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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 18 Recap

In order to check and balance Yongping Junfeng Lanxi, Yongwang ordered Jinfeng Chang to promote Yongxin Jun, and at the same time asked Yuanlu to inform the Ministry of Industry that he must make armor and weapons during the winter break. Originally, Feng Ju was dissatisfied with Feng Lanxi being one step ahead of him, but now that he heard that the cruel and incompetent Highness was also enshrined as a monarch, he couldn’t help being furious. Now, among the three His Royal Highnesses, he is the only one who has not received any title.

After calming down, Feng Ju ordered someone to pass a message to his mother, and the things he had prepared before should also come in handy, and whispered a few words to Li Jiaxian, asking him to personally go to his uncle Bailijing, and wanted to pass him a fake order to convey it to Feng Chang. . At the same time, Bai Li’s gift to Qi Cheng was to please Qi Cheng, so that he could prepare with both hands.

Hei Fengxi received an invitation from Fengchang and decided to enjoy plum blossoms together tomorrow, but he felt that there was a fraud, so he had more intentions and let people investigate secretly, and he found out that Bailijing met his elder brother privately. On the way back to the mansion by Hei Fengxi that day, he was splattered with black dog blood, and the other party scolded him for destroying his own family.

Afterwards, Zhong Li found out that this person was a trader. He had colluded with Wang Minghai before, until Wang Minghai was imprisoned. He was also investigated for bribery, so he held a grudge against Feng Lan. In fact, today’s storm was arranged by Feng Chang himself, just to hope that the second brother would not go out, but he still insisted on seeing Liu Shangshu, and did not believe in the so-called taboo.

Huanniang couldn’t persuade Hei Fengxi, so she could only let him go out of the house. As a result, she overheard Zhong Li’s conversation and realized that he was not looking for Liu Shangshu at all, but just made up a pretext to meet Bai Fengxi. As for Bai Fengxi, who learned that Hei Fengxi had been splashed with dog blood, he had his own way to expel mold and avoid evil, and the two ate happily at the street stall.

Later, Bai Fengxi took Hei Fengxi to look around, eating and eating along the way. Unexpectedly, he met the younger sisters Bai Langhua and Xiu Jiurong. In order to avoid misunderstanding, Bai Fengxi quickly hid Hei Fengxi, but he still couldn’t escape Bai Langhua’s eyes. Bai Langhua wisely pulled everyone away first, and seeing them disappear into the street, Hei Fengxi came out from the corner and asked Bai Fengxi why he was afraid that everyone would misunderstand. Bai Fengxi was so anxious to find a reason to respond.

Zhong Li was instructed to prepare gifts and accompany Hei Fengxi to the Meiyuan to make an appointment. In addition, there were His Royal Highness Feng Ju, Baili Jing and others. The servant in charge of serving the tea put a drug in the tea and saw Hei Fengxi completely fainted, so he dragged Qi Cheng’s body next to him to frame Feng Lanxi for killing Qi Guogong’s daughter.

At this time, Feng Chang hurried to the attic, and seeing the scene in front of him, he did not expect Bai Li’s methods to be so vicious. Just as the servant was reporting to Feng Chang, Hei Fengxi, who had been unconscious, suddenly woke up and knocked him unconscious, but he knew very well that his eldest brother was a man and knew that there must be a mastermind behind the scenes.

Feng Chang did not tell the truth, and in turn scolded the second brother for hiding everything from himself, never treating each other sincerely, and even more angry that he came to the appointment today and did not promise to make a clean break between the two. However, Hei Fengxi bluntly said that the elder brother had a poor background and was not allowed to be seen by his mother since he was a child, so his mother asked him to take good care of the elder brother.

In fact, Feng Chang has always taken more care of Hei Fengxi. Even if he made up his mind to cut off the brotherhood, Hei Fengxi still had no complaints, and then gave the golden weaving whip to Feng Chang. Although Feng Chang felt very sad in his heart, he still said a lot of cruel words to protect his second brother.

When Hei Fengxi was about to leave, Feng Chang deliberately acted in front of Feng Ju and faked the illusion of falling from the building. Fortunately, there was an imperial doctor in the attic who was able to diagnose Feng Chang in time. Although his life was safe, unfortunately his right leg was broken. When Qi Guogong saw his daughter’s death on the spot, he was overly sad and accused Feng Lanxi of being the murderer. At this time, Bailijing ran in a frenzy with obvious scratches on his face, which was enough to prove that he was the murderer.

In fact, Hei Fengxi had already noticed something was wrong before, so he simply acted with Zhong Li, and made a move to push the boat, and then he indexed the murderer’s line to Baili Jing, which made him become unconscious and look like a fool, like this Not only can he prove his innocence, but he can also solve the current troubles for his eldest brother.

Qi Guogong entered the palace to meet King Yong, and begged him to do justice for the little girl who died in vain, and even believed that Feng Lanxi framed Baili Jing. But above the main hall, Hei Fengxi was calm and natural, refuting Qi Guogong’s arbitrary slander of the royal family, and his words made him speechless. Upon seeing this, Zhang Zhongge made a statement, saying that Qi Guogong was too sad, and his words were not careful, and he had to wait for Feng Chang to wake up before making a decision.

After King Yong screened the ministers, he asked Yuan Lu’s opinion on the matter, because he felt that although Bailijing was a bastard, he would not be lustful to do such a thing. Maybe Feng Chang wanted to frame Feng Lanxi. As a result, Feng Lan killed the army. Yuan Lu thought that Feng Chang was most likely wronged, and even if he wanted to frame others, he would not risk his life.

After Yuanlu’s analysis, King Yong finally determined that Fengju and Baili were the most suspects, especially His Royal Highness. This move will help him kill two birds with one stone. As long as he solves the two brothers, he will surely be able to sit on the throne of the prince. At this time, the Baili clan suddenly asked to see him, and King Yong was furious and ordered Yuanlu to let the Baili clan go back.

However, the Baili clan insisted on coming, and took the initiative to return the phoenix crown to revive the harem. King Yong ignored it. How could he know that Baili said that what happened today had nothing to do with her? I believe that King Yong’s eyes were like a torch, and he should know that the last beneficiary was the mastermind behind the scenes. Back in the harem, Baili slapped Feng Ju fiercely and asked him why he made such a decision. Feng Ju had no choice but to put the responsibility on his uncle Baili Jing, but Baili was still hesitant.

Zhang Zhongge led people to block and search Meiyuan, and found a dead body at the scene. It was the missing blue-clothed servant from Xuliu Pavilion. Not only that, Zhang Zhongge found the Xuanhu fur in the palm of the deceased’s hand, and saw that the surface was stained with liquor, which belonged to the same kind of liquor on Qi Cheng’s corpse.

King Yong immediately decreed that all the sons of the noble family who participated in the plum viewing banquet would be banned from the mansion. Zhang Zhongge came to Yongping Jun’s Mansion to inspect the Xuanhu fur that Feng Lanxi wore that day, and Feng Qiwu had already ordered someone to prepare a new one. After Zhang Zhongge left, Feng Qiwu asked Xiaoer to collect the fox fur. The reason why it was not destroyed was because Feng Chang had not woken up, and everything was still variable. If Feng Lanxi was to be completely exonerated, Feng Chang had to take it personally. Bailijing’s guilt is confirmed.

Now that Feng Lanxi is confined to the mansion, it is inconvenient to move around. In order to avoid getting the word out, many things need to be handled by Feng Qiwu. Feng Qiwu knew that Feng Lanxi had no intentions of her, but she was still willing, she just hoped that one day she would be favored by the other party, and that he could go where he wanted to go.

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