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Lady of Law 女士的法则 Episode 4 Recap

Chen Ran couldn’t refute Xu Jie’s words, but she remembered what asked her friend to help investigate the situation of Zhang Wei’s daughter. Xu Jie, who was seriously looking for Chen Wenguang’s case at home in the evening, discovered a new situation again. Chen Wenguang in Lucerne was not so close to any reimbursement form. He most likely took a car. She checked Chen Wenguang’s car rental record, but was told by the rental company that it was not found. Its return record.

Song Xiu called Xu Jie downstairs late at night, who was busy investigating the case, and nervously said that he had something important to ask her to help. When the two came to the restaurant, Song Xiu handed a portfolio to Xu Jie, which contained his own passbook and keys. Song Xiu actively wanted to establish a relationship with Xu Jie, but Xu Jie watched the serious boy take out a coin from his pocket. Song Xiu chose the side with words and looked at the flowers that appeared in her hand, Xu Jie still clenched her palm and allowed Song Xiu to continue pursuing her.

Wang Chengyuan made an appointment with Chen Ran and Xu Jie. He hoped that the divorce could be properly handled. As for the children, he would not let Zhang Wei visit them. But Xu Jie pointed out that Zhang Ting’s company had owed 5 million for the paintings leased from the gallery, and the person in charge of the gallery was a friend of Wang Chengyuan.

Wang Chengyuan set up a company for Zhang Tian, ​​but he didn’t teach her how to manage at all. The superficial favor was actually boiled frogs in warm water. He had always managed this marriage as a business, and even his daughter had been privately sent to study abroad. .

In order to have a better life for Zhang Wei, who suffers from ALS, Xu Jie asked Wang Chengyuan to allocate 40 million to Zhang Wei, but Chen Ran thought of trying to fight for the custody of the child for Zhang Wei. Xu Jie thinks that Zhang Wei, who is terminally ill, can’t even take care of her own daughter. Chen Ran’s approach is just kidnapping others with her family.

When the two sides met, Zhang Wei cried and said that she had found a job, and she could not need money as long as she could be with her daughter. With her current physical condition, sending her daughter abroad to study may be difficult to meet again. As a mother, all she prays for is to spend more time with her daughter in the rest of the time. Xu Jie quarreled with Chen Ran, and she could only survive if she got the compensation money, and she would not be able to live if she faced so many debts with her body. But for Chen Ran, when a mother loses her child, she is immediately sentenced to death.

Chen Ran asked Wang Chengyuan to watch Zhang Tian drag his body to cooperate with the photographer in order to make money and work hard. He knew it with reason and emotion, and finally let Wang Chengyuan agree to go back and discuss with his mother again. Xu Jie found out that the person who returned the car rented by Chen Wenguang was a person named Zhang Ruiqiu by falsely claiming that the car was illegal deal with.

The Victory Group was the case that Song Xiu followed up and hoped to gain recognition. It wasn’t that he couldn’t accept being pryed away, but he just didn’t want that person to be Xu Jie. Xu Jie came to the tennis room to accompany Song Xiu to play, and told him rationally that this is the rule in this industry, that one day he might pry his case away, and he must learn to look at it rationally if he wants to grow. Song Xiu confessed that what he wanted to achieve was to be able to keep pace with her. Although he lost the case of Shengli Group, lawyer Bai came to Song Xiu unexpectedly, intending to hand over the case of an auto repair factory in Director Tang’s hands.

In order to continue to investigate the case, Li Gongming confessed to Chen Ran that Xu Jie was invited by himself to investigate Chen Wenguang’s case, and said that with two people with very different personalities and ways of doing things, they had to work together and cooperate more. Chen Ran was grateful for Xu Jie’s help to her father, but she didn’t know about Zhang Ruiqiu either.

Li Weiying, the person in charge of Victory Group, went to Switzerland to raise funds in his name, but there was no news after that. Although Lin Guangshu, a friend and the biggest debtor, intends to use his personal property to help advance the payment, he has to give up because it is easy to form bad debts. At present, the only way for Shengli Group to go bankrupt is to liquidate.

Victory Group has caused a lot of pressure from public opinion because of the unpaid wages of its workers, and no one wants to take this hot potato. Xu Jie felt emotionally that Li Weiying dared to borrow 800 million from more than 30 entrepreneurs with personal equity pledge. Let him come up with a settlement plan.

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