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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 35 Recap

When the palace changes and the turmoil is settled, what follows is that King Yong ordered the canonization of the heir, and the Marquis of Yongping must be the best candidate. Through this incident, King Yong realized that he was stupid, and he also taught his son earnestly in the tone of an old father. He hoped that when he came to power in Yongzhou, he would need to beware of the ambitions of the wolf sons of the states and think more about the people.

After finishing the conversation with his father, Hei Fengxi took this opportunity to propose to Bai Fengxi, feeling that only by her company can he see many good things in the world, and he wishes to spend the rest of his life together. At the court meeting that day, Hei Fengxi was officially named the Prince of Yongzhou, and he took Bai Fengxi to the ancestral hall to worship his mother.

Bai Fengxi swore before the queen’s spiritual position that she would protect Lanxi well in the future and would never let him be harmed. Now that all the dust has settled, Hei Fengxi is ready to take the next step to marry Bai Fengxi, and told her that if she makes a choice, she will never regret it for the rest of her life.

Originally, Bai Fengxi was going to stay in Yongzhou, but there was an unforeseen situation in the sky. Now there is an urgent report from Qingzhou, telling Youzhou that the army is coming. Even if the wind and the moon are not in danger, the Qingwang is seriously ill, and he is afraid of the time. Not much. Feng Shuyue hopes that her sister can come back as soon as possible, and Bai Fengxi is also worried, unaware that Hei Fengxi heard the conversation not far away.

That night, Bai Fengxi personally cooked for Hei Fengxi and made a plate of delicate desserts. Taking advantage of the moonlight, he borrowed the bright moon in the sky to pray that his wish would be fulfilled from now on, Haiyan Heqing would protect the people of Yongzhou. Hei Fengxi obviously noticed that Bai Fengxi was different from the past, and thinking about what happened during the day, it was not difficult to guess why Bai Fengxi was like this.

Originally, Hei Fengxi thought that his identity was mysterious enough, but he didn’t expect Bai Fengxi to have a bigger background, but he was a little surprised. Therefore, Hei Fengxi took the initiative to mention that when that day came, he promised that no matter what happened in the future, he would face it together. Therefore, when Bai Fengxi encountered a crisis, he would not ignore it, but decided to accompany her to Qingzhou. .

Bai Fengxi was pleased to agree, and immediately set off with him, and finally arrived in Qingzhou. After seeing her brother, Bai Fengxi went to visit her father again, how could she know that Qing Wang’s condition was far more serious than expected. King Qing was very happy to see his daughter, but at the moment Youzhou and Jizhou joined forces to attack Qingzhou, lest Feng Shuyue would not be an opponent of the dynasty, Bai Fengxi assured his father that he would assist his brother in protecting Qingzhou.

Bai Fengxi’s return this time also made Bai Fengxi feel self-blame. At first, he only cared about traveling in the mountains and waters, ignoring the fact that his father was very old, and he didn’t know the truth until he was seriously ill for a year. Feng Xueyue comforted Bai Fengxi not to be sad. The most important thing at the moment was to pay attention to the war. The two brothers and sisters discussed with each other and finally decided that Bai Fengxi should stay in the palace to handle the affairs of Qingzhou. , promised that he would return safely, and that this battle would be won.

At the same time, the dynasty deployed military forces in the rear. Although the vanguard of Youzhou was completely overwhelmed, he was still calm and calm. Under his plan, King You always pretended to attack Langcheng, which caused Hua Chunran’s dissatisfaction. The ability to level Langcheng is still as easy as the palm of your hand.

Dynasty said that because the time has not come, rushing to level Langcheng will definitely affect the surprise attack on Qingzhou. What’s more, Hei Fengxi has become the prince of Yongzhou, and he is also waiting for the opportunity to disintegrate Qingzhou. Yu Wuyuan revealed that Qingzhou not only has Feng Shuyue, but also the famous princess Feng Xiyun.

King Qing learned that the Prince of Yongzhou was accompanying his daughter and was his daughter’s sweetheart, so he personally summoned him into the palace to see how his daughter looked. King Qing had already heard about the famous Heifeng Baixi in the arena, and it seemed to satisfy him at the moment, but there were rumors that Hei Fengxi likes to bully people, so his only request is to stop bullying his daughter.

In fact, King Qing also hopes that the two young people can truly love each other and treat each other frankly. Even if they belong to different countries, as long as they have the same heart, there is no difficulty that cannot be overcome. Although national affairs are important, you should also spend time with your family, otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life.

On the other hand, in the Qingzhou barracks, General Xu was reporting to the wind and the moon to report the results of the battle. Although King You damaged the vanguard camp, their golden cavalry had not yet appeared. It is expected that their general attack will be in the next few days. Moreover, from the current point of view, both the dynasty and the jade miss are in the Youzhou camp, but at this time there are 20,000 horses attacking Qingzhou, less than a mile away from the city gate.

Feng Xiyue arranged for General Xu to escort the people back to Licheng, and he would personally lead the troops to charge into the battle. But in the end, it was hard to guard against secret arrows, and Yu Wuyuan sent people to ambush nearby in advance, intending to take Feng Xueyue’s life.

The bad news came back to Qingzhou, together with Feng Shuyue’s corpse, Bai Fengxi couldn’t accept it, but she endured her grief and went to see her father. Sure enough, King Qing knew about this, and before her death, she entrusted Bai Fengxi that after she left, she would inherit the throne and become the second queen of the Great Eastern Dynasty. Because Feng Shuyue was killed on the battlefield, Qingzhou and Ji and Youzhou formed a deep hatred, and the whole world was about to be involved in the battle, and Bai Fengxi had to be ordered in danger.

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