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“Ladies’ Law” is scheduled for May 9, Jiang Shuying, Liu Mintao, and Liu Mintao set off on the expedition

On May 5th, the official Weibo of the TV series “Lady’s Law” released the finalized poster and trailer flower. The official announcement was made on May 9th. Starting from May 9th, it will be online backstage and land on the CCTV-8 golden strong file for two episodes every night. Tencent Video Broadcast exclusively on the entire network.

From May 9th, CCTV-8’s golden high-end program will broadcast two episodes every night, and Tencent Video will broadcast exclusively on the whole network. VIP members will update 2 episodes every day at 19:30, and the first update will be 6 episodes. Non-members will update every day at 19:30 1 episode.

In the trailer, Jiang Shuying and Peng Yuchang staged a straight-ball romance in the end of the year. The marriage of Liu Mintao and Gao Xin was in crisis, and they took the initiative decisively. Be honest in your emotional path and see yourself clearly in intimate relationships.

“Lady’s Law” is an urban legal and political emotional drama directed by Li Jiangming and starring Jiang Shuying, Liu Mintao, Peng Yuchang, and Gao Xin. The play takes the legal profession as an entry point and tells the story of two lawyers with different ideas, from collision to understanding, to uncover the truth.

The play tells the story of Xu Jie (Jiang Shuying), a female lawyer who is “frustrated in love and workplace”, and Chen Ran (Liu Mintao) became colleagues due to fate, and they jointly investigated the same bribery case. Two lawyers with different ideas In the process of knowing each other and cherishing each other, they gradually become close friends in the workplace, and an inspirational story of mutual support and common growth.

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