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Lady of Law 女士的法则 Episode 3 Recap

Xu Jie teased Song Xiu by praising his handsome behavior, but still took him to the bar to relax. After getting drunk, Song Xiujian confided his dissatisfaction with working under Li Gongming all the time, but stubbornly he just wanted to take root in Mingtang to gain recognition. Song Xiu, who woke up at Xu Jie’s house the next day, was delighted that his relationship with Xu Jie had made new progress.

Because of Amy’s voice, Hao Dao suffered a lot of pressure from public opinion and was forced to agree to Zheng Yan’s return to his post. Chen Ran knew that the key breakthrough point of this case was found by Xu Jie, a trainee lawyer, and Xu Jie also said frankly that she wanted to know more about Chen Ran. Chen Ran knew what Xu Jie meant, but she didn’t know the inside story of her father’s case, but whether she was a subordinate or a daughter, she firmly believed that her father was innocent.

Chen Ran’s income dropped sharply after the Mingtang accident, and Jian Peiran proposed that the company arrange for him to be the director of the Northeast, so that he could relieve some of the financial pressure at home. Chen Ran clearly expressed her opposition, but Jian Peiran still had expectations for promotion, so she had to acquiesce. Jian Peiran got off work and had a small gathering with his colleagues, thinking about the affairs at home and his own disappointment. He was drunk and complained to Chen Ran about his grievances that he wasted his career by paying for his family.

Drinking alcohol, Xu Jie deleted her email and recalled her ex-boyfriend Sun Zhewei. After the two broke up after dating for many years, the other was immediately engaged to the daughter of Yuanzhou Group. In those days, he was dismissed by Qing’an Company as a scapegoat because of Lianchuang Group’s affairs, and it was Sun Zhewei, who was the company’s legal director at the time, who personally said the ruling. In order to protect himself, Sun Zhewei chose to sacrifice Xu Jie, which also became a pain in Xu Jie’s heart that could not be relieved.

Chen Ran received a new case, the divorce case of the popular Internet celebrity Zhang Tian. Eight years ago, Chen Wenguang handled the prenuptial agreement for her, but eight years later, Chen Ran helped her handle the divorce case. Zhang Tian became popular for her looks and paintings, and later married Wang Chengyuan, the president of Haobo Hotel, who pursued her, and they had a daughter.

Zhang Ti wants to get custody of the child, but her chances of winning the case with ALS are slim. Zhang Wei rejected Xu Jie’s way of taking advantage of the pressure of public opinion. He didn’t care about property and just wanted to spend more time with his daughter.

Wang Chengyuan sent lawyer Yang to negotiate with Chen Ran, and she agreed to send her daughter to live in Zhang Yan’s place on weekends. Regarding the issue of property division, Wang Chengyuan did not have any assets. This was clearly an arrangement made in advance. It was discovered during the property agreement, but Zhang Wei still signed the agreement. What was it for? Looking at the reminder on the phone, Chen Ran realized that today was her daughter Yangyang’s birthday. She arranged for her assistant Liu Fang to pick a gift for Yangyang. She couldn’t leave as soon as the case improved.

Yang Yang, who was celebrating her birthday with her classmates, found out that Jian Peiran was eating alone with a young woman, and Jian Peiran introduced her to the woman opposite Cao Hui. A few days ago, when I was drinking with my colleague, Cao Hui reconnected with Jian Peiran. She supported Jian Peiran’s position in the Northeast, but she also felt that it was not easy for him to jump out of his comfort zone. Jian Peiran blurted out her envy for her loneliness, and knew everything well.

Tian Mao asked Chen Wenguang about the prenuptial agreement. Chen Wenguang said that he had fulfilled his obligation to inform. Zhang Wei was carried away by love and only wanted to get married. Xu Jie found out that the hotel interior design company that Zhang Wei established a year before marriage owed 5 million yuan, and the accountant would send financial statements to her mailbox every month, but this silly white sweet had never read it.

At present, this debt is likely to be defended by Wang Chengyuan, and Xu Jie proposes to simply give up custody and get some compensation. Chen Ran, who is also a mother, did not want to do this. She talked about her love for her children as a mother, but Xu Jie pointed out that she even forgot her daughter’s birthday how to talk about her concern for her children.

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