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Let’s try Tianxiayu, what is the purpose of harming Bai Fengxi?

Who Rules The World 且試天下

“Let’s try the world” What is the purpose of Yu’s failure to harm Bai Fengxi? Will the two have a love scene in the end?

In fact, in the original work, compared to the unscrupulous Feng Lanxi, Yu Mianyuan is Bai Fengxi’s mate selection criterion. Yu Wuyuan came to the opposite of Bai Fengxi by coincidence, and knew that he would not live to be thirty years old, so the relationship between him and Bai Fengxi was destined to have a beginning and an end.

The TV series version of “Let’s Try the World” has changed a lot, one of which is the addition of the villain setting of Broken Soul Gate. As soon as the Broken Soul Gate came out, it was a bloody storm. The Han family was destroyed, and the prescription was taken away. After that, there was a series of annihilation incidents, which can be said to have disrupted the entire rivers and lakes.

This Sect Master of Broken Soul Sect is also a big picture, and it is said that he is still the descendant of the cricket Juxu forces. Therefore, everyone is guessing who is the master of the Broken Soul Gate. Some people guessed that His Highness Feng Chang had turned black, and some people guessed that Jade had no chance to be possessed by the devil.

The truth was finally revealed in the latest plot update. It turns out that the owner of the Broken Soul Gate is really Yu Mianyuan!

It was quite abrupt that Yu Mianyuan was exposed. He thought that Lan Yin Biyue could break the curse on the Yu family, so he planned to entrap all his competitors, including Bai Fengxi. The old man Taiyin discovered Yu Wuyuan’s actions and felt that his methods were cruel, so he expelled him and let him enter the state of death. After he was out of the dead, he sent the killer of the Soul Broken Gate to intercept, and finally learned that it was Bai Fengxi and Feng Lanxi who got Lan Yin Bi Yue.

It’s no wonder that when Yu Wuyuan first came out, many netizens complained that this young master Yu looked treacherous, not like the elegant son in the original work. It turns out that this young man played by Yu Gong was originally a villain!

Some netizens understand the screenwriter’s adaptation and think it’s quite a reversal. Who would have thought that the famous Yu Wuyuan in Jianghu and Chaotang was actually the master of the Broken Soul Gate who did all kinds of evil?

Netizens also feel that it is natural for jade to be blackened. A person like Yu Wuyuan is obviously talented and capable, but because he bears a curse, of course he is not reconciled, so he is willing to do many things to solve his curse. Not to mention that he is still a descendant of the cricket Juxu, who has the mission of disrupting the world.

But the screenwriter forgot that the reason why Yu Wuyuan was liked by so many people in the original book is because Yu Wuyuan is the real son. He is a truly upright and kind person, and he will not be blackened by the curse on him at all. He loves the world, and will not kill innocent people because of his own ambitions. After the dynasty unified the world, he didn’t miss the power either. Before his death, he ran for the curse of the Yu family, and he didn’t leave any descendants in the end. Such a jade miss is more exciting to the audience than a simple villain.

However, everyone also found that Dynasty is quite likable in this drama. In the original book, Dynasty is not a kind person with gentle methods, it can be seen by saying that he took out a fake mysterious pole and caused countless people to harm it.

But in the TV series, the dynasty is willing to give up the opportunity to inherit the old man’s unique skills in order to save his subordinates. Would he regret it if he knew that Jiangshan Kanyutu was included in the secret art? And no matter what he was thinking, he really saved so many Jianghu people. If there is no dynasty, I believe many people will die in the earthquake.

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