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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 17 Recap

Hei Fengxi is full of worries and has nowhere to complain. Only after worshipping his mother in the ancestral hall, he can get a moment of tranquility, and his few words are filled with true feelings. When the first queen passed away, the second highness Feng Lanxi was already helpless like duckweed, but after all, he did not want to follow the crowd, so he fought for his current position, although he often felt tired and lonely. But fortunately, when he met Bai Fengxi, he could see the shadow of the first queen from the other side, which was the only motivation for him to persevere.

Early the next morning, Baili ordered someone to send Feng Chang a wedding dress, which is self-evident, but Feng Chang has no intention of this marriage. After receiving it, thinking that he was still calculating behind the scenes, he couldn’t help feeling that he was too cruel.

The more Feng Chang thought about it, the more bored he felt, so he simply went to the market alone. He happened to meet Bai Fengxi and found that the other party belonged to the sect. Bai Fengxi persuaded Feng Chang not to pay too much attention. Although the rivers and lakes are good, they are extremely dangerous, but when he learned that he was tired of getting married, he expressed his views, thus giving the other party inspiration.

On the day of the death of the first queen, King Yong, Hei Fengxi and others performed a ceremonial ceremony according to the song. How could he know that it was Baili’s turn to kneel on the ground with his wine glass, and all the things of the past appeared in his mind, and he suddenly felt guilty and scared. It just so happened that there was thunder in the sky and lightning bursts, so frightened that Bai Li lost his wine glass and fell on the ground, Feng Chang stepped forward to help her up.

It was precisely because of Baili’s gaffe in front of all the officials that King Yong was so angry that he privately scolded her for her ulterior motives and never really made her position clear. Back then, Baili’s family was from humble beginnings. If King Yong had not been through ups and downs and fought against Baiguan for a long time, how could she have succeeded in canonizing her as queen? How could she know that she didn’t know how to cherish the reward, and instead she was able to make an inch. It seemed that she was sitting too much on the phoenix chair. For a long time, I have forgotten my identity.

The reason why King Yong has favored Baili for more than 20 years is nothing more than pity that she has suffered a lot of grievances for herself, so she is pretending to be deaf and mute when she intervenes in the court and troubles the court time and time again. However, Baili’s ambitions are getting bigger and bigger. From beginning to end, he is trying to take the throne for Fengchang. I am afraid that he is looking forward to the early death of King Yong, and he ignores the previous warning. Why does King Yong know the scientific research? The fraud case, as well as the mastermind behind the military-horse affair, was really unbearable this time.

Considering that Huanniang has served by her side for many years, she is going to leave the house to marry, so Hei Fengxi stated that if she has someone she likes, she can regain her freedom at any time. Huanniang immediately knelt on the ground when she heard the words, claiming that she only wanted to stay in the mansion to serve the Second Highness in her life, which made Hei Fengxi feel more complicated.

Taking advantage of the idle time at night, Bai Fengxi took the brothers out for a shopping trip. Bai Langhua wentssips about her relationship with Hei Fengxi, and always felt that Hei Fengxi looked at his senior sister very ambiguous. Bai Fengxi refused to admit it, bluntly saying that the two were just friends and loyal, but Bai Langhua was completely convinced.

At this time, Bai Fengxi suddenly found out that Jade, who was not far away, was missing, but because the junior brother and junior sister were nearby, he did not pay too much attention. The reason why Yu Wuyuan appeared in Yongjing was to convey a mission to the master of Duanhunmen. Now that he has obtained the supreme things of the four sects, he does not care whether Duanhunmen sacrificed tragically. The cricket was born out of a virtual backdoor. It’s just that Lan Yin Biyue fell into the hands of Heifeng Baixi, so Yu had to stay in Yongjing for a while.

Although Baili’s foothold was in the pavilion, she still had no intention of reflecting, and the humble origin of this cloth seller’s daughter made her avoid it. It was precisely because Baili was so ugly in the Yuan Hou sacrifice that she swore that she would never let people make jokes in the future. After she finished speaking, she scratched her wrist with a knife. The palace informed Uncle Guo that the marriage between Duke Qi Guogong and His Highness must be settled before the new year.

Hei Fengxi knew that his eldest brother’s marriage was imminent, so he wrote a letter and sent it to Fengchang, persuading him to follow his heart. If he really wanted to marry Qi Cheng, he could also use some information to maintain harmony between husband and wife. Feng Chang remembered Bai Fengxi’s suggestion, and immediately went to see her mother, Empress Bai Li. Seeing that she deliberately showed her injured wrist, she pretended to be pitiful to gain sympathy. .

How do you know that Bai Li Shi showed his true colors, directly provoked the relationship between Feng Chang and Feng Lanxi, and even threatened him that if he did not marry Qi Cheng, he would be announced to the world as having epilepsy, and he would be completely ruined in the court. On the other hand, if Feng Chang is obedient, Bai Li’s promises that he will not have any trouble in the future, but he was coerced by his mother, so he could only endure his anger and go back to the mansion to drink and get drunk. Uncle De looked very distressed.

Bai Jiande knew the identity of Hei Fengxi, and eagerly hoped to investigate Xuan Jiling with the help of the hidden spring water pavilion, so he took the initiative to invite Hei Fengxi to meet, and asked him to find out who was using the fake order behind his back to cause chaos in the world. Hei Fengxi readily agreed, and then went to see Bai Fengxi again, and bluntly said that the world should be stable, so he wanted to make life better for those people who were truly unarmed and lived in the atmosphere of fireworks.

On the other side, Yu Wuyuan thought that if he wanted to get Lan Yin Biyue, he still needed to create an opportunity. He had to wait until the two of them joined forces to make a move, and instructed the Sect Master of Broken Soul Sect to send someone to keep an eye on them and not make any omissions. Hei Fengxi learned through Bai Fengxi that Yu had no chance to come to Yongjing, and was shocked that Yinquan Shuixie did not get the news. Zhong Li was ordered to track down his whereabouts and inform His Highness about the submission of the marriage proposal. Hei Fengxi thought that the eldest brother made such a choice because he was disappointed with himself, but he did not know that he had been coerced by Baili.

Princess Hua Chunran of Youzhou heard that her father was going to choose a husband-in-law for her, so she pretended to be calm and suggested that she should instead recruit a relative, and later ordered someone to investigate who was advising King You. On the other hand, Feng Chang submitted a marriage proposal to his father, saying that he sincerely wanted to marry Qi Cheng, and King Yong was delighted. The marriage edict was given on New Year’s Day.

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