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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 37 Recap

When Bai Langhua was sorting out her father’s belongings, she accidentally learned the true identity of her senior sister. Now she has found clues about the jade pendant, so she decided to set off for the frontier immediately. Give him to Bai Fengxi. Originally, Bai Fengxi was going to send Han Pu back to the sect, but Han Pu wanted to stay, and Hei Fengxi ordered Zhong Li to take care of him.

Since Xuanji Ling was Dadong’s conspiracy, it was really puzzling why Yufuyuan had something to do with it. Hei Fengxi will focus on the investigation of Yinquan Shuixie, and I believe that the reason will be known soon. As for the heavy losses in the battle of Youzhou, Heifeng and Baixi thought of the dynasty invariably, thinking that he wanted to make Qingzhou and Youzhou lose both, so Next, it is very likely that King You will be in command himself.

As the two of them expected, King You was ready to lead his troops on an expedition, and he had made up his mind. The Dynasty did not discourage him too much, but wished him a victory, and then He Yu missed watching the battle from a distance. The blood phoenix formation in Qingzhou was still raging, and the golden cavalry had no power to parry, and it was broken with a single blow.

Qi Shu, one of the four leading generals, was brave and good at fighting, and easily took down many people with one person’s strength. The dynasty took the opportunity to suggest guarding to King You, but how could he know that he was completely insane and refused to guard for a long time. Bai Fengxi couldn’t bear the casualties of the soldiers, so he rushed to the front, shot through the helmet of King You, and knocked him off the chariot. .

Because King You was seriously injured and greatly stimulated, he fell into a coma. Hua Chunran knew that the dynasty deliberately sat and watched the snipe and clam dispute, but did not pursue it further. After all, they are both smart people. The marriage between the two states means that their fates are closely related. Now there is no one in Youzhou who is in charge of the overall situation. The dynasty is outspoken and willing to help. Hua Chunran ascended the throne of the queen.

However, before that, the dynasty hoped to get the military power of Youzhou, and promised to go into battle in person, and Hua Chung followed suit. Hua Chunran knew the meaning of this, and in front of the whole army, he handed over the tiger talisman and asked all the golden knights to obey the orders of the dynasty and follow him to defeat the wind and cloud knights.

In the next battle, Bai Fengxi singled out the dynasty, and the two fought hard. Bai Fengxi scolded the dynasty for becoming ruthless. Knowing that the army would be defeated, he would have to test the battle with soldiers, so he warned him that if he retreated immediately, he would not be held accountable. The dynasty hesitated for a moment, and simply ordered the retreat.

That night, there was an urgent report from Yancheng that the Tiantian Cavalry had broken through the city gate. Since the number of opponents was as high as more than 100,000 people, the disparity in the strength of the two sides made it difficult to hold back. Hei Fengxi said that Mo Yuqi had been preparing for battle in Liangcheng, and he would personally go to recall Mo Yuqi, and told Bai Fengxi to be careful and wait for him to come to support. Bai Fengxi readily agreed, and then gave the Yue Lao Talisman, which means that the red line between the two is constant, they are concerned about each other, and they will be able to protect their safety.

Now the frontal battlefield is the golden cavalry fighting against the wind and cloud cavalry, and the cavalry in the back is taking a detour to break through Yancheng, leaving Qingzhou to be attacked by the enemy. The dynasty is calculating how Qingzhou should deal with it, but it always feels that it is too smooth, and the blood phoenix formation is really a threat. It happened that Yu Mianyuan had met the head of the Broken Soul Gate in private and retrieved the method to crack the blood phoenix formation, but the dynasty felt that Hei Fengxi always had a backer, but Yu Mianyuan disagreed, and he was certain that Hei Fengxi had not yet mastered military power, and it was impossible to adjust it. Soldiers dispatched.

Lin Ji reported to Bai Fengxi that the armaments, food and grass had been arranged properly, but after he finished reporting, he did not leave immediately, but hesitantly and euphemistically expressed his views on Hei Fengxi. After all, Hei Fengxi was the prince of Yongzhou. In the past, Yongzhou had a very tough attitude. If he wins this battle, he is afraid that Yongzhou will take the opportunity to suppress Qingzhou, and the conflict between the two states will become deeper.

However, Bai Fengxi felt that if the world could be unified and the people would be happy, how could they come to the Feng clan in Qingzhou, or the Feng clan in Yongzhou. Because Qingzhou generations have never had the ambition to dominate the world, they just want to protect the peace of one side of the people. Today, the world is in turmoil, and the people are suffering from war. If there is a Ming Lord, Bai Fengxi is willing to lead Qingzhou to give up the fight and surrender to the Ming Lord. These words are also to express his true thoughts to the soldiers of Fengyunqi.

Before the war, Huang Yu was ordered to stay by Yu Wuyuan’s side, and it was considered that the dynasty entrusted Yu Wuyuan to take care of his sister for him. Bai Fengxi led the army to meet the enemy, but the opponent had already seen through the blood phoenix formation, indicating that the method of breaking the formation was no longer a secret.

Bai Fengxi asked about the news of Mo Yuqi, how could he know that the scouts in front did not inquire about any news, presumably Mo Yuqi could not arrive for the time being. Because of this, Bai Fengxi drew out his long sword and ordered all the soldiers to rush to kill with her. At the same time, Hei Fengxi led Mo Yu on horseback to rush to the battlefield without stopping, but Bai Fengxi was already surrounded by many and gradually exhausted.

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