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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 31 Recap

King You praised that the dynasty was really powerful, and asked Feng Lanxi what he thought. In Feng Lanxi’s opinion, the world is ultimately a word for luck. King You brought the sons to the inner hall to test their vast chess game, and the final winner was the son-in-law of Chenglong Kuai from Youzhou.

Feng Ju has already arranged for the people in the prison, and arranged for his people to come to pick up people after they rescued the people from Tianshuangmen, and they pretended to be people from Feng Lanxi’s mansion and waited at the pick-up place, never let go of any day. People in the Shuangmen, must see the conclusive evidence for the forbidden army. When King Yong is furious, the heads of Tianshuangmen will fall, Feng Lanxi and King Yong will be incompatible, and they will no longer have the power to return to the sky.

Feng Ju’s people came to Tian Prison and pretended to be Feng Lanxi’s people to save Tianshuangmen’s people. Bai Jiande asked the old man if he wanted to go with him. If he didn’t go, he offended King Yong, but it was not a mortal situation. Escape from prison, the sin is bigger. Bai Jiande was taken to a place, and Feng Chang appeared at a critical moment, telling him that these people from Feng Ju’s mansion abducted them out of the city, and then put the blame on Feng Lanxi.

Feng Lanxi and Dynasty played a game of chess. Dynasty found that Feng Lanxi should not be underestimated. He was able to see through his temptation. Weird conspiracy. Previously, Baizi were all temptations. The dynasty took the world as the plate and all living beings as children, and had a life-and-death situation with Feng Lan.

The dynasty reminded Feng Lanxi that the world depends on fighting, not keeping. Feng Lanxi disagreed, defending is for better offense, defending everywhere is to stabilize the overall situation, the dynasty failed to kill the dragon, and both the opportunity and the spirit were lost, how could they win. The dynasty’s struggle for the world depends on its indomitable spirit.

Fenglan’s struggle for the world depends on making good use of everyone. The abandoned children who seem to be irrelevant can even change the situation at a critical moment. From Feng Lanxi’s view, the world is the world of the common people after all, and this is the intention of the two seniors Taiyin and Tianji. Dynasty wanted to finish this game with Feng Lanxi, but Feng Lanxi conceded defeat, and King You announced that the winner today was the prince of the Dynasty.

Zhang Zhongge reported to King Yong that the people from Tianshuangmen were staying in the prison, and had no intention of escaping. King Yong did not expect that Feng Lanxi still knew the importance, and now it depends on how Feng Lanxi chooses in Youzhou. When Feng Lanxi and Bai Fengxi met, he knelt down on one knee to express his heart to Bai Fengxi, who read a lot of words, and gently kissed Bai Fengxi’s face, very sweet.

There was news from Yongjing that Feng Ju’s plan had failed, and Yu Wuyuan had given up hope for Feng Ju. Now, waiting for the marriage of Huang Dynasty and Hua Chunran, they gathered the troops of the two countries in Jizhou and Youzhou to start the battle. The subordinate revealed that the jade sculptor he had been looking for was also in the Yongzhou Heavenly Prison, and it was unlikely that he would see Bai Jiande. However, things in the world were always so coincidental, and Yu Mianyuan decided to visit Tianshuangmen in the past few days.

From the letter from Youzhou, Hua Chunran chose the prince of the dynasty, and King Yong thought about Feng Lanxi giving up the chance to marry the princess of Youzhou. It seems that the establishment of the Yinquan Waterside Pavilion is for self-protection or has some credibility. Yuan Lu thought that Feng Lanxi paid more attention to the relationship between father and son, and King Yong felt that it was reasonable, so he ordered Yuan Lu to pass an order to Zhang Zhongge to release the people from Tianshuangmen.

Feng Lanxi sent two letters, asking Ren Rusong to release his armor and return to his fields, and Liangcheng is a good place to go. Ren Rusong was worried that Feng Lanxi did not marry Hua Chunran, and that there was no Youzhou to rely on to compete with King Yong, and the power in the DPRK would not be as good as before. Feng Chang had already withdrawn from the battle for the prince, but the battle between Feng Lanxi and Feng Ju had just begun.

Feng Qiwu thought that Feng Lanxi was planning to let go completely. Zhongli told Feng Lanxi that the Feng family was deeply rooted in Yongzhou, and King Yong would not be embarrassed after that. Feng family could also take this opportunity to join King Yong, and Feng Lanxi also Prepare the gift of surrender for Feng Qiwu, which is the brochure of the hidden spring water pavilion, so that King Yong can control part of the power of the hidden spring water pavilion. Feng Qiwu felt that Feng Lanxi did the right thing.

Feng Lanxi accompanied Bai Fengxi back to Tianshuangmen. This time he did not marry Hua Chunran, but also offered the hidden spring water pavilion. He no longer had what King Yong wanted, so he was naturally safe. Bai Jiande asked Feng Lanxi what his plans were in the future. The dynasty and Hua Chunran got married, and the conquest of the world was imminent. When the conquest was approaching, he hoped that Feng Lanxi could protect the people.

Baili’s tried to test King Yong. In fact, King Yong knew what Baili’s meant. Feng Chang did not have the heart to win the heir. Feng Lanxi left Yongzhou again, and Feng Ju was the only son. King Yong pointed out that it was Feng Ju who complained and found someone to rob him. Now that there are many rebels in the south, if Feng Ju can successfully suppress the bandits, he will be eligible to sit on the throne. Jade came to Tianshuangmen, and Bai Jiande just took out the jade pendant and asked him if he knew it.

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