Xiu to persuade Fei Laiyin, her mood was even worse. Xu Jie believes that her job is to investigate Chen Wenguang’s case, and she does not need to report to Chen Ran as to the means and process. Chen Ran handed all the information about Lian Chuang to Xu Jie and asked her to trace it.

The matter has been made public, Xu Jie came directly to the clubhouse to meet Qian Qiuqing. Qian Qiuqing made it clear that she no longer has feelings for Chen Wenguang and there is no need to pay him back. As for Lian Chuang, she decided to invest after two years of observation because of her friend’s recommendation. In such a case, her funds will not be returned. Even Chen Ran’s mortgage could not be repaid. She looked at the frank Xu Jie and felt that if her daughter could talk to her so calmly, she would tell everything frankly.

It was the first time Song Xiu received such a big client’s case, and he was excited to share it with Xu Jie. But Xu Jie reminded him that all his colleagues in the law firm might be his opponents, and he should not share such an important case with himself, so he refused Song Xiu’s communication. On the plane, Song Xiu nervously looked up Feilaiyin’s information, but Bai Ning thought that Chengtai Law Firm was determined to compete with Mingtang for clients, and the biggest point of competition between the two was the quotation.

After thinking and analysis, Song Xiu believes that the focus of competition should be on Feilaiyin’s business model. Quality control and cost are the core of Feilai’s competition, but the means of low-price promotion is outdated. If it can help Feilai to get rid of the traditional marketing model, it should have a better chance of winning. Li Gongming recognized Song Xiu’s idea, and the fact is that it is true.

Feilaiyin’s staff admitted frankly that if a law firm represented a new e-commerce platform, a large amount of financing would come in, and the e-commerce platform also took a fancy to Feilaiyin’s reputation. Hoping for long-term cooperation with clients, Li Gongming was keenly aware that this law firm was Chengtai.

By asking investors, Xu Jie learned that he actually knew that Lianchuang Luo Runnian’s project would be in violation of regulations, which is why Luo Runnian approached Chen Wenguang to help him avoid legal problems. This investment did have good returns at the beginning.

It was because of the subsequent investment in a technology project that the losses became larger and larger, and some people jumped off the building because of this. She helped a Ponzi scheme for the so-called favor. Xu Jie sneered at Chen Wenguang for being confused. She still felt uncomfortable when she thought of the person who fell from the building she saw when she went to recover the insurance money.

Song Xiu took the inquiry agreement template and came to Bai Ning’s room to discuss. Bai Ning laughed at Director Tang’s words, which was obviously delaying time. Song Xiu quickly reacted. Bai Ning was very satisfied. Li Gongming and Tang Jing played golf with Wan Dong and his wife, who flew from Yin, and put forward a solution to the problem of the company’s sales transformation through a two-pronged approach.

In Chengtai Law Firm, Director Huang was meeting with Manager Zhao of Junda Network, and asked Chen Ke to sit down and participate in the meeting. Junda Network is very happy to cooperate with Guochao brand, but we still hope to fight for the proportion of accounts.

However, Mingtang Law Firm directly proposed to Wan Dong that it could acquire an e-commerce platform to establish its own mall application software and take the route of high-quality products. In this way, the ownership will be completely in the hands of Fei Lai Yin, and there will be no worries about revenue separation. Dong Wan was very satisfied with Mingtang’s suggestion and suggested that he would consider it carefully.

In order to help Yangyang win the trophy of the three-legged four-legged competition in the school sports meeting, Chen Ranjia came to Xu Jie to help. The three big girls won the victory as they wished, Yangyang took the phone to announce the good news to Jian Peiran, and watched the big cat at the side making tea attentively, Yangyang’s expression was stagnant again. Without Song Xiu by her side, Xu Jie felt very uncomfortable, and when she called Song Xiu, she fell asleep in the car because of exhaustion and was not connected. At this time, Xu Jie received a call from Dr. Ye.

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