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Daydream, which novel am I based on (who is the lead actor)

Which novel is “Daydream of Me” 《白日梦我》adapted from

Up-and-coming actors Zhuang Dafei and Zhou Yiran lead the starring role, and young actors born in the 1995s and 2000s, such as Chen Heyi, Fan Shiran, Bian Tianyang, Liao Yinyue, Wang Chuan, and Liu Jieyi, co-star. They will jointly paint a group portrait of the Z generation youth campus in the season of spring breeze and summer rain.

The first concept poster of the TV series is officially announced, and the starring is adapted from the super popular novel IP, which has attracted much attention

The TV series “Daydream of Me” is adapted from Qi Jian’s popular novel of the same name. It tells the story of Lin Yujing (played by Zhuang Dafei) after his parents divorced and followed his father Meng Weiguo to transfer to the strange city of Pucheng. On the first day of Lin Yu’s transfer to a new school, he became the same table with the terrifying “school bully” Shen Juan (played by Zhou Yiran). The two started an alternative career at the same table in the process of “acting with each other”. , and forged a deep friendship.

But the life that was getting better was soon broken. Lin Yujing was forcibly brought back to his hometown of Huaicheng by his mother Lin Zhi. Shen Juan also fell into a low point in his life due to the death of his uncle Luo Qinghe. A year later, Lin Yujing and Shen Juan reunited at the university. She learned that Shen Juan had suffered a change at home, and she has not yet recovered from the trauma of the death of her relatives. With the help of Lin Yujing, Shen Wan gradually got out of the haze and returned to the game of life that should belong to him. Lin Yujing also found a goal he liked and worked hard for.

During the serialization of Jinjiang Literature, the original novel occupied the first place on the monthly, quarterly and half-yearly lists, topped the “Campus Youth” list, and was rated as the top ten modern romance works in Jinjiang in 2018, with a collection of over 300,000. Therefore, when the news that “Daydream Me” will be adapted for TV series came out, it attracted the attention of book fans. Corresponding to “Tired Birds Returning to the Forest, Returning with Whales”, the concept poster of the TV series “Daydream Me” debuted today with dreamy and beautiful colors.

In the picture, the boys and girls are sailing into the sunlight together in a small boat, as if cutting through the ocean of time and space. White waterfowl and blue whales float and follow, accompanied by the sound of whales and waves, which is as wonderful as a dream. It is the main theme of the youth and love between Mr. Xiaolin and Mr. Tien, the depression ignited in youth, and the indomitable pursuit, all of which should be treated with tenderness.

The post-00s young actors describe the youth growth strength of the Z generation, and the main creative team escorts the drama

Internet experts will call the period from 1995 to 2009 “Generation Z”, and the TV series “Daydream Me” is determined to create an epoch-making benchmark for the youth of the Z generation, showing the youth of the Z generation. Write. Different from other youth dramas of the same theme, the TV series “Daydream Me” rejects routines, has no sadistic love triangle, bids farewell to nostalgia, and focuses on the present.

On the basis of the male and female protagonists’ “Double Learning Hegemony” characters, emotional parity and mutual redemption, It interprets the “two-way running” of true equality, which is in line with the current young people’s emotional outlook, and is more likely to arouse emotional resonance. At the same time, the play also depicts a group of teenagers in the Z generation who are struggling to break through the shackles of the dark night, heal each other, and go to the future together, showing the epitome of undefined youth group personality. Youth is not smooth sailing, but because of the encouragement of peers, we have the courage to face setbacks.

In addition, the TV series “Daydream Me” will also show the epitome and changes of the parents’ generation around the family of the male and female protagonists, explore the new intergenerational relationship between the children of Generation Z and their parents, and radiate the diverse topics of the original family. The actors who specially appeared in the parents’ generation are Zeng Li and Yu Xiaowei. The old drama bones are on the same stage, and the screen classic CP reunites, detonating “Memories Kill”. The spiritual relay and collision between young and middle-aged actors is worth looking forward to.

In addition to the powerful actors, “Daydream Me” also employs an experienced main creative team of first-line film and television dramas, and the chief producer of the series Ren Mei. He has served as a producer in many popular dramas, and many overseas successes have been reported frequently, all of which have achieved good results; director Deng Ke also directed “The Great Girl”, and when continuing the youthful and delicate drama style, he also made Bold attempts and innovations; photography director Li Linhan and styling designer Wang Ying have also participated in the production of “The Great Girl” and other dramas; art director Shi Rongfeng won the Fabisi Award and the main competition jury award at the 51st Rotterdam International Film Festival Two awards… escort the quality of the series and word of mouth.

Lin Yujing, played by Zhuang Dafei, has a bold and rebellious appearance under a gentle and harmless appearance, and Shen Juan, played by Zhou Yiran, has countless gentleness and carefulness. For the first time they collaborated on a youth drama, can they produce unexpected results and set people’s expectations? Adding more brilliance? Can the post-95s and 00s interpret the true youth and splendor of Gen Z?

Youth is only once, may we all live up to our youth and pursue love bravely, and there will always be someone who loves you in the most authentic way. The TV series “Daydream Me” will be broadcast exclusively on Mango TV. It is currently under intense shooting, so stay tuned!

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