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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 36 Recap

Today, when the imperial family is in decline, and talented people from various states are coming out in large numbers, it is at the time of the crisis, and the balance of the six states may be difficult to maintain. Therefore, King Qing really can’t bear the suffering of the people, and told his daughter that if she is ambitious, she will be a better ancestor. Queen like never before.

After King Qing left, Bai Fengxi was devastated. At this time, Youzhou won a big victory, and King You was ready to attack Qingzhou in one go. Yu Wuyuan advised King You not to rashly advance. After all, Qingzhou lost Langcheng at a time when everyone was in grief and anger, and they would definitely recharge their batteries and wait for the opportunity to counterattack. They should take a long-term plan.

Now, the father and the elder brother have died one after another, and Qingzhou has no one to support the overall situation for a while, and then the princess Feng Xiyue is selected to inherit the throne. Bai Fengxi regained her status as Feng Xiyun, and with the support of all the officials, she was successfully canonized as the Queen of Qingzhou. The dynasty heard that Qingzhou had hoisted the Phoenix flag, but it was unexpected that she was going to imitate her ancestors, and felt that among the younger generation, Feng Xiyun was the first to ascend the throne.

In fact, when they met Bai Fengxi, the dynasty vaguely guessed the connection between her and Feng Xiyun. Besides, where Bai Fengxi was there, there would be black abundance. It was not easy to win this battle. Yu Wuyuan thought that retreating was the best policy, but the stubborn King You would never agree. Fortunately, his fiasco would help the dynasty control Youzhou. As soon as this remark came out, the dynasty was surprised, and did not expect Yu Wuyuan to say such a cruel plan.

As for Bai Fengxi, who has just ascended the throne, she is always facing unpredictable dangers, and she also feels extremely confused about the future. Hei Fengxi comforted Bai Fengxi, saying that he would stay by her side and never let her down on her confidant. Besides, Mo Yuqi and Yinquan Shuixie are all backing up for Bai Fengxi, and they will do their best to protect her. comprehensive. Bai Fengxi understands what Hei Fengxi means, but unless she has to, she won’t let the other party take out all of her wealth to help her.

The scout suddenly came to report that the vanguard of the golden cavalry in Youzhou will feel in the evening of tomorrow or the morning of the day after tomorrow, thinking that coming to Yishan is the place where the golden cavalry must pass, Bai Fengxi decided to ambush here and order the Fengyun cavalry to lead the way. Knowing that he stayed in the capital to supervise the country, as for the two generals Qi Shu and Lin Ji, they counted the remaining cavalry and went with her to Licheng to kill the enemy, so that Youzhou knew that Qingzhou was not someone who would be humiliated at will.

Just as Bai Fengxi had expected, the 30,000 golden-clothed cavalry pioneers passed through here, and before they reached Licheng, they had already lost thousands of people. The soldiers were in high spirits, and Bai Fengxi reckoned that the pioneer army of Youzhou should arrive in the early morning of tomorrow, and he would attack the city immediately, so he would borrow the blood phoenix formation created by the ancestors.

The Jade Words of War once recorded the power of the Blood Phoenix Formation. Hei Fengxi believed that Youzhou and Qingzhou had been fighting for many years, and they already had a way to deal with it, and promised to make some adjustments to the existing formation. Bai Fengxi understands Hei Fengxi’s concerns, even if Youzhou’s officers and soldiers are insufficient, but the existence of Huang Dynasty and Jade’s unrelated existence makes them need to take precautions.

The first queen of Qingzhou, Feng Duying, created the blood phoenix formation and helped Emperor Lie to pacify the Quartet. She was the only female general among the six kings. Emperor Wei Lie was deeply touched by this. Freedom, and finally declined the other party, thus being named King of Qingzhou.

In fact, Qingzhou adheres to peace, and the kings of all dynasties do not like to kill. Seeing that Jin Yiqi was a hundred feet away from the city, Bai Fengxi gave an order, and the 30,000 army of Youzhou was instantly annihilated under the blood phoenix formation. King You was furious and asked Yu Wuyuan if there was a way to break the formation.

Yu Wuyuan knew that the power of this formation was unusual and unpredictable. Feng Wang used this formation to swept thousands of troops back then, and he had never heard of anyone cracking it. But King You didn’t want to retreat. The dynasty believed that this battle was not invincible. If you wanted to break the formation, you needed to watch the formation. When King You heard the words, he immediately ordered Meng Li to lead 5,000 elite soldiers to attack the city.

Long before the golden cavalry attacked the city, Yu Wuyuan had already passed the method of breaking the formation to Ye Yan, but the sudden change of the blood phoenix formation indicated that Bai Fengxi had temporarily changed the formation. It is also because of Hei Fengxi’s assistance that Bai Fengxi’s momentum is even stronger. If the dynasty wants to take over the world, these two are his formidable enemies.

Yu Mianyuan was quietly waiting for Youzhou’s artillery art, but the dynasty felt that the disaster that destroyed the city under the artillery, and the art of blood slaughter, was really unbearable. However, the always benevolent Jade missed the predestined relationship, and was extremely obsessed with the artillery, believing that such killers should be in their hands to avoid adding more killings.

On the other side, King You poured out 5,000 elite soldiers to find a way to exploit them. How could he know that Bai Fengxi did not activate the blood phoenix formation, causing him to lose another 3,000 elite soldiers. In the camp that night, when he asked about the news about the chariots, King You finally realized that the dynasty wanted to see him and Qingzhou snipe and clam competing for the fisherman’s profit, so he ordered artillery to be prepared, and the day after tomorrow he was going to capture Licheng.

Not only the Prince of Jizhou Dynasty, but also Bai Fengxi forced King You to take out the artillery, because she decided to work with Hei Fengxi to destroy these killers. However, the movement was restricted, Bai Fengxi barely destroyed an artillery piece, and the dynasty showed up to deal with it, so she had to retreat to advance.

Yu Wuyuan guessed that Bai Fengxi deliberately gave up Licheng for the sake of four artillery pieces. After all, it was too difficult to go to Youzhou to meet the enemy and destroy the artillery pieces. Licheng was a place she was familiar with. There is only one place. And that night, Dynasty and Yu Mianyuan were waiting for Heifeng Baixi in the path. They were supposed to stop the other party’s plan, but in the gap between their conversations, all the artillery pieces were destroyed.

King You was furious when he heard the news, and threatened to fight against Bai Fengxi. The Dynasty waited and watched the changes, and had no plans to take action. Instead, Bai Langhua and Xiurong brought Han Pu to Licheng, saying that when sorting out his father’s belongings, they found a broken jade pendant, which was the one they met at the Yongzhou Tianjiao. The jade carving master knows that this jade comes from the jade family of heaven and man. But now Yu Pei suddenly disappeared, Bai Langhua suspected that Yu Wuyuan was the murderer of his father, and took Yu Pei at the same time.

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