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Who Rules The World 且試天下 Episode 9 Recap

Feng Lanxi sincerely thanked Feng Qiwu for his help when he was at a loss. Feng Qiwu said that Feng Qiwu’s family has always only helped the future king, and naturally he must do his best. In Feng Qiwu’s eyes, Feng Lanxi was tactful and strategic, and no one could sit on that golden chair except Feng Lanxi. Feng Qiwu asked Feng Lanxi what he was going to do next.

King Yong thought that Feng Lanxi had been killed, so he prepared a ritual for Feng Lanxi, and pretended to pray for Feng Lanxi’s safe return. At this time, Ren Rusong came to report that Feng Lanxi was still alive and had returned to the mansion. King Yong was angry and asked Feng Ju to find out who the corpse was. King Yong came to Feng Lanxi’s mansion and was concerned about Feng Lanxi’s body. Seeing that Feng Lanxi was not in a good mood, he arranged for the imperial doctor to stay. This time Feng Lanxi fell into the water for the sake of people’s livelihood, and King Yong must reward him well.

Feng Lanxi implored his father to find out who had murdered him, and to punish him for a serious crime. Feng Lanxi claimed to have some clues in his hands, but he didn’t want to bear the infamy of being unfriendly, but the clues all pointed to the third brother Feng Ju. King Yong angrily scolded Feng Lanxi for doing so many things after falling into the water. He didn’t have a father and king in his heart, and this alone could cure him of the crime of deceiving the king. Feng Lanxi explained that he did not frame Feng Ju, as long as he checked, he could find evidence. King Yong asked Feng Lanxi to honestly recuperate in the mansion, and he would give him an explanation.

King Yong knew that the people around Feng Ju had harmed Feng Lanxi, and what Feng Lanxi had just asked back should be correct. He has indeed treated Feng Lanxi badly over the years. Therefore, Yuanlu was ordered to draw up two decrees. Feng Lanxi asked Zhongli if the people at Tianshuangmen had settled down. Ren Rusong was surprised that Bai Fengxi was also in Yongjing. Feng Lanxi said that he was fortunate to have Bai Fengxi rescued this time, otherwise everyone would really not see him. Although Ren Rusong couldn’t get used to Bai Fengxi, but Bai Fengxi saved Feng Lanxi, so he didn’t say much.

King Yong decreed that Feng Lanxi should be named Yongping Jun, and he was allowed to open the house. King Yong also asked Yuan Lu to give Feng Lanxi a message. If the ruler and ministers are considered, the national law will be the most important. If the father, son and brother are considered, the family will be the most important. Last but not least, please keep in mind.

Feng Ju came to the Ningshan Temple, and the Queen Mother Bai Li slapped Feng Ju directly when she saw Feng Ju, and scolded Feng Ju that she hid on the mountain after Feng Lanxi returned safely to pray to the gods and worship Buddha. Character. Bai Li’s family planned for Feng Ju in Ningshan, and finally let Uncle Ning let go.

As a result, Feng Ju sent the king to seal Feng Lanxi as Yongping Jun. Baili knew that Feng Ju would not accept it, but she had to face failure. After all, the king just wanted Wang Yuan’s life, and she not only wanted Feng Ju to beat Feng Lanxi, but also wanted Feng Ju to be able to sit on the king’s seat one day. Location. Now that Wang Yuan is gone, Bai Li’s family has left Li Jiaxian by her side with Feng Ju, and her work in the Ningshan Temple has ended, and she is going to return to the palace in a few days.

In fact, Li Jiaxian was the person Feng Ju arranged by his mother’s side, Baili’s, and Wang Yuan was a member of Baili’s. The removal of Wang Yuan this time just brought Li Jiaxian back to his side. Feng Ju knew that his mother was looking for the throne for him, but his father was in that year, and he was just a puppet.

Feng Ju knew that he took action against Feng Lanxi, and his father did not blame him, because in the eyes of his father, he was just a waste who obeyed his mother’s orders, but he was so happy, it was best for the whole world to see him this way, and he would return to him in the future. Be more perverse, so that Feng Lanxi will collapse, so that the father will turn his hostility to Feng Lanxi, and Feng Ju’s ambition is not small, and he is afraid that he wants to usurp the throne.

Emperor Dadong talked to Crown Prince Jingyan, and it turned out that the Xuanji Order was not lost, but the news of the loss was thrown out for the six states to fight. Jizhou expedited the express, and Emperor Dadong saw his face sank, and said that Jizhou had a good plan. It turned out that Jizhou was going to return the Xuanji order, and the emperor sent an order to Xie Jizhou to return the order.

Feng Ju provoked his relationship with Feng Lanxi in front of Feng Chang, but he was already safe, but he refused to show his face. Xi did not regard Feng Chang as his brother. Feng Chang’s heart was still somewhat uncomfortable. He came to Yongping Jun’s Mansion and reminded Feng Lanxi to stop worrying about the title.

Although there was no danger this time, Feng Lanxi and Feng Ju were completely torn apart. Presumably Baileys already knew about it, so pay more attention. Feng Lanxi knew that Feng Chang had been worried about herself, and had already prepared a gift to send to the eldest brother’s house. In any case, he was the younger brother who grew up with the eldest brother.

Hei Fengxi came to Bai Fengxi and invited Bai Fengxi to go out for a walk. Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi were walking on the market when they accidentally saw Feng Qiwu and quickly pulled Bai Fengxi away. But Feng Qiwu still saw the back, the maid felt that the back was very similar to the second highness, Feng Qiwu reprimanded the maid, how could the second highness lead a woman in the street.

This was the first time Hei Fengxi and Bai Fengxi traveled to Yongjing City together, and he was very happy. Bai Fengxi saw a sea of ​​flowers, and the old man said that it was designed by Feng Lanxi, the second highness of the king. Bai Fengxi praised Feng Lanxi as one of the four young masters, and he was very elegant. Hei Fengxi was jealous and asked Bai Fengxi if he was indecent. Bai Fengxi said that the difference between Hei Fengxi and Feng Lanxi was more than one word for Lan, and it was necessary to know that the difference in one word was a thousand miles away. At this time, Bai Fengxi did not know that Hei Fengxi was Feng Lanxi.

Hei Fengxi also sat down to take a portrait of Bai Fengxi himself, and Bai Fengxi smiled very happily. Bai Fengxi saw that a doll was about to pick up a ball that fell into the river, so she flew to save the doll but accidentally sprained her foot. Hei Fengxi carried Bai Fengxi on his back and went back. As soon as he arrived at the yard, Zhongli reminded Hei Fengxi that it was time to go back. Hei Fengxi was particularly reluctant to part with Bai Fengxi.

Bai Lishi wants to return to the palace, and Feng Lanxi’s purpose is to let Bailishi come back and see what other means Bailishi has. Bai Li’s method is very, and Feng Qiwu is afraid that it will happen when he welcomes him tomorrow. Baili’s return to the palace today, and the king personally greeted him. Baili’s is indeed very skillful, and he bought people’s hearts as soon as he returned to the palace. Baili reported to the king that he had met the Sect Chief’s wife some time ago, and during the conversation, he learned that the mother and queen were from the Xiao family of the previous dynasty.

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