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Lady of Law 女士的法则 Episode 1 Recap

A team of police came to Mingtang Office. They took away partner Chen Wenguang because he was involved in risky and illegal business operations. Chen Ran took his father’s hand and was full of anxiety and worry. Li Gongming, who was also a partner and a friend for many years, said that he must will find out the truth. The urban beauty Xu Jie was drinking alone in a bar, but she encountered a scene where her boyfriend beat up and molested his girlfriend’s little gangster. Her sense of justice prompted her to come forward, and she had to go to the police station together.

Li Gongming sent his assistant and apprentice Song Xiu to the police station to pick him up, and Xu Jie, who was sober, staggered into the car. Song Xiu strangely thought what kind of person Master wanted him to pick up in the middle of the night, but learned that Xu Jie was actually an intern. Song Xiu, who had taken the senior position, was successfully removed from the law firm’s partner status by Xu Jie. Besides Chen Wenguang and Li Gongming, Mingtang also had a partner, Director Tang, who joined later.

The next day, Xu Jie came to Mingtang Office and mistakenly thought she was a customer who came to consult. Chen Ran took the initiative to introduce herself with a business card. The second group of customers lost most of her father’s accident. Now Chen Ran has no choice but to do business by herself. Li Gongming knew that Xu Jie was good at economic cases, so she was recruited to investigate Chen Wenguang’s case. Song Xiu came in with coffee and case materials, but he could only pour tea and water for Xu Jie, which made Xu Jie couldn’t help laughing.

Chen Ran is good at civil cases, and she was introduced by Li Gongming to Xu Jie when she was dealing with the case of her client Zheng Yan being dismissed due to her pregnancy. Although Chen Ran didn’t say much, the assistant was wondering why the lawyer who seemed to be full of confidence hadn’t taken off the title of intern. Xu Jie, who came to the tea room, watched Song Xiu, who was immersed in studying the financial statements, generously explained the way to him. Song Xiu was also alert to the hidden problem of withdrawing capital, and he even prepared an entry gift for him. To Xu Jie.

The clerk asked Chen Ran to hand over the senior partner’s car in accordance with the law firm’s regulations. Her colleague, lawyer Bai, looked at her slightly embarrassed and accused her of these chores not to affect her work. The situation is in sight. Chen Ran came to Tian Mao, a teacher who is a public welfare lawyer. In her father’s case this time, she did not agree to be a defense lawyer.

She was very worried when she couldn’t see her father. Tian Mao’s way of comforting her master has his own reasons and will do his best. Chen Ran came to the door of the company to look for Mrs. Luo again, but the Lianchuang Group has been shut down. Now she is too busy to take care of herself, how can she have the energy to help Chen Ran.

In the evening, Xu Jie checked the financial information and reimbursement documents that Li Gongming gave her to Chen Wenguang for three years in the office. In this case, Chen Wenguang, the legal consultant of Lianchuang Group, was suspected of embezzling public funds, and Luo Runnian, the president of the group, was also suspected of illegal fundraising.

She recalled that she had been squatting for three days and chased Luo Runnian to ask for the security deposit. It was also that day that she saw Sun Jian fall to his death with her own eyes. Both cases are related to the Lianchuang Group. What kind of clues are hidden in them, Xu Jie planted the seeds of suspicion in her heart.

Song Xiu, who was also working overtime in the company, saw Xu Jie taking the initiative to act as a driver. He bluntly said that Xu Jie revealed unhappy emotions, and Xu Jie smiled knowingly. This cheerful and lively little colleague will always make her she laughs. The mother-in-law and son Jian Peiran talked about the news they saw on the Internet, worrying that the embezzled public funds would need to be repaid by Chen Ran, and the daughter also read the news of her grandfather’s arrest on the Internet, all of which increased the pressure on Chen Ran.

Tian Mao came to the detention center to visit Chen Wenguang. Chen Wenguang admitted that he was only doing things according to the contract, and there was no corruption. Tian Mao also found that there were omissions in the case. As for his daughter Chen Ran, Chen Wenguang said that she was from Mingtang and wanted to avoid suspicion.

Because of my father, the lawyers of the second group have left a lot, and the source of customers has also decreased a lot. Chen Ran had to come to her mother and wanted to get back her investment money, but the money could not be withdrawn in the financial project for a while, and her mother could not help Chen Ran to intercede with her father, she only suggested that she rent the current big house Go out and get a smaller house to cut down on expenses.

Lawyer Bai brought coffee to thank Xu Jie for the coffee beans she put in the tea room. She bluntly said that it was not worth making a wedding dress for the eldest lady Chen Ran, and she was welcome to join her group. Xu Jie was noncommittal with a smile on her face. She only looked at Song Xiu’s thank you coffee reply on WeChat, and her eyes showed a little tenderness. Fang Pu, the lawyer who received the case against the pregnant woman, proposed that the company is willing to pay 300,000 yuan in exchange for Zheng Yan’s settlement.

Xu Jie sneered that it was totally unreasonable for a pregnant woman to push the floor, and Fang Pu cleverly resolved it by arranging her to a leisurely administrative planning post. Chen Ran proposed to let the client return to the original post after the breastfeeding period, but Fang Pu asked her if the judge would postpone the trial of the case because the female lawyer was pregnant, and it was difficult for both parties to back down for a while.

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