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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 20 Recap

On the night of Shangyuan Festival, Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi had agreed to meet by the lake, but they did not see each other until the second half of the night. It wasn’t until Zhong Li hurried over to tell Bai Fengxi and Feng Qiwu that they dressed in men’s clothes and entered the Xianglefang together, and they never came out again.

Hei Fengxi learned about this and went to look for her immediately, just in time for the end of the poetry festival. However, without saying a word, Hei Fengxi took Bai Fengxi out of the door. The two confessed affectionately in the snow, told each other sincerely, and couldn’t hide their love for each other. After that day, Hei Fengxi began to prepare for the marriage, ready to marry Bai Fengxi, but Ren Rusong did not agree, and found Bai Jiande in private, hoping to persuade him to cooperate with him.

Ren Rusong obstructed the marriage between the Second Highness and Bai Fengxi in every possible way, but in the end, it failed because Bai Fengxi was not an ordinary woman, she always had her own opinions, and she never regretted what she determined. Therefore, Bai Fengxi went to find Ren Rusong alone, and took out her and Feng Lanxi to go to Wushan together. After a few battles, the opportunity gained, so that you can know who the Second Highness Feng Lanxi belongs to.

At this time, Hei Fengxi learned that Huanniang had made an assertion, and couldn’t help but be very angry, so he ordered her to be expelled from the house, and at the same time asked Zhongli to give out one hundred taels of silver notes to Huanniang, which could be regarded as a complete severing of the relationship between them. . Huanniang knelt down in tears and begged Hei Fengxi’s forgiveness, but Hei Fengxi had made up his mind and could only give up this master-servant relationship.

Ren Chuanyun came to report the progress of preparations to Feng Lanxi, and now the salaries have been sent to the Jiedu envoy’s residence, and there are also Mo Yuqi guards outside the courtyard. There is nothing to do at the moment, and everything is going well. After he finished speaking, he stepped forward and dismantled Ren Chuanyu, who was disguised as Feng Lanxi. In fact, it was not that he really wanted to pretend to be the second highness. It was just because the second highness and Bai Fengxi slipped out of the palace, so he needed to deal with the situation.

On the other hand, when Hei Fengxi came to the banquet, he had no interest in singing and dancing on the stage. The ministers on both sides were toasting him, and he also responded nonchalantly. As for Bai Fengxi, she pretended to be a maid and waited by her side. Hei Fengxi took the opportunity to hug her. In the eyes of outsiders, it seemed that the Second Highness was caused by romance, while Bai Fengxi leaned against her arms.

How do you know that Bai Li Shi showed his true colors, directly provoked the relationship between Feng Chang and Feng Lanxi, and even threatened him that if he did not marry Qi Cheng, he would be announced to the world as having epilepsy, and he would be completely ruined in the court. On the other hand, if Feng Chang is obedient, Bai Li’s promises that he will not have any trouble in the future, but he was coerced by his mother, so he could only endure his anger and go back to the mansion to drink and get drunk. Uncle De looked very distressed.

Bai Jiande knew the identity of Hei Fengxi, and eagerly hoped to investigate Xuan Jiling with the help of the hidden spring water pavilion, so he took the initiative to invite Hei Fengxi to meet, and asked him to find out who was using the fake order behind his back to cause chaos in the world. Hei Fengxi readily agreed, and then went to see Bai Fengxi again, and bluntly said that the world should be stable, so he wanted to make life better for those people who were truly unarmed and lived in the atmosphere of fireworks.

On the other side, Yu Wuyuan thought that if he wanted to get Lan Yin Biyue, he still needed to create an opportunity. He had to wait until the two of them joined forces to make a move, and instructed the Sect Master of Broken Soul Sect to send someone to keep an eye on them and not make any omissions. Hei Fengxi learned through Bai Fengxi that Yu had no chance to come to Yongjing, and was shocked that Yinquan Shuixie did not get the news. Zhong Li was ordered to track down his whereabouts and inform His Highness about the submission of the marriage proposal. Hei Fengxi thought that the eldest brother made such a choice because he was disappointed with himself, but he did not know that he had been coerced by Baili.

Princess Hua Chunran of Youzhou heard that her father was going to choose a husband-in-law for her, so she pretended to be calm and suggested that she should instead recruit a relative, and later ordered someone to investigate who was advising King You. On the other hand, Feng Chang submitted a marriage proposal to his father, saying that he sincerely wanted to marry Qi Cheng, and King Yong was delighted. The marriage edict was given on New Year’s Day.

Huanniang couldn’t persuade Hei Fengxi, so she could only let him go out of the house. As a result, she overheard Zhong Li’s conversation and realized that he was not looking for Liu Shangshu at all, but just made up a pretext to meet Bai Fengxi. As for Bai Fengxi, who learned that Hei Fengxi had been splashed with dog blood, he had his own way to expel mold and avoid evil, and the two ate happily at the street stall.

Later, Bai Fengxi took Hei Fengxi to look around, eating and eating along the way. Unexpectedly, he met the younger sisters Bai Langhua and Xiu Jiurong. In order to avoid misunderstanding, Bai Fengxi quickly hid Hei Fengxi, but he still couldn’t escape Bai Langhua’s eyes. Bai Langhua wisely pulled everyone away first, and seeing them disappear into the street, Hei Fengxi came out from the corner and asked Bai Fengxi why he was afraid that everyone would misunderstand. Bai Fengxi was so anxious to find a reason to respond.

Zhong Li was instructed to prepare gifts and accompany Hei Fengxi to the Meiyuan to make an appointment. In addition, there were His Royal Highness Feng Ju, Baili Jing and others. The servant in charge of serving the tea put a drug in the tea and saw Hei Fengxi completely fainted, so he dragged Qi Cheng’s body next to him to frame Feng Lanxi for killing Qi Guogong’s daughter.

At this time, Feng Chang hurried to the attic, and seeing the scene in front of him, he did not expect Bai Li’s methods to be so vicious. Just as the servant was reporting to Feng Chang, Hei Fengxi, who had been unconscious, suddenly woke up and knocked him unconscious, but he knew very well that his eldest brother was a man and knew that there must be a mastermind behind the scenes.

Feng Chang did not tell the truth, and in turn scolded the second brother for hiding everything from himself, never treating each other sincerely, and even more angry that he came to the appointment today and did not promise to make a clean break between the two. However, Hei Fengxi bluntly said that the elder brother had a poor background and was not allowed to be seen by his mother since he was a child, so his mother asked him to take good care of the elder brother.

In fact, Feng Chang has always taken more care of Hei Fengxi. Even if he made up his mind to cut off the brotherhood, Hei Fengxi still had no complaints, and then gave the golden weaving whip to Feng Chang. Although Feng Chang felt very sad in his heart, he still said a lot of cruel words to protect his second brother.

When Hei Fengxi was about to leave, Feng Chang deliberately acted in front of Feng Ju and faked the illusion of falling from the building. Fortunately, there was an imperial doctor in the attic who was able to diagnose Feng Chang in time. Although his life was safe, unfortunately his right leg was broken. When Qi Guogong saw his daughter’s death on the spot, he was overly sad and accused Feng Lanxi of being the murderer. At this time, Bailijing ran in a frenzy with obvious scratches on his face, which was enough to prove that he was the murderer.

In fact, Hei Fengxi had already noticed something was wrong before, so he simply acted with Zhong Li, and made a move to push the boat, and then he indexed the murderer’s line to Baili Jing, which made him become unconscious and look like a fool, like this Not only can he prove his innocence, but he can also solve the current troubles for his eldest brother.

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