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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 11 Recap

A group of men in black were ordered to hunt down Bai Fengxi. How could they know that they had to leave first when they saw the appearance of Hei Fengxi before they passed a few rounds. Through observation, Bai Fengxi determined that the other party did not come from the Soul Breaking Gate, and it was unknown why he wanted to kill him. Hei Fengxi said that he would investigate thoroughly.

At the same time, Feng Chang couldn’t help being furious when he heard that the assassination failed, but the problem was that Bai Fengxi’s martial arts was extremely high, and Yongping Junfeng Lanxi seemed to be on good terms with her, and was surprised for a while. After calming down for a while, Feng Chang decided to lead someone to surround and kill Bai Fengxi in person, and must not leave her alive. Seeing Feng Chang’s resoluteness, Uncle De could not help but recall the hurt he suffered in his childhood. He only sighed to himself that after more than 20 years, the queen was still ruthless and still refused to recognize His Highness.

Bai Fengxi followed Hei Fengxi to Ruyuxuan for a drink, and when he learned that he had sent someone to investigate the whereabouts of his master, he finally fell down. Just as Bai Fengxi was eating in peace, a bug flew to his shoulder, and Hei Fengxi was about to reach out his hand to catch him, but how could he know that Bai Fengxi subconsciously held his hand, making him blushing and his heart beating like a drum, he made an excuse and left .

It was because he teased Hei Fengxi that Bai Fengxi was in a good mood, but on the way home, he met the men in black again. Because Bai Fengxi didn’t want to play with the other party anymore, but the other party was chasing after him, and then he ran into Feng Chang in the alley, and felt that he was very familiar.

Feng Chang calmly clenched the dagger in his sleeve and was about to carry out the next step. Unexpectedly, Bai Fengxi turned his head and didn’t remember seeing him at all, so he decided not to do anything for the time being and see if this person was really stupid or not. Play stupid. In fact, Bai Fengxi had already seen that Feng Chang was trying to silence her for a hidden illness, but if she was alone in Yongjing, it wouldn’t matter.

In the early dynasty, King Yong, at the suggestion of Wang Xiang, sent Feng Ju to the imperial capital to attend the Liuhe Banquet. After the court meeting was over, Feng Qiwu reported to Hei Fengxi about the imperial examination, and submitted a list of tributes, three of whom were recommended by the scholar Pei Youshuo. There is bound to be a need for more people in the hall. As for Feng Shiying, whom Hei Fengxi was concerned about, he was the Feng family, so he would naturally serve him.

The brothers of the Ren family found out Bai Fengxi’s whereabouts after she came to Yongjing, including what happened to her in Ruyuxuan, which seemed to be related to Feng Qiwu and His Highness Feng Chang. On this day, Feng Chang was still following Bai Fengxi, which caught Bai Fengxi’s attention, and gave him the steamed bun in his hand as soon as he had an idea.

Now King Yong has decreed that the imperial examination will be held on the ninth day of this month, and the examination will be invigilated by Liang Guogong Yan Shizhang, Pei Youshuo and others. After all, Liang Guogong’s daughter is a female official of the Baili clan. We all know that this female official Yanniang will sooner or later marry the Third Highness Feng Ju.

In fact, no matter what the Feng family or Pei You said, Hei Fengxi never wanted to hide from his father, but Baili Shi always felt a little strange to let Feng Ju leave Yongjing at this time, so he told Ren Rusong to explain Feng Qiwu, Be cautious about this meeting and do not make any mistakes.

After two contacts, Feng Chang was still unable to determine whether Bai Fengxi was pretending to be insane, so he simply asked Uncle De to send someone to rent a yard nearby so that it could be monitored at any time. On the other side, the Dynasty brought Xuanji Ling to the Liuhe Banquet. How could he know that he was attacked 20 miles outside of Beijing. Emperor Chunxi ordered Dadong General Dong Shufang to lead his people to rescue him, but after all, it was a step too late.

Hei Fengxi learned about this and thought that the Xuanji Order was a fake, and even if the dynasty sent it back, it would be impossible to argue, and it would be better to lose it on the road. In this way, all of this is very likely to be a play by the dynasty. I think it is difficult to implement His Majesty’s will in the six states.

As Hei Fengxi expected, the dynasty entered the palace to see Emperor Chunxi, and the rest of the princes of the five states were afraid of being implicated, and they all took off their responsibilities and proved their innocence. In the end, the dynasty recommended himself and was willing to make up for his faults. Emperor Chunxi ordered the six states to cooperate with the dynasty to investigate the matter, and personally gave him the sword of Shangfang to facilitate his actions.

Yu Wuyuan made a plan for the dynasty to avoid disaster in Jizhou. It had been planned before that the people of Jianghu would take the Xuanji Order, but now the dynasty suddenly let Lin Lancang pretend to be an assassin, including Yu Wuyuan. The dynasty knew that Yu Wuyuan didn’t want the six states to be chaotic again because of the Xuanji order, but this was already impossible. Now that he has obtained the imperial decree of Emperor Chunxi, it will be more convenient for him to act in the future. Although Yu Wuyuan’s anger has not disappeared, he still agrees I will accompany the dynasty to Liuzhou, but I have to go to Wushan first.

Before the imperial examinations, Wang Xiang introduced Song Sihan, the Gongsheng, to the Baili Clan, who was the great gift they were going to give to His Second Highness. On the day of the exam, the university scholar Pei You said that he met with Wang Liangde and Yan Shizhang, the ministers of ceremonies.

Hei Fengxi was ordered to enter the palace to meet King Yong and Baili. How could he know that the other party was going to choose a concubine for him, so he politely declined, saying that he had not yet established his career, and that rashly getting married would definitely be criticized by the officials. Baili guessed that His Highness Second Highness meant Feng Qiwu, and Hei Fengxi also knew that she was tempted, so he admitted to befriend Feng Qiwu, but he was not selfish, just for Dayong, as for the marriage, he had to wait for him After the achievements are made, the father and the king will decide.

The news quickly reached Feng Qiwu’s ears. She knew Baili’s true intentions, and such a response would not make King Yong suspicious. Since falling into the water, Feng Lanxi has begun to emerge, and Bai Lishi understands that he wants to compete for the position of the prince, so he can only suppress him in terms of etiquette. On the contrary, Zhong Li has changed a lot after finding out that his master fell into the water, and it seems that he has become more cordial and laughing.

Hei Fengxi asked Zhong Li to send supplies to Bai Fengxi, but he did not appear in person, but waited at the alley. Seeing so much delicious food, Bai Fengxi resisted her greed and went to see Hei Fengxi, and she was moved to learn that he was buying people’s hearts for herself. Not only that, Hei Fengxi also verified that Bai Jiande went to Wushan, so Bai Fengxi needed to stay in Yongjing for a while.

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