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The Blue Whisper: Part 2 恰似故人归 Episode 15 Recap

A Ji was flattered, she just came up with an idea to catch the real murderer, and Chang Yi gave her an amnesty order and allowed her to move freely in Beiyuan. A Ji found that the handsome man in front of him was uncertain and worried that he would regret it in the future. Beiyuan played around for a long time, and then asked her master to pick her up. Changyi wanted to keep A Ji by his side, but she didn’t expect that she wanted to leave. Chang Yi’s eyes showed reluctance and disappointment, and A Ji immediately softened. , took the initiative to request to return to Yuanyi Camp, Changyi had to agree.

Lin Haoqing used thistle grass as a medicinal guide, and soon developed an antidote to get rid of the frost. He personally tested the poison, and the frost flower on the back of his neck really disappeared. Lin Haoqing was ecstatic, and the frost flower appeared again in a blink of an eye. The frost in his body broke out, and he was shivering with cold. At this moment, Lin Haoqing suddenly received a secret letter from Qu Xiaoxing and learned that A Ji was in Changyi’s hands. Lin Haoqing sneered, Ji Yunhe was entangled with Changyi in his previous life, and reunited with Changyi in this life. Lin Haoqing did not dare to delay, and immediately Go to Beiyuan to find Aji.

Zhu Ling led people around to look for the Beiyuan Leihuo Earthline, but found nothing, but caught Qi Feng, who was in a state of embarrassment. Zhu Ling wanted to kill Qi Feng in a fit of anger to vent his anger. Qi Feng was so frightened that he begged for mercy again and again. He knew the terrain of Beiyuan like the back of his hand, and promised to help Zhu Ling find the thunder and fire leylines, which Zhu Ling naturally could not ask for.

Changyi wanted to keep A Ji by his side, but he didn’t want to see her suffering like Ji Yunhe in the previous life. Changyi was in a dilemma. He didn’t know what to do for a while, so he had to drink wine to drown his sorrows. Kongming saw what was on his mind and persuaded him to focus on the overall situation. Xue Sanyue sent a letter to tell him that Rujun and the others were trapped in Wuliangshan, and that Ning Qing and Zhu Yanrenhun joined forces with the world of cholera. Kongming concluded that a war was about to happen. Come, persuade Changyi to properly place Aji.

Lin Haoqing brought Siyu to Beiyuan soon and explained the truth to Qu Xiaoxing. Immediately afterwards, Lin Haoqing knocked out the guards and came to the Ape Wing Camp. Aji saw Lin Haoqing and cheered excitedly. Lin Haoqing wanted to take her away as soon as possible. Aji wanted to play in Beiyuan for a few more days. , and Changyi once appeared in her dream, Aji wanted to find out the whole story, Lin Haoqing excused that it was the past, and advised Aji not to take it to heart, Siyu urged Aji to leave with Lin Haoqing as soon as possible, so as not to chase after him. Come.

Russell soon discovered the whereabouts of Lin Haoqing and Siyu, he immediately reported to Changyi, who immediately rushed to stop them. Qifeng took Zhu Ling to find the Leihuo leyline. Zhu Ling activated the thunder and fire, and the fiery red magma spurted out. Qi Feng was looking forward to the moment when the thunder and torches were destroyed. Unexpectedly, Zhu Ling pushed him down into the lava. Ashes.

Changyi went to chase Lin Haoqing and Aji, but Qu Xiaoxing and Siyu were pretending to be the ones he didn’t expect. Changyi knew that he had fallen for a trick. He was just about to continue chasing, but suddenly found that the ground under his feet was heating up rapidly. Kong Ming followed, He guessed that the thunder and fire leylines were rekindled, and then everything would be reduced to ashes, and Beiyuan would be destroyed.

At this moment, there was a loud noise on the mountain not far away. Changyi asked Kong Ming to inform Qingyao that they should move as soon as possible. He wanted to suppress the Earth Vessel Flame Cave by himself. Kongming’s hard persuasion was useless. Lin Haoqing took A Ji away as soon as possible.

Lin Haoqing took A Ji away. A Ji felt a little reluctant in his heart and felt a little pain. Si Yu hurried to join them. A Ji learned that the thunder fire would cause lava to erupt, and Chang Yi was ready to die in exchange for Beiyuan’s tranquility. .

Aji wanted to go back to save Changyi, Lin Haoqing told Aji and Changyi of the past, and hoped that Aji would not look back, but Aji did not want to go against his heart, just wanted to save Changyi and Ji Ning, Lu Jinyan and Fu Chao and others, Aji She couldn’t help but die, so she insisted on going. Zhu Ling suddenly chased after him and ordered Lin Haoqing to be taken back. Lin Haoqing covered Aji to escape, and he and Siyu teamed up to fight against Zhu Ling, but they both lost.

Changyi came to Yandong alone, and tried all her strength to suppress the lava, but there was nothing he could do. He struggled to support, but Qingyao came to persuade Changyi, but Changyi didn’t listen at all. She didn’t dare to approach, so she could only watch from a distance. on. A Ji came later, and she rushed to reinforce Changyi desperately. The two of them were still unable to stop the gushing lava, and Changyi persuaded Aji to leave.

A Ji didn’t listen at all, the lava melted the pearl in front of A Ji, and the fragments reminded her of everything in the past, remembering that her name was Ji Yunhe, she showed the nine-tailed fox and used all her spiritual power to assist Changyi. The two worked together to finally control the lava. Ji Yunhe frankly admitted that A Ji, who had forgotten the past, was finally reluctant to bear Changyi. Then Ji Yunhe fainted due to the heat of the lava. Changyi hurriedly picked her up, and set up a barrier around them to block the rolling. Falling rocks.

The ground fire was extinguished, and the immortals and spiritual masters in Beiyuan cheered happily. Zhu Ling knew that the situation was over. He struggled to get up and wanted to escape. Siyu flew out a sword and pierced his body. Lin Haoqing’s frost attacked again. His body began to freeze little by little, and Si Yu advised him to leave as soon as possible, but he was worried about A Ji, and asked Si Yu to help him to save A Ji.

Luo Jinsang, Kong Ming, Qu Xiaoxing, Russell and others came to Yandong, and they were relieved when they saw that Changyi and Ji Yunhe were safe and sound. When Lin Haoqing arrived at Yandong, he saw Chang Yi leaving with Ji Yunhe in his arms, and his heart was mixed. Ru Ling learned that the fire was out, and Zhu Ling had not heard from her so far. She was so angry that she absorbed the spiritual power of the immortal servants around her.

Ning Qing came to comfort her and promised to find more spiritual masters for her. Qing finds the herbs to treat the face injury and asks Ruling to drink the medicine. Ruling takes advantage of her unpreparedness to draw Ning Qing’s spiritual power, but she is subdued by Ning Qing. Ning Qing forces her to drink the medicine. Ruling knows that he only cares With her face, she was so angry that she wanted to disfigure her face. Ning Qing stopped her, forcibly poured the decoction into her, and then walked away.

Ji Chengyu heard clearly outside the door. He advised Ruling to stop as soon as possible and not to sink further. Ruling didn’t listen at all. She had already been carried away by hatred and regarded everyone as an enemy. Changyi used the remaining spiritual power to heal Ji Yunhe, Kongming came to stop it in time, Kongming helped Ji Yunhe stabilize the injury, Changyi wanted to take Ji Yunhe to retreat and practice for a few days, let Kongming take charge of the overall situation for him, Qingyao brought it to Changyi The medicine to get rid of the heat poison, let Changyi do his best to heal Ji Yunhe, and Changyi found that Qingyao had changed.

Lin Haoqing knew that Ji Yunhe would not go with him, so he had to bite the bullet and come to Changyi. Changyi didn’t want to be separated from Ji Yunhe again, and showed Xue Sanyue’s letter to Lin Haoqing. Only then did Lin Haoqing know that Zhu Yan’s body was Wannian Xuanbing, and all the frost flowers on Yu Lingshi’s body came from him. Only by removing Zhu Yan’s body could the frost be completely eliminated.

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