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“I wish you good luck” Liu Ling and Shen Yan broke up, they are more cruel, Shen Yan is much more cruel than Liu Ling

“I wish you good luck” started the abuse, Liu Ling decided to marry for her grandfather and Shen Yan, so after Shen Yan came back, she broke up with a heartbreaker, saying to Shen Yan that she would not marry him, and that she had changed her mind and wanted to marry someone else. Denying that she was forced to marry, Liu Ling also said that since Shen Yan couldn’t keep her together, why waste time to accommodate each other?

Liu Ling tore off the token of love between the two and threw it away in front of Shen Yan. Shen Yan also said harshly that he would not give Liu Ling a second chance, and the two broke up. Many netizens have been abused by this breakup plot, and they have to say that Shen Yan is more cruel than Liu Ling. If they say let go, they will let go, and Liu Ling regrets it.

After Shen Yan left, Liu Ling cried so hard that she couldn’t help herself. She couldn’t eat or sleep for a few days. She couldn’t eat or sleep. Lingbi, who was close to her, was very distressed. She asked Luo Fan to arrange a meeting between the two at the wedding banquet , and the others avoided them with discernment, and let the two have a good chat.

As a result, Shen Yan turned around and wanted to leave, but was stomped on by Liu Ling, and the two finally sat down and had a good talk. Liu Ling grabbed Shen Yan and started sultry again, saying that she was here to give a gift and wanted to give herself to Shen Yan. She wanted to have something indescribable happen to Shen Yan before going to kiss, but Shen Yan thought of Liu Ling’s Ruthlessly broke up and refused, Shen Yan emo drank to Yue, while Liu Ling ran in the rain.

After being rejected by Shen Yan, Liu Ling walked alone on the street crying. It was raining heavily and she found that the token of love was missing. She braved the rain to look for it on the street. She couldn’t find it anywhere and cried to the point of collapse. Fortunately, Xu Shijin was worried that her best friend would come out. Find someone to bring her home with an umbrella. Xu Shijin is a good person, and she really treats Liu Ling as a good best friend and sister.

She looks at Liu Ling who is crying, and she bursts into tears. Liu Ling is also Xiao Jin’s good sister, just as Xiao Jin understands Liu Ling and Liu Ling. Ling also understands Xiaojin’s situation. She knows Xiaojin’s dilemma and the danger if Xiaojin helps her, so she hopes that Xiaojin will not do superfluous things and have her own happiness.

The friendship between Liu Ling and Xu Shijin is touching. Liu Ling is willing to accept her fate, but Xiaojin gave up everything she had worked so hard to do for Liu Ling. She knew that many people were staring at her, and she also knew that if she helped Liu Ling with her own revenge It is not so easy for the plan to succeed, but she still chose to help Liu Ling. Xu Shijin went to Shen Yanhe and explained his plan, and asked Shen Yan to take Liu Ling away.

However, Shen Yan’s attitude was very irritating. What he said about the past should not be mentioned again. He also said that it was Liu Ling’s own choice. This man It’s really not ordinary. He knows that he is angry that Liu Ling didn’t give him a chance to choose to break up, but can’t he understand it?

What is Liu Ling’s situation? Isn’t Shen Yan unclear? Didn’t he see Liu Ling’s whiplash in the Guangping Palace? Besides, this is a marriage, not a family affair but a state affair, so how does Liu Ling choose? It can only be said that compared to Liu Ling’s love for Shen Yan, Shen Yan does not seem to love Liu Ling so deeply.

From the very beginning, Liu Ling was chasing Shen Yan, and the marriage contract was settled by herself. Shen Yan’s mother did not. She likes Liu Ling, and Liu Ling solved it by herself. Liu Ling tried to refuse marriage. Dingbeihou fell ill and was poisoned by her family. Liu Ling was abused by her uncle and educated by her own father. Yancai chose to marry, and took the blame of abandonment on himself, but what about Shen Yan?

Shen Yan would only say “be good”, to be honest, even if he chooses for Shen Yan, can he still resist the decree? Isn’t this what Liu Ling said that if you don’t marry, you can’t marry? Shen Yan clearly knew that this was the case, and Shen Yan was not as good as Xiao Jin.

As soon as Xiao Jin came back, she knew that something had happened to Liu Ling, but Shen Yan was still asking “what’s the matter” during the night meeting with Liu Ling, so she didn’t care about Liu Ling too much, right? In this plot, I really feel that girlfriends are more reliable than men. Men will only be cruel to you, but girlfriends will love you and help you.

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